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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Psychiatry Now Has A Better Understanding Of Me After All This Time, They Picked The Wrong Door For Me For Years
Here I sit at an rented computer once again and getting some of my art up with my posting once more. I call this work of art, "What Door Do You Want", it is done in oil pastel for a medium. The concept of this piece of art came from my Theology in Art class at Concordia University.The man on the couch design came from my text book for the course as put together by the Professor that taught the course. The three door concept was my idea stemming from the three doors in Judaism.  All the doors of life are a bit fucked up and all different, depending which one you pick to go through with your morals and ethics will determine how and when you succeed or fail. I have not gone through a door yet, I am too busy mopping and polishing the well trodden floor from people that picked a door of life around me or for themselves. With regards to my last posting and my word Poisonettes, there has been a lot of crap around this word ever since I came up with it for woman that put plugs in for me somewhere in TV or Radio. As it stands right now I have a list of seventeen woman at my Holy Bible Alter in my room where I live, I would like to meet these woman and have a little chat, the list grows too as the media attention around me continues. Some of the women are from my past or are relevant to my story in one way or another. All this bullshit I've heard that I am not allowed a woman and to be a Merlin Priest, who all picked this door of life for me when I will more than likely inherit the job on the couch after mopping up and polishing the floor after everyone came forward to pick a door as I wrote earlier. My time on the computer is winding up as it cost more and took longer to get the image up with this posting. So until later when I write again.