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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Got Through The TAQ, That's Tribunal Administratif De Quebec With Flying Colours Today
It has been a long haul for a lot of people with my medical case history with having the diagnosis of schizophrenia for 30 years. I have 6 pages of notes from the hour and a half session at the TAQ hearing. I must say I have a really good Lawyer that prepares me for court and Tribunal hearings and I am getting better and better at defending myself with being properly briefed on how to deal with judging sessions as mentioned.
I think that even the hospital Lawyer has a new found respect for me and how I am handling myself through the learning experience of dealing with Lawyers and Psychiatrists. I have already covered a lot of the details that were mentioned in the TAQ in previous postings. With my Lawyer and I working together, she was able to ask me questions that I was prepared to answer in concise responses even although I can be long winded in answering questions under scrutiny.
The main thing that that got me exonerated in the TAQ was stating how I once before asked not to call someone back or I would be charged with harassment, and I complied with the person's wishes and never got arrested for harassment. This time around I stated at the TAQ that I should have be warned not to call back the supposed victim of my harassment charges, who I never really harassed in the first place. By mid afternoon it was on the radio that she would be sued by TAQ for $100,000 for each TAQ hearing over 7 years for a total of $700,000 tab. Now as the individual defended herself on the supper time Montreal CTV News, she stated that she never got me arrested for harassment and police were still trying to figure out who placed the call to police department from a pay phone as traced. Obviously CTV Montreal News would not use a pay phone to get me arrested and the police voice recording can not be identified as of yet, who phoned them complaining about me and trying to lay harassment charges against me.  
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Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Hospital Psychiatrists Are Proving Themselves Stupider And Stupider As Time Passes
Now what I am going to reveal really takes the cake and is a huge piece of the pie. The hospital Psychiatrists say, as they did in court this past week, that I fake my extra pyramidal side effects. Well if they only knew my file like I do, how the hell do they think I got my disability pension, A Psychiatrist signed the paper work that I could not go up and down a ladder any more in steel toe boots due to extra pyramidal side effects, I suppose I was faking it then too!!!
Then even one time with Urgence Sante, the Quebec ambulance service,who were called on me said they were hospitalizing me I like it or not because I was spazzing out too much with the extra pyramidal side effects (EPSE) for their liking. Then while in hospital a Nurse that I really liked said to me as a test for faking the EPSE, "I have to dislocate your shoulder to stop the EPSE", as she raised my arm. I responded with "I don't care just stop the EPSE", then in her laughing way she said, "So I guess you are not faking the EPSE", then me, "I think not" and now I am faking them by hospital stupidity.
Then one Psychiatrist said in court that the drug I take Risperdal, breaks down in the body to make haloperidol, which is an older drug and one of the worse for inducing extra pyramidal side effects. That was the drug I took for years while working because it was cheep to purchase while working, which led to my extra pyramidal side effects in the first place. I am updating this post today the 22nd of March. It was on the radio that the Psychiatrist was full of crap according to a specialist on risperdal, it was also stated that risperdal is just as bad as haloperidol for causing EPSE.
Then my attending Psychiatrist said he has known me for 30 years, which is a load of crap, he might have been on the ward as an Intern/Resident 30 years ago but he was never my mad Psychiatrist in charge until about 2011, I Knew what he looked like thirty years ago too and may have spoken to him on the ward, but when did he actually become an attending Psychiatrist for me is the point I am questioning. His stupidity that I am violent and kicking and beating walls was a load of crap. When I did do it, he did not say I was locked in isolation and needed the toilet, when they did not respond to me I had my piss and shit on the floor, for there was no washroom facilities in isolation. New laws have been put in place over the years on how to deal with patients in isolation and it is so easy to be put in isolation when is psychiatry. Like I always wrote there is so much to psychiatry and it constantly changes for the patient as the system changes
I do have to attend the Tribunal Administratif in the hospital on the 25th of this week, and I was told that I would be discharged Friday for a hospitalization cost of $160,000 at $4000 a day. Then the stupidity of it, I have to endure three years of extra pyramidal side effects with court ordered injections, for the Judge did not allow an appeal after his decision. Then on the other side side they will send the cops after me to ensure I get my injection. The only way out of it is to get out of the country and reside in a country that does not have an extradition treaty with Canada. The Judge gave the MUHC Psychiatrist total power over me so they can fuck me over like usual. According to the Psychiatrist I hallucinate radio and TV and constantly harass people with my delusion of what I hallucinate on radio and TV. It makes Canada out to be a communist nation with how they can use the powers of the mental health act to screw over small business people that are not wanted to succeed, but have them live in poverty on limited income instead of raising tax dollars. Even although I have be mentioned in the House of Commons and have been referred to on CTV's Power Play, it is all hallucinations according to the corrupt Psychiatrist that are clueless as to what is in the media about me.  Even my Social Worker admitted that there was nothing wrong with me when I came to hospital on February 18th of this year, and she is an authoritative figure in psychiatry. I would have been better of fighting my case against harassment charges and if I had lost gone to prison, I would have been free of it all by now instead of having to see a psychiatric parole officer every three weeks that just deems me delusional and medicates me at will. Having asked to speak to a Psychologist with being admitted to hospital over issues at hand, I still not have spoken to one on staff, if I fart the wrong way in front of a Psychiatrist he will find a solution with another medication. It has been 7 years being treated as a criminal and there doesn't seem to be an end to it. How come I was not just asked not to leaving messages after leaving two messages at CTV Montreal, a simple fuck off would have sufficed instead of getting me arrested without warning. Further more, a restraining order could have been put on me if the person I left messages for was afraid of a psychiatric patient, then I could not leave messages or go near her place of work.  I always get done in so nothing is new in this communist state called Canada!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Water Chemistry And Water Processing For 2015 And Onwards For The Layperson
As a middle aged man,I had early lessons in water treatment while studying Marine Engineering and had practical experience processing water out to sea, then later I was testing and treating water in stationary boiler applications. Over the years I have been exposed to a vast amount of processes in engineering facilities in and around Montreal, Canada while looking for work or actually being employed by various companies.
