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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Once Again I Am Making A Update On My Life After My Court Ordered Injection
My life still does not amount to much with no contacts or friends to do any thing other than to lay in bed listening to the radio and then watching the News on the CBC or CTV networks. I still have a lot of media attention referring to me as he and him and of course the hospital still calls me delusional about the media attention and the street gossip that I face as a result of it. Then of course there is the reference to my Poisonettes in the media, apparently they are getting fed up with it being illegal to deal with me and myself having to life in poverty with no one and nothing to do but say my prayers hoping to get to meet one of my Poisonettes or two. Like I wrote before the Poisonettes are women that fell for me way back and feel for my sorry ass story of suppression forced on the Canadian Government the the American Government as I hear it. All this crap in the media that I have to be a Merlin Priest in poverty that is not allowed a woman in my life. Rumours float everywhere specially after I put in Twitter about milk production for the state of New York, where are all the cows to produce all the milk and coffee cream and cheeses etc. Then all the dairy cow fed. Like it was on the radio the other day it would take one cow for every Depanneur in Quebec to keep it supplied in milk and other dairy products, that     are a lot of cows. Discussing this with my Nurse she thinks they are other in the country somewhere. Then you need all the farms growing the cattle feed and stock pilling it to get through the Canadian winter. It all makes no sense. Never mind all the chicken eggs that are required to supply a major city like Montreal, where are all the chicken farms in Quebec and the farms that grow the chicken feed for all the egg producing chickens, then all the farm workers picking eggs out the chicken coup and packaging them to ship throughout Quebec. Being harvest time right now in Canada with the hot dry summer a lot of farm land faced no wonder there is talk of a world food shortage in the media. It is all hard to fathom growing and shipping all the food to market to feed a major city. My Nurse is too stupid to realize that there is something else at work here like the talk in the media about Godly magic at work. The Nurse says that I am delusional and hallucinate all this media talk. I did not even mention to the Nurse about all the medication that comes from some sort of plant life that has to be grown to supply the pharmaceutical industry. Even the states are going through drought with the climate change and lack of rain in some regions or flooding in others. With these conditions the cost of food will be sky rocketing with supply and demand. Even the coffee bean farmer is going through a hard time with the rust on the beans but we always have coffee beans everywhere in stores and coffee shops. To think one would need a coffee bean farm the size of the island of Montreal just to supply the island with all the required coffee beans for our population mass. My hour of renting the computer is about up  and I do not have the time to edit what I wrote, so think about what I wrote becuse even I remember doing Godly magic as a kid, perhaps I am not alone with this talent. 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Solving My High Prolactin Levels With Consuming Vitamin B6 And Being On A Vitamin B6 Diet
On my last blog posting I made after my court ordered injection I wrote about erectile dysfunction due to something high in my blood, I got some result regarding my high prolactin levels caused by the anti psychotic drug invega sustenna. My prolactin levels are down somewhat from my spring blood test ever since I started consuming 200 mg of vitamin B6 to try and solve my erectile dysfunction problems caused by high prolactin levels in my blood from the medication. I see the Psychiatrist on September 15th to see about a different injection that does not cause such high prolactin levels in my blood. So that is the next step to solving my semi erectile dysfunction problem and I will continue on the vitamin B6 to bring down my prolactin levels some more. By doing searches on the internet I discovered that the vitamin B6 helps reduce prolactin levels which is actually a female hormone during pregnancy to stop their period and help the woman produce baby milk. It was so stupid of the Psychiatrist not to listen to me that invega sustenna injections were making me impotent, like I mentioned before he said in court it was a hard thing to prove but the prolactin levles speak for themselves and reading internet content about prolactin. With being the end of the month I got to watch the budget so I will close this blog posting for now to try and save some of my money that I got off my Mom for my birthday to carry me through the rest of the month in poverty. Bye for now

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Once Again I Sit And Write My Blog After My Court Ordered Injection
So here I am having to deal with the stupidity of psychiatry with my court ordered injections causing erectile dysfunction for me. After sitting with the Nurse for a bit and explaining to her that I can not get an erection but have sore balls from still producing sperm she arranged for me to see a Psychiatrist since my regular Psychiatrist was still on vacation. With sitting with the Psychiatrist it was explained to me that the invega sustenna injection is causing something high in my blood which is causing the erectile dysfunction. I forget the medical phrase for what is high in my my blood but to think they know from my last blood test what is wrong or causing my erectile dysfunction and my regular Psychiatrist testified in court that impotency is hard to prove. It just shows that a Psychiatrist will say any thing to a Judge in court to get what he wants. For now I have a prescription for some Viagra so I can relieve the built up sperm in my sack for I am not even having wet dreams to empty myself of sperm. When my regular Psychiatrist comes back from vacation I will have to see him to get a free medication on welfare that will counter act what the invega sustenna is making high in my blood that is causing the erectile dysfunction. I said I did not want to take pills on a regular bases so the other option is to get the medication in the injection form so I will be faced with two injections at tax payers expense. I am faced with the invega sustenna court ordered injections until 2018 when it is back to court with the Psychiatrist to try and be free of them since I solved the problems from my youth that they can not admit. Well that is about all I have to write about today regarding my stupid life as psychiatric outpatient that is against this psychiatric practice hanging over my head.