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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Here I Am At A Computer Terminal After My Injection And Talking To Liberal Riding Office Of Marc Garneau For Response To Him Commenting About Simulated Gravity In Space As Was On The News
I saw how Marc Garneau mentioned on CTV News during an interview the subject of simulated gravity in space and Julie Payette our female Astronaut. Like Mr Garneau said and referred how I own simulated gravity in space after emailing Julie Payette about it at the Canadian Space Agency a long time ago. The people have to get out and vote, my vote is going for Marc Garneau for my riding of NDG/Westmount Quebec since he believes in me getting off disability pension and welfare due to this particular engineering concept of mine, when I spoke to my riding office the Lady that I spoke to even mentioned how she knew I even have my stethoscope probe with a microphone attached to it as a prototype to earning a living and be a tax payer once again.The country has got to at least vote Harper out of office even if it is just through his riding in Calgary East I believe it is. This Harper crap around me has got to stop, there are still some good Conservative MP's that I watch on the the CTV program Power Play. Harper has been a fool with his controlling dictatorship around me that I have had nothing like a lot of other Canadians during his reign of power over me and the people that believe in me and my company Doc GM Creations. It is all the talk around Concordia University where I have my coffee, lunch and computer terminal access. I have been having trouble with my tablet and have been advised how to solve the problem hopefully through conversation with someone using a computer terminal next to me so I will continue my blog posting later.
(Stand by while this post is being put together) 

Sunday, August 09, 2015

I Am Going Nuts getting My Tablet Working Right For Error Reports And Cleaning Up My Cache Etc!
Have Clean Master,360 Security and CM  Security with Google non responsive reports keeping my Tablet running correctly.They all drive you nuts but they keep one's WIFI system working so one can enjoy the Internet experience once again.Listening to news reports helps too,Too many hackers that Google has to deal with, they are all going to prison one day, Bloogger is working hard too to keep its system operational,I went nuts for a while with my new Bell Canada WIFI for my tablet, I know hackers work out of my building with my Mum through having a beer with someone here.
Appairently Hackers load up your cache with junk and hide in it as Internet securirty is nailing them leftvright and center, so keep your cache clean!
We it is now August 17th and I am getting more and more used to using my security apps to keep my tablet running. I get tired of my tablet malfunctioning like any one else, and then filing error reports or non responsive programs. With Clean Master the app lets you know you have a snooper trying to unlock apps or your tablet on the whole. When the tablet is not working right I learned to clear junk from the cache and all, how does it build up so fast to stop the tablet from working right. God of the Internet only knows that answer, but over all I am happy with my security apps for antivirus and cleaning my cache and over all junk that builds up with Internet usage.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Not Doing A Whole Lot These Days But Visiting My Mum And Listening To Radio And Watching The News On TV
Here It Goes Again starting to write another blog posting. There is not a whole lot happening in my life but working with my senoirv Mum. She admits she is starting to lose itv and I worry about her for she is my only family in Canada that has any thing to do with me, it is like it is in the general public the Harpobama Government has it that it is illegal to deal with me even although I am the m[ost talked about person in the media and public places that is in a poverty situation. I can not bel.ieve what has become of Mum and I, for we have both slimmed up from not eating right. I got to get to the grocery store for food for Mum and I and start cooking more for the both of us. Mum does not cook in the kitchen like she used to and now I got to take up the slack.
So I am back writing my blog on a public WIFI system and having a coffee. I go nuts trying to get my tablet to work right on public WIFI, but eventually all goes well and I am fully operational. Now that I do not have extra pyramidal side effects no more I am starting to do more for my Mum like picking up the groceries and cooking supper, as I did today. Mum has a bad time with arthritis these days and her back gets really sore by the end of the day and her memory is failing her as she turns 86 this August. She is a tough old gal and now she is the last of surviving sisters as my Aunt in New Zealand past away the other night. I keep in touch with over sea family more now because it is like it is just Mum and I. My brother that I know so little about is hard to get a hold of and does not call home that often, he never had very much to do with me. The only thing that I really know about him is that he gotv in trouble around alcohol several timesnd attends AA meetings while living with his common law wife and son. It is like I am the responsible one around Mum and thank God I am on disability pension to help take care of her. Even although I am not suppose to drink alcohol by the Tribunal which still follows me after harassment charges were laid on me I still have a quite beer infront of the TV set and I fully discuss my alcohol consumption with my Nurse. Even Mum will pour me a glass of wine at happy hour before supper.Shows how little the Tribunal knows other than being dogmatic over seers of my life once a year and I can not get free of their review board the way the Psychiatrist slanders me to the Tribunal hearing. I'll have to come back to the public WIFI tomorrow night to write some more, I must get back to check on my Mum.
Well here I am back again writing my blog, getting back to the Tribunal hearings,serve no purpose in my life but to inconvience me, apparently at a cost of $100,000 a hearing, I heard that somewhere, all theyy do is create jobs for a Psychiatrist,Psychogist and a Lawyer to listen to my Psychiatrist and the hospital Lawyer rail road mer my psychiatrict past and present situation. What I have to say with my Legal Aid Lawyer does not phase them in the least, If the Psychiatrists don't have me in the Provincial Court House slandering me it is at the Tribunal in a conferance room at the hospital. They can dictate hospitalizations or release from hospital.When they put me away for 8 months once all I did was sit on the edge of a bed and listen to the radio and email the radio station. When the radio station I listened to referred to me and I mentioned it to hospital staff I was deemed delusional. I think it was last night or the night before that I was referred to on Canadian CBC TV 24 hour news. The report was dealing with the subject of psychiatry where youth that dealt with psychiatry were 6 times more likely to be psychiatric out patients as adults. The person being interviewed said that Wee Iain was indeed being slandered at Tribunal hearings by Psychiatrists. The psychiatric team that I deal with can not even accept the fact that I got some media reconition for standing up for the National Building Code against gyprock over plaster installations or how I told people on the Internet how to process water through coloured glass and a filtering system with people like Scientist agreeing it is a labouriouscost effective way to clean up water,it has been in the media. I can not even apply some engineering principles and get proper acknowledgement for it being illegal to deal with me or something stupid as previously mentioned in this blog posting.Over all from a pyschiatric stand point in closing this post, I can say that the Court ordered injections do not work because I still hear the media referring to my lifeor I have a malpractice law suit because the media does actually make referance to my life. Of course the hospital will never admit the truth, that way they get to keep me in poverty as a psychiatric patient, heaven forbid I get to win a law suit against them for malpractice and have criminal charges laid against some Politicians for political interferance for making it illegal for the media to deal with me as a Mental Health Spokes Person.