It was not until I was under the care of a Doctor in colonoscopy and having his camera checking my intestinal track, that I became pre-cancerous as determined by a biopsy. I was alone with this information and crawled into a case of beer and ended up crying myself to sleep thinking I would end up dying of cancer as another victim in colonoscopy. It was in my morning waking moments that I had a dream where it was like I was being told to clean up my water from my city water main through my kitchen faucet and I would survive my pre-cancer situation to be OK in the long run. From that morning on I applied my engineering technology to clean up my cooking and drinking water and my Doctor in colonoscopy soon told me I was clean as a whistle and to carry on what I was doing to stay cancer free.
There is a lot to the science of water and water chemistry, one must thoroughly understand these foundations to process water through the filtering package I developed with incorporating a form of reverse osmosis, which is processing water with light and a similar type of filtering process. Light activated bubbling water or boiling of water can be achieved with the basic 4 litre jug of water as purchased from the store, being able to read the chemistry of the purchased water jug as labelled from your supplier will assist you in knowing a saturated solution of water compared to pure H2O to distilled water and mineral water to salt water in our vast oceans.
Pure water is in effect two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen bonded together by the laws of chemistry, just about any thing can be held in suspension in water where it would become a solution of some sort or a saturated solution like a mud puddle on the street. Mineral water is natural elements from the periodic table that is absorbed by in our springs, lakes and river beds, the natural minerals come from the various rock formations throughout the planet, water erosion of the bed rock causes the water to pick up the likes of copper, zinc magnesium, calcium to iron, water like ourselves, mining these raw materials as we do for modern industry.
Scientific progress through modern industry as we know it, from the start of industrial revolutions over the ages, led to our known fresh water supply to become more and more contaminated with hazardous natural elements and man made industrial compounds of chemically bonded elements as we mined and processed them, to our own human excretement and medications found in the world of medicine, through residual medication in our own urine samples that go into the water table. When modern science knows what to look for, they can usually find it, inclusive of what is naturally or accidentally dissolved in the water table as of 2015. Filtering out the most hazardous toxins and leaving healthy minerals levels in the water we consume will determine the health or health hazard of the water that we consume as human beings.
Was there a God that created the magic of life through acidic soil and base water, to base female reproductive eggs and acidic sperm of the male? This is what the most probable cause was when the first garden was written about in the old Hebrew scriptures, known as the garden of Eden. Acid rain as we know it, to our northern or southern climatic snow has turned more and more acidic through the industrial revolution as man/woman learned to burn fossil fuels for transportation systems or coal for generating electricity, along with our modern engineered architecture burning to the ground and never mind the multitudes of forest and brush fires burning since say 2010 as environmental disasters.
From spring run off down through our various mountain ranges, spring and summer rains, the acidic water flows into our streams, rivers, and lakes, then flowing into our vast oceans, everything is becoming more and more acidic. With global warming causing the arctic and antarctic glacier ice formations to melt, more and more ancient germs and virus' are entering into the water table as well and we still have to contend with fish and wild life excrement in our waters, along with our very own. Through this dangerous environmental process, we have to be more stringent and effectively maintain a baiser water for our human and pet animal to our farming live stock and of course our assortment of wild and fish life forms, to continue a Godly concept of acid to base for sustaining life as created and maintaining a cost effective environment for human healthiness and longevity of life.

In this posting I will try and convey my water processing system which is based on reverse osmosis. The basic test I did on the water was a PH test with litmus paper and I did reduced the PH level two points from what Montreal, Canada city water works said they were processing water to, as they supplied me. With passing the city water through my form of reverse osmosis filtering system in my home, it was a lot of work to clean up the city water main to a new standard for 4 litres of water for the daily domestic consumption consisting of my senior Mum and I. Just be aware what you are going to be taking upon yourself if you follow my simple procedure which is coming up.

