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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Trying to relate the schizophrenia issue is very perplex, every individual that is given the diagnoses from experiencing their own apparitions/hallucinations, see things in their own way. What I found was, how many coincidences are you allowed before things become more of a pattern. From my own character acts, to the pattern of my second sight for apparitions/hallucinations as I call it.
The medication never really stopped me seeing things that others could not, I witnessed many a strange occurrence on or off medication. Then again my cat seemed to acknowledge something I saw by turning and looking in the direction of a glowing soft blue light in mid air that I was witnessing.
I have had what a psychiatrist calls a mass hallucination (Where more than one person witnesses something) on several occasions. It is like I am a self created magnet for a subject matter that is hard for people to relate to. This subject matter can turn you eccentric, this is where a schizophrenia diagnoses comes in when an individual turns too eccentric. The trick of it all is keeping the Shaman eccentricity to a mediocre complacency as not to create bad vibes around the people one socializes and works with. Apparitions/hallucinations can be used positively through the creative arts and hobbies. Keeping your mind in a healthy learning state and flexing the muscle that it is, leads one to learning the positive aspects of the schizophrenia issue.