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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Stigma Of Psychiatry Comes Alive With E-mail correspondence with
Psychiatry knows no borders and every country in the world is faced with mental health issues, the stigma of psychiatry also knows no borders!!! Facing it in an e-mail correspondence with an American Internet company is dis-heartening, is it an example what our Canadian big brother, the "United States of America" has become? In this post I will be putting up the e-mail communication I had with, illustrating the stigma of psychiatry and how people belittle themselves, employers and fellow country person by par-taking in dealing with mental health consumers in a demeaning manner. At first I had contacted regarding a search engine spitting out my pen name Doctor Goober Modesty, for a company to sell medications over the Internet. The on line pharmacy has not got back to me yet regarding the use of my pen name for a link, has, as I linked to them through my pen name link. So here are the transcripts of my e-mail correspondence with : stand by I am posting!!!
The aFromMail form submitted: Full name.....: Doctor Goober Modesty Email again...: Comment.......: Hi, I use my pen name as submitted to you, as an Internet Artist. Doing searches on the web surrounding my pen name, I discovered that through links I came to your webpage. The link in particular that I am concerned about is on the webpage as follows: It seems like one of your clients is using the \"Doctor Goober Modesty\" link on the web page I gave you, without my permission. I consider this an infringement on my Internet copy rights of the pen name Doctor Goober Modesty and possible trademark infringement of an Canadian artist\'s signiture. I am seeking legal advise on this at the moment, regarding unjust use of my pen name for a link by a client of yours, in a sense your organization could be making money off my pen name unjustly through links, as it is posted. Any comment...? Send..........: 1
The first resonse came as follows:
Although we have nothing to do with pharm report i checked it out and anything i entered after "doctor" was shown in the subject. I believe what you are talking about is the search engine will put in the search term that you searched for in the subject Go to that search engine and put in "doctor" then anything after that and the subject will change to what ever is listed after doctor. At this time it is in the forth position Like put in "Doctor Goober is an idiot" and that is what will come up, or anything else after "doctor" You are like a dog chasing his own tail, now you know how smart you really are:) We have nothing to do with Pharm Report other then advertising on their site Bye Mr Goober PS: Your going far with that name. Sounds like your a mental health case
So I responded with:
This complete correspondance will be posted on my blog with your company's e-mail address, this case is a typical example of an "American Dog" with a bad worm in its belly that will do anything for money, at least "Canadian Cats" can catch with thier tails/tales and play with them and figure a thing out or two.... Doctor Goober Modesty
Then I got back:
Stop spamming us and I hope you do tell every one that comes to your "BLOG" the type of person you areNow it is American and Canadian? You are a prejudice worm too?BUT IF YOU POST OUR EMAIL ON YOUR SITE WHERE THE SPAMMERS AND EMAIL HARVESTERS STEAL IT, AND WE GET SPAM FROM IT YOU WILL BE SUED FOR THAT. BECAUSE WE SPEND SEVERAL THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO KEEP SPAM OUT OF OUR eMAIL BOX I SEE YOU USE "AMERICA ONLINE". YOU'LL FIND YOURSELF LOSING THAT AND ANY FREE SERVICE THAT YOU USE ALSO.AND SHOULDN'T YOU USE "CANADA ONLINE" SINCE YOUR SUCH A PREJUDICE PERSONYOU MAY POST IT UNDER THE CONDITION THAT YOU INCLUDE YOUR SPAM LETTER TO US so people can see what a goof ball you areNOW DO NOT SPAM OUR EMAIL ANYMORE AND I HOPE YOU FIGURED OUT WHAT YOUR MISTAKE WAS EARLIER. YOU SHOULD SAY THANKS FOR POINTING ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION BUT SELF PITY WILL KEEP YOU THE SAME AS YOU ARE .But you are warned that exposing our email to spammers and email harvester robots will be cause for a very large lawsuit freeloader. Ya i just searched and see all the free services you use freeloaderSay the truth BUT do not expose our email! You are forewarned. Your threat will be monitoredSorry in the past email i made the statement "Sounds like your a mental health case" I did not really know that you really were - Good Luck, Goober
What can I say, I got to think before I write any more!!!
Somehow one wants to believe there is justice, I remember when I got on the Internet and started using my pen name, search engines were creating pages around these three words clumped together for my pen name. Now the pen name is being used for a link to sell medication because of the search engine someone created. It is funny how when you type in the famous British "Doctor Who", the on line pharmacy does not show up in the listing of the search engine for the link I posted. This search engine is like a childish toy with someone trying to be King of the search list that I feel part of.
I am back to this posting the following day, musing in my mind how to close this entry. I consider it an internal family dispute in the honourable "Americas" of these jointed continents. I have a lot of sibling rivalry in me because I am a small man and any male a half inch bigger than me always thought that they could push me around!!!So stand by as I prepare my finish to this posting.