Various impurities are found in the city water main and iron oxide or rust is one of them, excessive city water main corrosion causing rust in our water main stems from, building ground faults in wiring that causes electricity to leak to ground and the ground wiring of a building is attached to the water main for safety reasons as electricity will flow to water first in stead of electrocuting an individual in the likes of kitchen applications of electricity. Through these ground faults one will get electrolysis  happening in the water main and causing excessive unnecessary corrosion in pipe work,thus rust in water. Another cause of rust in house hold water is the stupidity of mismatched pipe work in buildings consisting of steel, galvanized and black pipe. Dissimilar metals are prone to activate galvanic action and hence rust in your water once again. In my case I had both of these engineering mistakes happening to my kitchen water supply causing excessive rust in my drinking and cook water that more than likely lead to my pre-cancerous condition. in my intestinal track. Our intestines absorb iron as we need it in our body, hence excessive amounts of iron oxide may have been present in my intestinal track and lead to my pre-cancer condition. When one has copper piping instead of some sort of steel piping ground faults are just as bad for copper oxide. When
I was exposed to excessive amounts of copper oxide, which is green in of the orangey brown of rust with steel, I urinated with a green hue and brought it to the attention of someone in authority. Another problem with copper piping is that unqualified people use lead solder to fuse piping together instead of using the proper solder for copper drinking water lines. With electrolysis in this case one will get lead poisoning, lead is a heavy metal that collects in the brain can causes ailments all the same. It is especially bad for pregnant women to be exposed to this wrongfully done copper piping, for lead will collect in the baby's brain in the womb and thus a handicap child is possible.

As a prelude to filtering the city water main water, I will introduce the layperson to filtering bottled water. Iron oxide or rust is found in bottled water as it is labelled in percentages of iron or PPM, that is parts per million. No amount of iron in water is healthy for us, due to it becoming iron oxide in water. Forth with is a simple and effective way to filter out rust from bottled water.
Before I get into the procedure of filtering water I would like to introduce the layperson to water density so one can compare there city water main to bottled water density, then the filtered bottle water density as a test along with a litmus paper test for water acidity. Litmus paper can be obtained through a pharmicuetical supplier and is a case of dipping the ltus paper in  the water, letting it cure and do a PH reading from a colour chart. Next step is density of water at room temperature of 21 degrees celsius where:
M= mass of water in grams
V=volume of water in ml
D=density is grams/ml
Fluorination and chlorination is suppose to be standard across the country and impurities in the water will change the density and is figured out through doing the math in the formula. A decent house hold scale can measure 500ml volume of water, do not forget to subtract the mass of the measuring cup when you work out the mass of the 500ml sample of water, do a comparison with friends in other cities what the density of your city water main is to others and see what is what. Drawing water at different locations in system water main may change density readings along with type of building and its plumbing arrangement, to the floor level of a high rise.
For bottle filtering procedure one needs a empty 1.18 litre brown beer bottle from beer purchases,clean and rinse all bottles, a 1 litre empty green wine bottle from wine purchases and two 1 litre green/clear hue bottle, I found the sangria bottle from these purchases handy. Wash off the label with hot water and a scrapper or knife then take some varsol or lighter fluid and wipe of the glue from the bottles. Then you need five funnel and glasses to hold the funnels, these can be purchased at the dollar store along with #2 coffee filters. Some elastic bands are required to cut and put breather caps of cut to size coffee filters for topped up bottles of water. These bottles are required to process I litre of bottled water per day, one has to double up bottles etc for family consumption needs of bottled water. One also needs a 7 watt night light with an extension cord and a small vanity mirror the size of your bottling bank.
Fold and put a coffee filter into a funnel and place in the neck of the brown beer bottle and filter water from a 4 litre jug of water. Let stand in the 7 watt glowing night light with the vanity mirri=or at the back of the bottle to bounce the light back into the bottle. Put a piece of cut coffee filter on the top of the bottle as a breather cap and hold in place with elastic. After 12 hours take a new filter and fold it once again putting in the funnel and top up the green bottle from the brown putting the breathier cap on the green bottle and top up the brown bottle once again with arranging the bottles in line with the vanity mirror at the back of the green bottle, let stand another 12 hours, then filter the water from the green bottle into the clear/green hue bottle and continue charging the bottling bank in order as described. Let stand another twelve hours and then filter the clear green hue bottle into a kettle and boiler until thermostat clicks, filter into spare green clear bottle and let stand to cool with breather filter cap on top. When Cooled filter as you go to consume the water. One will see the brown hue around the lip of the filters as you use them, this is what you are taking out of your water a impurities. Whenyour cleanest water is at room temperature of 21 degrees one can do a density test to set a standard for drinking water for ones self. Keep the bottling bank charges with water and consume accordingly.
Impurities coagulate in the water under light and the more you filter your water the more it wants to become pure. It takes about 20 minutes to filter 4 litres of water.
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