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Friday, August 26, 2016

Solving My High Prolactin Levels With Consuming Vitamin B6 And Being On A Vitamin B6 Diet
On my last blog posting I made after my court ordered injection I wrote about erectile dysfunction due to something high in my blood, I got some result regarding my high prolactin levels caused by the anti psychotic drug invega sustenna. My prolactin levels are down somewhat from my spring blood test ever since I started consuming 200 mg of vitamin B6 to try and solve my erectile dysfunction problems caused by high prolactin levels in my blood from the medication. I see the Psychiatrist on September 15th to see about a different injection that does not cause such high prolactin levels in my blood. So that is the next step to solving my semi erectile dysfunction problem and I will continue on the vitamin B6 to bring down my prolactin levels some more. By doing searches on the internet I discovered that the vitamin B6 helps reduce prolactin levels which is actually a female hormone during pregnancy to stop their period and help the woman produce baby milk. It was so stupid of the Psychiatrist not to listen to me that invega sustenna injections were making me impotent, like I mentioned before he said in court it was a hard thing to prove but the prolactin levles speak for themselves and reading internet content about prolactin. With being the end of the month I got to watch the budget so I will close this blog posting for now to try and save some of my money that I got off my Mom for my birthday to carry me through the rest of the month in poverty. Bye for now

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Once Again I Sit And Write My Blog After My Court Ordered Injection
So here I am having to deal with the stupidity of psychiatry with my court ordered injections causing erectile dysfunction for me. After sitting with the Nurse for a bit and explaining to her that I can not get an erection but have sore balls from still producing sperm she arranged for me to see a Psychiatrist since my regular Psychiatrist was still on vacation. With sitting with the Psychiatrist it was explained to me that the invega sustenna injection is causing something high in my blood which is causing the erectile dysfunction. I forget the medical phrase for what is high in my my blood but to think they know from my last blood test what is wrong or causing my erectile dysfunction and my regular Psychiatrist testified in court that impotency is hard to prove. It just shows that a Psychiatrist will say any thing to a Judge in court to get what he wants. For now I have a prescription for some Viagra so I can relieve the built up sperm in my sack for I am not even having wet dreams to empty myself of sperm. When my regular Psychiatrist comes back from vacation I will have to see him to get a free medication on welfare that will counter act what the invega sustenna is making high in my blood that is causing the erectile dysfunction. I said I did not want to take pills on a regular bases so the other option is to get the medication in the injection form so I will be faced with two injections at tax payers expense. I am faced with the invega sustenna court ordered injections until 2018 when it is back to court with the Psychiatrist to try and be free of them since I solved the problems from my youth that they can not admit. Well that is about all I have to write about today regarding my stupid life as psychiatric outpatient that is against this psychiatric practice hanging over my head.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Renting A Computer Once Again To Make My Blog Entry After My Court Ordered Injection
Here I sit trying to find the words to write. I have not got that much going on in my life, I lay in bed until mid day about then get up and have a coffee for brunch. I have no way really to make a breakfast in the room that I rent and besides I can not afford to eat right in poverty. I will lay on the bed the rest of the afternoon and listen to the radio. I no longer have a TV antenna in my room due to my asshole room mate, he gets drunk at night and would bum beer off me and then argue about the stupidest things. One night I told him to get out of my room and he ripped out the antenna to put up in his own room and hooked it up to a TV that he acquired from my other room mate that seemed to have disappeared and never paid his rent so his room was cleaned out and is being prepared for re-rental. So now all I have is the radio to listen to and using Facebook and twitter on the building WiFi that I pay for in my rent.I have one cheap meal a day in Double Pizza at supper time with having no real way to cook with lack of a proper kitchen with cooking utensils. The room mate that disappeared ruined my fry pan and there are bugs in the kitchen anyway. I am stuck with cock roaches as visitors in my room even although the Landlord put down powder to kill them and calls in someone to spray every now and again. It is so stupid going for the court ordered injection, I just take the injection and try not to talk to the Nurse as she tries to pry information out of me. I told her she can read what I have to say on the Internet like everyone else does who takes an interest in my life. So here I sit at the computer with a sore ass from getting the injection on my right butt. Being up early this morning to get for my injection I got to hear the morning radio show. It started with how I pissed off a Montreal hospital that is planning to raise funds for mental health research by using twitter last night, if you are on a twitter account you can find me at @DoctorGoober or under my name Iain C Watson in a Google search. Basically I put them down for it is more than likely more drug research that line the pockets of a certain few and use mental health consumers a Ginnie pigs to test drugs and how it is always medication for life with a Psychiatrist and how a patient is not allowed to over come personal problems, if you fart the wrong way in front of a Psychiatrist he will find a drug to prescribe you. I am still yet to figure out how a anti psychotic injection or popping a pill can change ones thought process, that is done with talk therapy not a drug for life. Any way the morning radio show covered this he and him in the media and they said it was Wee Iain Watson they were referring to. Along with this Merlin Priest concept that delusional people claim that I am. They also mentioned how these Godly Pregnancy Test women get my blog money from my Google advertising. While down town I get to hear the street gossip and to cover a few things that are cover in street talk, stupid Americans are into Godly Pregnancy Test babies like they do not know how to get laid but buy sperm on the black market and blame Doctor Goober for being the Father.Then regarding a proto type idea of mine that I wrote about on an earlier posting was the photo electric cell to charge and cell phone and how we are not allowed to do it in North America but where I had lunch a Muslim gentleman said they are doing it any way in the middle east and I will get duly paid when the stupidity around me stops. Like Putin of Russia once said on TV at least we are no Neo Nazis, I think he was referring to this government suppression around me, it is all the street talk. Well my time is about up so I will sign off until next time. I though I would come back to the computer and write some more. Apparently with the street talk around Concordia University, China is using photo electric cells to power cell phones as well, like one person said imagine selling to the whole of China, once again I will get duly paid when Obama is out of power, got to wait to the new year I guess before I can earn a living with my engineering ideas. Then over hearing one woman to another saying these Godly Pregnancy Test people have to be stopped. There was a Hollywood movie where a guy I forget the actor was in a state of confusion in the bathroom after agreeing to hand over his sperm to a woman so she could get pregnant with out getting laid, sperm and a turkey baster I guess. It is obvious these kids have no genetic link to me and the blood type probably would not match mine either. But I guess the American Government with Obama in power backs this way of breeding for Americans. Talk about Obama Pregnancy care, with no known Father for genetic medical history. The kids will more than likely grow up totally fucked up and take M16s to normal honest breeding Americans since any demented American can get their hands on a gun or assault rifle. Then there is the case of Google going broke for all these Mothers hitting my Google ads all day to earn a pay cheque to raise their kid with Obama's pregnancy care Google handouts off the skin from Canadian labours, little me at the computer.Then what about family allowance cheques or baby bonus cheques from the American Government, they will have to print more funny money with Obama's head on it and holding a test tube in one hand and a turkey baster in the other with a broad smile on his face. Enough of this crap I should get back to writing something more realistic, like my rocking chair idea that powers a light to read. Knowing motor and generator design I came up with a way that the rocking motion of the chair can generate electricity to power a small reading lamp to save on the electric bill or being able to read during power outages. Just got to hook up with an electrical engineer and a furniture manufacture to get the ball rolling, once again I will have to wait until Obama is out of power before I will be allowed to earn a living again. Well my time is about up again so I will say good bye and you Americans have fun going more broke and driving Google under with Obama Pregnancy care, never mine my law suit against Google for breach of trust with falsifying my earning as Canadians claim to be so.