The way I look at it, we are all on this one huge "Arc" called "Mothearth"(term from Russian Pagan I believe), and it is filled with all sorts of mis-guided and guided animals. I referred to some cats and a dog on this Arc in my early writing of my present post, now I am going to refer to some "Canadian Dogs" that I can write about. There was one that was part of a giantic pack of united "Dogs of War" serving Canada recently in the much troubled country of Haiti. As a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer doing overtime serving Canada, in being part of rebuilding Haiti, he took a stray bullet and pasted away while preparing to leave the region to come home for this past Christmas. He was one that his follow comrades deemed a "Pitbull" because of his nature in fighting crime. I did not really catch his name, but I will always remember how he was referred to as type of "Dog" in our local news and in my heart I will always remember him as a "Dog of War" named "Pitbull", in honour of his service to our country. Then there is me, some people here in Montreal, know me very well as a "Canadian Hound Dog" that is not to be messed with !!! Due to me believing in the same type of values that was instilled in "Pitbull", that made him a man of such righteous honour. Now any "American Dog of War" can pass away in the same fashion as "Pitbull" did, bringing justice to troubled regions of "Mothearth". Heaven for-bid my American cousin's son or any his comrades in arms as US Marines (I could stand corrected on the correct use of this military term), who are now serving their great nation that they were born into, go down bringing justice to regions of "Mothearth". Justice can come in mysterious ways as does our Lord that watches over us.
January 14 2006, an added note, here is a link to a rising army of freedom fighters working against the Stigma of Psychiatry,
January 16 2006, another note, here is a link to a growing "Canadian Kitten" weaving her bipolar basket like a true Goddess for her people that know stigma well,
January 17 2006, a new note, A Montreal Police Officer once said to me "There is no justice". Well I am proud to say the Internet knows justice, with being hubristic in making my Doctor Goober Modesty link as posted, what it has become!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Year Gets Me Being Back On Line Again
I was not one to make entries on my blog when my computer was down from maladies inflicted by spyware. I did get get a chance to make my last entry after meeting with Birks House Artists at the Montreal General Hospital in the Day Center. There is still old staff there that treated me when I came home from the Canadian East Coast diagnosed with schizophrenia. The staff at the hospital seemed to take my aggressive criticism in my blog well, even although my Psychiatrist is at a different clinic now, instead of from the hospital's clinic, I still got called in for my Christmas Gazette Fund here in Montreal. This particular "Gazette Fund" is put together by one of Montreal's leading newspaper named the Montreal Gazette and it helps some the more struggling Montreal people at Christmas in various ways, psychiatry consumers can be assisted in this way through a social worker. The system works in such a way that you can only get one form of Christmas basket from any of the giving charitable organizations at this time of the year, I was always hooked up with the Gazette Fund when I had more struggles with balancing my life with my many eccentric approaches to dealing with my mental make up. I gave the staff at the out patients clinic a Christmas card that I made, thanking them for dealing with my anger while I was figuring out my life with my apparitions/hallucinations. My art is really encouraged now at the hospital and besides doing art for its therapeutic value, it is therapeutic to talk to other consumers about the system that treats us for our mental health issues. As one individual put it to me from Birks House Artists, he bounce from another french run hospital to the Montreal General due to disliking his treatment at the other hospital. He was always content as a out patient with the Montreal General's system but he had never been hospitalized there. He could not believe that I went through the old ritual of the bed strappings. I laugh about it now a bit, it was always a challenge trying to worm my way out of the straps and then go ask for a cigarette, like it was my hero bisket or something. Play on the "Hero" sailor on Players Cigarette packages here in Canada. Not that I want to promote cigarette smoking, as a smoker I am first to say, do not start smoking. I see my cigarettes as a bit of a nerve medication that has bad side effects . Any way, regarding my art with Birks House Artist, I am involved in a group show at the Musee des Beau Arts de Montreal. We are putting together pieces of our own work created through stimulation from a Museum Animator and sections of the Museum's permanent collection. Our art show in the community exhibition hall in the Museum is due sometime this coming spring. I do other art in the form my own creative sketches with my regular mediums of acrylic paint, chaulk pastel and pencil drawings. Some are up for what I call exchange on my website, which is located at Similar to me getting free advertising with a art directory through allowing them to rights of the thumbnail image I sent them and what not. It is apparently just for internal use with the website, Internet Terms and Agreements can be interpreted many ways, you have to think about what you are reading sometimes.You got to give a bit to get a bit, I feel New York City based advertising of my art website is essential if I am going to do something with my art. Unfortunitly my website is not being added to this particular listing, due to their art gallery type of orientation, I admit I have an odd sort of approach to my website. I have my trade as a building technician to help finance my art a bit, I am a young artist so to speak, it has only been the last seven years that I have been applying myself at it. I see it as a more secure option for gaining a pension plan, than that which I have on dis-ability pension and limited work. The Extra Pyramidal Side Effects still get in my way a bit in the morning. I get stricken with attacks shortly after waking up. I have my way of controlling them so that I can work the afternoon and evening. My herbal remedy with my morning tea is not approved or anything, it was just something I bumbled across that seems to help me out. My attending Psychiatrist said to carry on what I am doing if it is proving effective. Reducing stress levels and getting food in me seems to help out too, but it is hard to eat during the morning spells of the EPSE. My now roommate Caroline, is somehow building her own "Hercules Ring" instead of depending on my mine as spouse and it seems to be quelling her Demons of Anger as my own.