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Monday, May 08, 2006

Getting My Vision Back With My Eyes, Due To Not Listening To A Idiot Psychiatrist
There are good and bad people in every Profession, from my experience as a Mental Health Consumer more people are in Medicine for the pay cheque with financial gain through knowledge and investment and do not really care about the patient or there concerns. If the Medical Professionals in Psychiatry really cared about the patient, I would have nothing to write about, my life would be perfect. It is a money making scam with Psychiatrists, they probalaly invest money in the same drugs that they pump us full of, talk about building a pension plan off the backs and lives of others. Pretty well all the Doctors & Nurses that I dealt seemed to intentionally make you angry, so that they can medicate you more to make more money from drug treatment. When I complained about the side effects of my blurred vision, from taking side effect pills for the Extra Pyramidal Side Effects, it was par for the course and nothing could be done. I had my eyes checked by a Professional and it was agreed that it was the medication that was hampering my ability to see. I had to buy reading glasses to see what I was doing. The bad vision got increasingly worse as I consumed the side effect medication, I was up to +375 magnification for eye wear. The attending Psychiatrist at the Montreal General Out Patient Clinic at the time, insisted that my eyes were deteroating due to my age and not so much the medication. So I guess I am a pretty good faith healer then!!! I am progressively getting my vision back, I am down to +150 magnetification for reading glasses most of the time. I hardly ever wear the glasses now and can read the household clocks without any eye wear. I even use the computer sometimes with out the reading glasses, it is a bit of an eye strain but as each day progresses, I am able to see more and more without eye glasses to see what I am doing. Fine detail in my art work is less of a handicap as my vision slowly improves. I know I will not get perfect vision in this apartment, due to excessive ozone levels present from gyprock being installed over original one hundred year plus old plaster in the apartment above. As the plaster rots and decays in the false wall, it will give off toxic gases in the home. The gas of main concern is ozone, which has detemental effects on different people in different ways. I know for a fact that there is gyprock installed over original plaster in the apartment above the one I reside in. I have no way of controlling this toxic gas to humans from flowing into my apartment through the cracks and what not in the walls. A long time ago, I learned as a tradesperson, that when in a room that was gyprock installed over old plaster, I would get blurred vision. Ok, I had to live with the situation when painting such a finished room, but I always tried not to live in this type of toxic type dump for a home that it will create. I know for a fact that when I left this apartment and shoveled snow all night in the fresh winter air, I would come home and be able to read the Montreal MUCTC bus schedule without any magnifying glass or reading glasses. My vision was perfect as can be for me!!! Now, when I became aware the idiot caveman that installed the gyprock over perfectly good walls upstairs, I became concerned and voiced my opinion that it was not in accordance with the Canadian National Building Code. 911 was always called on me and I was put in hospital, strapped to a bed while being pumped full of drugs so I could not function and earn a living. It makes me think that Doctors are in cahoots with under the table construction teams to make people sick in their homes as a money making medical racket. Why was my life destroyed by Psychiatrists for applying proper engineering practice for my apartment? There is obviously money in making people sick with bad engineering practice, and also money in shutting up people that want to rectify the problem and keep honest people healthy in there home environment. The child that was conceived upstairs and lived in the aging gyprock over plaster environment, wears coke bottle style eye glasses already and is around five years old about at this point. When ever I saw the child on the rare occasion, I always remember it with the coke bottle glasses. Am I allowed to put two and two together to get four eyed syndrome from gyprock over original old plaster walls. Now at least I can figure for myself, where medication can cause different side effects in different persons, like the toxic levels of ozone gas from decaying plaster would then cause different aliments in different persons. E-mail me at : and we can barter or something for more information on how to detect a caveman's poisonous home.
(See website at:
Why should I give away my practical engineering technology for free when I myself have to scrape for food and money because of the implications of me catching a idiot caveman installing gyprock over original plaster red handed. I have reason to believe that excess ozone levels in a home can cause breast cancer in woman, where it blurs my vision. You can buy ozone test kits for the home from the Internet as well as test kits for detection of black mold that grows in plaster and gyprock when not properly taken care of by a home owner or Professional Tradesperson. Any woman suffering from breast cancer can measure the ozone gas level in their home!!! ( Update: I could write a lot about Ozone gas, I was exposed to it industry building treatment units that actually has Ozone gas as a by product, it does not belong at ground level. I have tasted Ozone and smelt it in my home through knowing the toxic gas well. At McGill Metro Station in Montreal, light boards for advertizing give Ozone readings for what I assume is ground level, where does it collect the worst in parts per million density for dentimental health effects being incured by individuals. When part of an environmental group about 12 years ago, I did a sketch of an aircraft type platform to put ozone back up in the stratosphere with a robotic arm being used to fill the hole in the ozone layer, we could do this with 2006 technology.)(Update 2: Twice now, I have come across reading material that reveals, persons with schizophrenia are not as prone as the general
population to get cancer, I have had to fear the thought of cancer twice while being treated by Doctors, it has not occured yet in me and there is cancer in my family histroy)If Psychiatrists surpressed my Engineering knowledge through drugging me up so I could not function, when applying the law of home engineering, who is fooling who with medicine being a racketeering enterprise off the skin of the people's backs. Perhaps excessive ozone levels would make other people malfunction with depression, Psychiatrists make money here!!! What is up with medicine and gyprock installed over original old plaster?
A famous Montreal Architect just passed away at a ripe old age of one hundred years old yesterday , I think he knew what type of building to live in!!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Tax Crunching For The Government Of Canada On My Taxes For Self Employment And Claiming Medical Expenses While On Dis-ability Pension
Well here we are that time of year where we have to pay our dues to the Canadian & Provincial Regulatory Bodies of Government for the benefit of ourselves and the Planet of "Mothearth". How did I work out with all this? Not too bad the way I figure it. If I had made about a $1000.00 more last year ,I would have been better off !!! It is strange how the Canadian Taxation operates with education working at your side. My twenty five year class reunion from the Canadian Coast Guard College is happening this summer and I have never felt better about my life. I get my childhood dream of a ghost story and get to claim it on my taxes as expenses for schizophrenia!!! Ok, it has been a ruff road, but for the second consecutive year my company Doc GM Creations has earned profits to pay tax, last year I doubled my year end money in the bank from the year before. Yes, taxable income, but I should have to pay something for having a side walk to march along on lugging my tradespersons tools to work, while the stigma of Psychiatry struggles at my side, earning a living on disability pension. I get to claim about $275.00 in tax medical calculation expenses, so I paid into both Governments in tax, but did not earn enough self employed with my company to actually have to pay into my Quebec Pension Plan through taxes. I wish I did make that extra money during the year, for it would have the end effect of increasing my dis-ability pension cheque , as it is proportional to monies paid in through taxes into my Government Pension Plan!!! Stigma of psychiatry has cost me a lot in life, nobody can get in my face for trying to be a honest righteous business man with Godly morals and values. So I was trained in uniform and I value Canadian Government Investments in our society, to try and improve the system for the people, as we evolve in our cultural society in North America. Here we are in 2006 and my ghost story is a tax right off, I just have to make incentives for business money to come my way as a tradesperson and as an artist, that my skills are worth while investing in, even although I carry the schizophrenia diagnoses.