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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mum Is In Hospital And Will Be Going To A Senior Residence With Nursing Care For Mental Confusion And Memory Loss

Mum had a near drowning experience in the bath last week and ended up in one if Montreal's hospitals and is being treated for her mental confusion and memory loss. I have been at the hospital every day bed sitting her ever since.Mum will 've going to a senator's residence with nursing care to help care for her. I have been exhausted ever since with bed sitting my mum in the hospital. I am at the  hospital now and mum has gone for consultation at another hospital for her memory test. I worry for her for she is loss without me at her side. For myself I do not know what I'm going to do with mum having to give up her apartment, I will end up with nothing in my rented room. I have no place to store anything from mum's apartment except for some boxes at a friend's house.I do not know what I am going to do, it will be a case of fighting depression all over again with having nothing but a radio and a few pieces of furniture.
Stand by while this post is being put together

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Here I Am At A Computer Terminal After My Injection And Talking To Liberal Riding Office Of Marc Garneau For Response To Him Commenting About Simulated Gravity In Space As Was On The News
I saw how Marc Garneau mentioned on CTV News during an interview the subject of simulated gravity in space and Julie Payette our female Astronaut. Like Mr Garneau said and referred how I own simulated gravity in space after emailing Julie Payette about it at the Canadian Space Agency a long time ago. The people have to get out and vote, my vote is going for Marc Garneau for my riding of NDG/Westmount Quebec since he believes in me getting off disability pension and welfare due to this particular engineering concept of mine, when I spoke to my riding office the Lady that I spoke to even mentioned how she knew I even have my stethoscope probe with a microphone attached to it as a prototype to earn a living and be a tax payer once again.The country has got to at least vote Harper out of office even if it is just through his riding in Calgary East I believe it is. This Harper crap around me has got to stop, there are still some good Conservative MP's that I watch on the the CTV program Power Play. Harper has been a fool with his controlling dictatorship around me that I have had nothing like a lot of other Canadians during his reign of power over me and the people that believe in me and my company Doc GM Creations. It is all the talk around Concordia University where I have my coffee, lunch and computer terminal access. I have been having trouble with my tablet and have been advised how to solve the problem hopefully through conversation with someone using a computer terminal next to me so I will continue my blog posting later.
It is now Oct 13th 2015 and I am back at a computer terminal near Concordia University after passing my day voting, upgrading my phone at Bell and visiting a friend in hospital that is stuck on the psychiatric ward. Between now an d my last time I made this post it was on the radio how I also emailed Julie Payette a new way to be more accurate while calculating degrees,minutes and seconds with RADs, taking RADs to the 14th decimal point and rounding off in a different way to be more accurate in space calculations and the likes of angular velocity in engineering.Even while walking through the University campus there is talk among the students about the way I rounded off Rads for a more accurate calculation.Funny how when Stephan Harper won his first election  and during his election speach he can be quoted as saying "Hail Hitler to Doctor Goober Modesty", my pen name at the time before I added Mickeal. Talk about getting caught up in the euphoria of the moment. It was even on the radio station that I listen to, namely Montreal's best in my ears with being CHOM FM that indeed Harper did say a Hail Hitler and I have been suppressed by the Harper Government ever since like a real Otto Dixes of World War II. 
With my tablet not working to good I should be able to update and maintain my blog with my upgraded phone and the WIFI system I work with at home or my Mother's. So I will continue my blog at a later date as I try and figur5e out how to do it on my smart phone. So here I am at my Mum's and getting to make a blog posting, I succeeded with new technology "the smart phone". Funny I made a continuation of a blog posting in a bar last night and it did not post on my blog plus I went nuts through Google security getting back on my blog. Now I will say it these demented fucken tattooed  person ell in bars with mafia control, Google reported their corrupt WiFi system as I did to CSIS after having to go through all sorts of Google security after using WiFi in a bar.
Well the Liberals win the election in Canada and I just getting on the Internet again after mysteriously loosing a new smart phone, will make a blog postung later.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

I Am Going Nuts getting My Tablet Working Right For Error Reports And Cleaning Up My Cache Etc!
Have Clean Master,360 Security and CM  Security with Google non responsive reports keeping my Tablet running correctly.They all drive you nuts but they keep one's WIFI system working so one can enjoy the Internet experience once again.Listening to news reports helps too,Too many hackers that Google has to deal with, they are all going to prison one day, Bloogger is working hard too to keep its system operational,I went nuts for a while with my new Bell Canada WIFI for my tablet, I know hackers work out of my building with my Mum through having a beer with someone here.
Appairently Hackers load up your cache with junk and hide in it as Internet securirty is nailing them leftvright and center, so keep your cache clean!
We it is now August 17th and I am getting more and more used to using my security apps to keep my tablet running. I get tired of my tablet malfunctioning like any one else, and then filing error reports or non responsive programs. With Clean Master the app lets you know you have a snooper trying to unlock apps or your tablet on the whole. When the tablet is not working right I learned to clear junk from the cache and all, how does it build up so fast to stop the tablet from working right. God of the Internet only knows that answer, but over all I am happy with my security apps for antivirus and cleaning my cache and over all junk that builds up with Internet usage.