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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Extra Pyramidal Side Effects Have Diminished To Practically None At All
Here I am making this posting and proud to say that I am not handicapped by Extra Pyramidal Side Effects (EPSE) any more. I am up early in the morning and I am more productive during the day while not fighting off EPSE in the morning. I just about, take my medication every night at the 2 mg level of Haloperidol. On the very scattered occasion, I will have a very small bout of EPSE, skipping the meds that night seem to elevate the modest discomfort when it occurs. Many aspects of my life have picked up in full steam like a lean mean fighting machine to succeed. My ex-spouse/roommate always liked controlling things, this character in her nature seemed to pick up more and more as those around her played the "schizophrenic card" instead of listening to the Engineering Technician that I am. Over a seven year period it was a constant battle getting Caroline to listen to my engineering and let me play with it to save money and build my company. Then again if I built my company and finances I would have made certain people close to her look like complete idiots. Now that they are out of the building I have got Caroline to listen to my engineering expertise, while making those that used my "schizophrenic issues" against me, look like idiots any way. Applying heat efficiency and thermodynamics around the home this second half of winter, I have kept the home comfortable around 20 degrees Celsius, 70 degrees Fahrenheit, while saving on Hydro electric consumption. I have being taking more interest at my building where I clean and do repairs for the building owner. Then again, when I am at work, I am not stricken with the EPSE any more. I am slowly getting the building fixed up with odd repairs thus making a little more extra money each month. My art has come a long way and my personal property is getting more and more organized to produce. I have my War Room as I call it or Study, which contains my company office with art supplies, computer and some tradesperson tools, along with my roll away bed and clothes. The back wood shed that my company got payed to winterize a couple of Landlords ago, holds the rest of my tools and wood stock etc. I have some basic furniture in our common area such as the kitchen and living room to make the apartment comfortable as I share the living space with my now roommate. During the evening after supper I am spending the time doing my art infront of the TV in the living room. At times I work on art for the Musee du Beaux Art du Montreal exhibition coming up this April of 2006. On other occasions I will do my own free style art to put up on my website for exchange either for money or service of some sort. The website keeps me occupied with planning and building it. My brother gave me his old digital camera at Christmas, so it will be easier to take pictures of my art and put them up on the Internet. I also have a 35mm camera that Dad gave me when he and Mom moved to the building they are in now. It took me a bit to figure out the operation of the camera to get good photographs. I play around with some photographs that I take, with my art, I would also like to get into taking some black and white photography to experiment. It feels good having all my creative toys and tools working effectively. This summer I will be working for the same gentleman that I was working for last year. I am really looking forward to the increase in work load this coming spring & summer. I have slowly reduced the the Extra Pyramidal Side Effects and increased the amount of my noticeable precision movement, while working with tools and paint brushes. It is hard to work without bumbling when on higher medication levels, the medication takes away motor movement with the onslaught of stiffness. I had developed a stiff hunch when I walked while on the Court Ordered injections at higher medication levels. Now I am walking tall and practice my precision movement type actions with body movement. I have fast reflexes, I have been known to be up a ladder and drop a srewdriver while working, with being able to re-act and catch it with one hand and carry on working. My ex-spouse/roommate Caroline used to love watching me working with my tools, when doing work around her apartment, it is just fortunate that I was here one time and stopped an electrical fire in a wall light switch box in the bathroom, while she was blow drying her hair. That started the battle royal to get me put in hospital all the time over seven years, now I am back to the capabilities I was at back when all the problems started , except the only idiots using my schizophrenia against me now is the owner of the building that we live in. This is no real problem to handle with a Judge at the Quebec Government's Rental Board, I fought for seven years to have this building comply to the Canadian National Building Code, now it is eventually going to get done with Caroline not trying to stop me from applying my engineering, to have a safe and healthy apartment as cost effective as possible. I will get to writing about the stupidity that went on surrounding this building and building practice by a unlicensed tradesman with a criminal record that manipulated people to destroy me through constantly making me look dillusional, through complete bullshit and lies to buy time to cover his crew's tracks. Until then good reading!!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Playing The Game Of Chess Was Always A Big Part Of My Life and Survival As An Individual
I remember when my father took out a book and sat down with a chess board with his two sons. Dad used to teach my brother and I the principles of the game of Chess early. My brother and I caught on to the game under Dad's guiding hand and we used to play against each other developing our strategic thinking process. At times Dad himself used to give each of us a game and our skills in the game grew equally. Later in life when my brother and I were in the Canadian Boy Scouts, our Scout Troop were all pretty well avid Chess players and we focused on our Chess game at meetings. Our Troop Leader was a really good player and encouraged in the game. At one point there was a regional Chess tournament for the Boy Scouts, I took second place ribbon for a show down finish of a best of seven final round. It was a great tournament and my competitor and I for first place, have fond memories of our match as adults when we meet up. I played a far bit of chess during my teenage years with my peers that I knocked around with, as well as a Chess club for a bit in High School. Using the different men on the Chess board, with there various moves of stategy, teaches one survival skills to protect ones King or yourself philosophical in life. When I headed into the Canadian Coast Guard College I used to play a far bit of Chess in first year. Their was another first year student that liked to play against me, it used to get him fustrated because he could not topple my defense of my King. In the end I would walk all over him. I did not play much Chess out to sea while working in the Canadian Coast Guard Fleet or Offshore Oil Industry, it was like I got more into the game again while in psychiatry as as mental health consumer. I had a friend in psychiatry twenty years ago, that was a very strong Chess player and was active in Provincial Tournaments with high ratings. Over the years I played Chess during my rehabilitation, I would play against old high school friends over a couple of beer on a Friday night. These particular friends accepted me with my schizophrenic issues and used their Chess strategies to figure me out with some of my eccentricities with my character. Time move on into the future and I moved away from these old friends and ended up not seeing them that much. I always tried to get my hand in at a Chess game every so often, while applying Chess type stategies in my life to succeed. Knowing that sometimes you have to sacrifice a man to get ahead or hold back and let your opponite make the wrong move, are lessons about life. With the various styles of Chess game stategies, you pick up some of it in your character for your own personal endeavors in life. I still have the original Chess board and pieces I started with as a child, they were my father's when he started playing Chess and somehow his old game got passed to me through the family. With automation and computers it became a lot easier to play Chess by yourself against a computer. There were Computerized Chess Boards years ago where the board its self monitored the game by computer sensors on each square. Your could play against the computer or against another person by turning off the computer board game. Recently my brother filled my void in not playing Chess by giving me Chessmaster 10th Edition by Ubisoft for my home computer. I find the program excellent and work at building up my rating against the computer. You can pick various computer opponents at various Chess game capabilities. You can also go on line with the software and play against another person on the Internet. I have not done this yet for I am more occupied with doing my arts with painting and music, playing the computer every now and again, keeping my game sharp while I get to play around and learn the software program itself is very worth while. There is so much to this software and I really love the musical intro as the program starts, it gives the feeling of a Chess challenge through the intro music. The graphics in the game are excellent and I enjoy playing around with my Chessmaster Software, I would recommend it to any one that can read, to learn to play Chess or for Chess skill development at any level. One day I will figure out how to use the Chessmaster software to play someone else on line, until then I am well amused with the software to keep up my game of Chess and hence my life strategies, solo with my computer.