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Friday, February 16, 2018

Once Again I Am Writing After Court Ordered Injection
As to my routine I write after my injection, and nothing much has changed. Psychiatrist that dealt with me over the years depend on the initial schizophrenia diagnoses from New Foundland and insist on court ordered injections. Once again I heard on the radio that the he and him in the media is Iain C. Watson and I am not to be believed.. Even when I first contacted CTV news to verify to my Psychiatrist at the time the media attention that was around the he and him that I could closely relate to, came to no resolve but me getting arrested on harassment charges and it ruined me in several ways. Still stuck in the Tribunal because of it, all of this stupidity where once in the mental health system people will start questioning what you say or do with stigma and it is like they will head fuck you for satisfaction or in my case submit to blackmail or something to head fuck me over. Even on Hillery Clinton's Canadian book tour she can be quoted saying "he is no Merlin Priest he is a Engineering Technician", what was that all about? Then  there are times the radio DJ says while trying to make a point "Harper pay him then for being your Merlin Priest" What is this all about? What Harper needs a Merlin Priest for something that no Canadian knows about or some do. My life has been sabotaged enough out of this stupid mess that I did not start, even my blog has become a bit of a stupid mess with my frustration stemming from the media still yapping about he and him that I can relate to. No Lawyer will listen to me or defend me right from lack of money to fight in the courts for justice towards me and my needs........till next time.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Bell Media Let's Talk Day For Mental Health Consumers And I Have No One
I do not know what to write,I am sick and tired of arguing my point with the hospital. So according to the Psychiatrist I am delusional and hallucinate radio and TV. Like I said at the hospital obviously the medication does not work so suicide is looking like more and more of a option. Everyone in the world usually has someone to talk to and I am sick and tired of this stupid Planet and want a way out. Beer and pills at bed time so I never wake up is becoming more and more of an option. After all why not, it is like the poem I wrote "Lies Society Told Me",just as well joining Mum and Dad in the after life. The black mail around me is too thick, what is one to do, live in poverty and argue a point. To think if I commit suicide as a way out, half the world population would more than likely be glad and over joyed, they could finally lay claim to my engineering proto-types and stimulate the world economy without me. One of these days it will be good bye cruel world, then I will be the most yapped about dead man instead of the most yapped about person in poverty, it has been a lonely life and going to the grave alone is becoming more and more of a welcoming thought. So long for now........

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Once Again I Am Turning To The Internet With My Story Which Is Like The Crime Of The Century With Idiots Sabotaging My Life And Company
This is all so stupid, the blackmail that floats trying to do me in. Submitting to blackmail is a crime, all these criminals around me in Canada that submitted to blackmail or blackmail people to do in a honest righteous business man like myself. Like any where else it starts at the top, in my case it has and is still being done from the Prime Minister's office right down to the drug dealer on the street. This little schizo as in me, is not allowed to get fucked by a woman or she would to go to prison. Who started this Neo Nazi propaganda? Hitler was good at doing in schizos along with the Jewish folk, so who are all these war criminals in Canada, lets start with the Governor Generals Office to the Prime Minister's office as of January 2018, they are in the media more or less saying I am a Merlin Priest that is not allowed a woman or money. What the fuck is a Merlin Priest, would someone please approach me and explain to me what a Merlin Priest is suppose to be that is not allowed to get fucked by a woman. Let me guess jealousy over my foreskin, all these men with part of their dick cut off that don't want a woman yapping how good it is playing around with my foreskin. Woman know I have a foreskin, they yap and I have been fucked by a woman or two before, who are all the criminal minds that say I am not allowed to get fucked again and why? Perhaps the Neo  Nazi Leaders of this country can come to me and explain to this schizo why I am not allowed to breed with a woman like schizos in Nazi Germany of WWII. Women have my phone number from my business card and are scared to call me apparently. I have one woman that I have discussed my window filter with and she is interested as she said but never calls. I have another woman that said she needs a customized service from me but is scared to call once again. So here is the National challenge, let some one explain this mess to me....later.