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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tales From My Crypt At Canada's Parliament Building,
Apparition Or Hallucination
During my last twenty years studying my apparitions/hallucinations(a/h) with my science and engineering background, I am finding the significance in many different ways. I have had many a/h and they still go on, not damaging my life in any way, while the a/h have a positive creative influence over me and fulfilling my childhood search for some sort of spiritual belief system. The tale from my crypt, as I refer to my a/h, this time happen on one of a few excrusions to the Country's Capital City, Ottawa, Canada. I have no diary or log of the sightings happening. A lot of it is in my head, yet to be written and drawings made of the a/p, so I am getting it all out bit by bit through my blog and website at:
On my first or second visit to Ottawa when the diagnosis was given to me, I was still a angry man from how my life broke down and I was highly medicated, I often played with the medication levels through lowering them a bit while trying to work with Psychiatrists, as I tried accepting my own silent code of not talking about my a/h. Grant you, the anger I carried over drove into a searching psychotic state from not really knowing how to handle the a/p. My silent code served me well and now is the time for the revealing thoughts and images as I saw them in a semi-psychotic state, I had not learned how to pull out of that state in my early years with the ability to see a/h. I was in Ottawa somewhere in the time period between 1985 & 1990. Taking a tour of our Parliament Building and seeing where the senate sits. Along with other historical part of the Building, such as the hall/lobby where the past Kings and Queen of the United Kingdom are carved in stone on the stone work, in this particular place. Fascinated with the archcutechture, I stood meditating at the last uncarved stone for the Head of State from our ties to Great Britain. The reconizable light force I was growing used to, started coming forth on the stone. I witnessed a bushel of wheat on that uncarved stone leaving me with the conclusion at the time that the a/h had something to do with feeding the Canadian people somehow in a practical or philosophical manner. Funny how my life turned out being guided by a paranormal type experiences/schizophrenia. I am a Philanthropist at heart and searched out answers for my life, working in two different Worlds. One of the paranormal and one of normal every day life, I learned and so could others persons that live with similar schizophrenic issues. It has become a very broad term in the medical practice of today. Like a Psychiatrist said to me in the hospital parking lot, "There are many ways to deal with schizophrenia", I found my way over a twenty year period and what it has given me as an Artist/Writer/Engineering Technician is priceless. The price tag to learning what my life was all about has been worth it in many ways. I have another twenty years before I retire somehow, takes money to retire, which I am still working on to put something in place for my old age. Other tales from my crypt will be revealed in the future through my blog or website.