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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Seven Colours of Creation a Source of Inspiration
I have chosen the subject of my seven colours of creation to write about this entry to tell how apparitions /hallucinations can be a positive thing if a level headed approach is taken when dealing with this subject matter. I can not remember when I first started seeing the coloured balls of light or coloured flashes of spots, I do remember that the different colours came to me one by one over a period of time during my adult years. The colours came to me in a soothing fashion, the colour purple came to me when I was meditating at an alter that I had put together in my bed room. At first, when I started seeing coloured illuminations, it was exciting and I was eager to see more and some how learn from them. I had a old high school friend that I spent time with learning some guitar, I found him as a bit of a mystic so I brought up the subject of how I see what I called the colours of creation. He reponded to me with telling me how he had read about this type of thing in an old book on mysticism. It intrigued me how in my mystic ways I put a name to part of my apparitions/hallucinations, of which could be found in a book and called the colours of creation as I had named them. The last of the seven colours that I can see came to me, in the presence of my girl friend when I first started dating her. It was like the last and most significant colour of a pure white light came to me through my new love Caroline. During our time together in our relationship of seven years I was always open with her and what I see that others do not. Then again our house hold cat seemed to pick up on one ball of light that that I saw in our bed when we were sitting in bed together. The cat was sitting on the floor between me and the bedroom cupboards, when I noticed the glowing ball of a soft blue light hovering in mid air between the cat and the cupboards I turned and started watching the presence. I could also see the cat in my vision span and as I was watching the glowing ball of light, it seemed like the cat turned his head and started watching the light as well, for he appeared like he was looking right at it as I was. You always hear tales from people how cats can feel and sense things that we humans do not, I felt that this was a conformation of the fact and felt a sense of comfort that our cat seemed to be in tune with some of the apparitions/hallucinations that I have. Our cat is quite the character in in own right, and often he will bounce around the apartment with weather changes or seem to be reaching for something up the wall just like most cats, which always reminds me of how we seemed to share one of my apparitions/hallucinations at one point. The following is list of the colours and the meanings that I have put to them over time:
  1. White, representative of Gods and Goddesses
  2. Pink, represents love
  3. Blue, relating to knowledge and mysticism
  4. Green, reprensentative of friendships
  5. Yellow, representative of finances
  6. Purple, pertaining to battles and struggles
  7. Black, representative of powers of creation and engineering
I relate to these seven colours in differnent ways depending how I see them, in mid air, on a person, or in their eyes, it is like a guiding sense that some how relates to what I am thinking at the time. I have developed a relationship with them while sort of letting them guide me in one way or the other when creating a piece of art or having a conversation with some one when they occur. The seven colours of creation have become a wonderful part of my life with keeping in mind that you have to approach the subject with a level headednes and not go delusional over them. Dealing with them with a positive attitude becomes very forfilling and makes for one of the positive sides of my schizophrenic issues.