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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Once Again I Am Turning To The Internet With My Story Which Is Like The Crime Of The Century With Idiots Sabotaging My Life And Company
This is all so stupid, the blackmail that floats trying to do me in. Submitting to blackmail is a crime, all these criminals around me in Canada that submitted to blackmail or blackmail people to do in a honest righteous business man like myself. Like any where else it starts at the top, in my case it has and is still being done from the Prime Minister's office right down to the drug dealer on the street. This little schizo as in me, is not allowed to get fucked by a woman or she would to go to prison. Who started this Neo Nazi propaganda? Hitler was good at doing in schizos along with the Jewish folk, so who are all these war criminals in Canada, lets start with the Governor Generals Office to the Prime Minister's office as of January 2018, they are in the media more or less saying I am a Merlin Priest that is not allowed a woman or money. What the fuck is a Merlin Priest, would someone please approach me and explain to me what a Merlin Priest is suppose to be that is not allowed to get fucked by a woman. Let me guess jealousy over my foreskin, all these men with part of their dick cut off that don't want a woman yapping how good it is playing around with my foreskin. Woman know I have a foreskin, they yap and I have been fucked by a woman or two before, who are all the criminal minds that say I am not allowed to get fucked again and why? Perhaps the Neo  Nazi Leaders of this country can come to me and explain to this schizo why I am not allowed to breed with a woman like schizos in Nazi Germany of WWII. Women have my phone number from my business card and are scared to call me apparently. I have one woman that I have discussed my window filter with and she is interested as she said but never calls. I have another woman that said she needs a customized service from me but is scared to call once again. So here is the National challenge, let some one explain this mess to me....later.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Blog Update After Court Ordered Injection Once Again
I have some sad news to post to the world, my Mum past away last week on Dec 12th 2017 at 6:15 PM. The Nursing home found her on the floor of her room and got her off to hospital, she ended up at the Montreal General Hospital on the 14th floor. My cousin phoned me to inform me of the situation on the Friday morning, I rushed to the hospital and first spoke to the Nurse before going in to see my Mum to get a briefing on what to expect before going into her room. She had a stroke from a blood clot on the right side of the brain and was paralyzed on her left side. I stayed at her side for quite some time into the early evening. Mum stayed in a deep sleep and I decided it was best that I let her sleep and head home. Saturday I phoned the hospital ward to see how she was doing, her status had not changed and I decided not to go into the hospital but handle my own affairs. Sunday I phoned the hospital ward again and after talking to the Nurse I decided to go into see Mum Again and I took in my Holy Bible to place at her side. While in visiting Mum she woke up some and gazed around the room and then at my hand holding hers before going in a sleep again. As early evening came on I headed home with a eerie feeling there was not much hope and had to wait until Doctors rounds on the the Monday morning to hear the prognosis. In again Monday to speak to the Doctors at 1PM and I was informed that it was only time, the prognosis was not good. I stayed the afternoon until shift change and got to speak to her when the Nurse woke her up. In a slurd voice she asked where she was and I told her the MGH and she fell back to sleep. I left in the early evening to return the next day to find the feeding tube, breathing mask and monitor disconnected. She was not responding to treatment for the blood clot was to massive. As her breathing became laboured with her hand on the Holy Bible I talked her to Papa and told her things would be alright, take Papa's hand when he is ready for you and march the rebuilt stairway for you with your beloved husband.  Her breathing stopped and I checked for a pulse and there was none. I went to get the Nurse to inform her Mum had passed to heaven to my Father's side. The Nurse verified what I already knew but we had to wait for the Doctor to do actual death  diagnosis. I am alone now with my older men I call my Stoogies with no family in Canada, I do not know where my idiot brother and adopted sister are, I got a sweet heart in my heart but it is too close to Mum's death to find a woman's love like my Mum had for me.  To all families, in my case and family one out of three that stands by their parents is not bad, Dad was the best that taught me everything he could around engineering and Mum kept my belly fed while Dad and I worked together around the house.
 Through out my later life, I was not alone, I have an army of people around Concordia University that are there for me, I want to send my sweet heart that charmed me to get a Doctor of Nursing degree with my law suits against people that fucked me over, Lori Graham of CTV and associates of Montreal CTV News fuck you too , even in holding cells when you got me arrested, prisoners talked how you cock teased the hound dog and coke around you, the mob is pissed! CSIS volunteer Hound Dog Canadian Coast Guard College trained is fed up with you and so is the mob,you are being sued for fucken over the the hound dog. Like you said you got a note on your car , RCMP are watching you, you are a known cock teaser around me on TV that tried to do me in, Randy said he would testify on my behalf. Lori you fucked over too many many people as a cock teaser and you are supposedly married to a fire man,you are dumb cock teasing me the way you did, you are going to prison for 25 years for sabotaging me and my company on industrial sabotage crime charges. You got me arrested and you have an addictive compulsion disorder about yapping about me, fuck off. I know what happens to demented fucks like you in prison, so long and fuck off
(A lot of anger management after staff at Allan Memorial that I over heard saying Lori Graham has to be stopped.It has been twelve years now of her referring to my life and works......Dec 23 & 24 2017)

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Getting Back To Making a Blog Posting Once Again
Here I sit at a computer once again after my Court ordered injection after a bit of an absence from writing. A lot of things have changed in my my life in the recent past. For one I have a new room mate that I have an agreement with to clean and do the dishes while giving him $50 for food and he makes sure the fridge is well stocked and I even buy some things for the fridge along with my bottle water for cooking and making coffee. I also have several new clients for my company Doc GM Creations that I provide a customized service for. So things are just rocking and rolling along with always having money in my pocket. I am even starting to get some much needed clothes and things for myself. I am kept so busy I do not even have time to watch the News on TV any more and actually lent my TV to my new room mate as he is older than me and starting over again having to renew a lot of things. I also have a new Nurse that gives me my injection, due to Quebec Government cut backs, things are being shuffled around and restructured to cut costs in the mental health system. Then on the love side I have a sweet heart that charms me as I charm her back when I see this very special lady that took interest in me. From past experiences with women I know to take it slow and planning to sign some art over to her as a charm gift while asking her out. My babies that I take care of are my house plants that I grew from cuttings and planted in my home made compost from kitchen scraps and then cut with soil. I always had a green thumb from a young age and enjoy watching the plants grow under my loving hand. Being the end of the month money is tight like usual. Writing my blog posting is costing me money and I got to sign off so that I can tend to one of my new clients come supper time. So I will sign off for now and will make a longer blog posting next time around while posting some art.