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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Art Once Again With My Posting After My Court Ordered Injection
What I can write about the world today and I am still arguing my point at the hospital!!! Number one thing I am laughing at is the poor States getting nailed by hurricanes. Let me guess what the Donald did to create hurricanes, too many American warships in the middle east inclusive of the nuclear aircraft carriers warming up the waters in that region with over board discharge from engine room cooling waters and Russian subs and all, while cooler air flow over the ocean this fall causing air mass disturbances resulting in hurricanes flowing across the Atlantic in the trade winds nailing my Carib Fest and the Irma hurricane heading to Florida, I am laughing in a way as once being a salty sea dog, where did Harvey come from? Regarding my art the Angel I started in the homeless missions and the Guru was started at my Mother's, both completed in my room after my Mother went into the Nursing home. The sorry compassionate look of the Angel looking down at the poor human Guru that lost his gene mutation correction factor due to the state of the planet and water table. Now we are living on a prayer to clean the mess. I gave a Psychiatrist and Nurse a photocopy of a paper from a medical journal I was going through detailing gene mutation correction factor in rats, well how ailments can skip generations but now we have too many sick babies and according to the news too many premature births in Toronto Canada....lake waters toxic with too many pollutants that are not filtered out the best due to water processing complications. I wrote about water processing on my blog when stuck in hospital.  Then after my last blog posting it was angry writing after my stupid injection and taking it out on the one I love the most my CTV Montreal News, they fought so hard for my story along with my radio radio station. All this blackmail around me to suppress me in poverty and my army of people know it sorry CTV Montreal, even CBC is is plugging away for me too more than ever. I will be getting on the computer at the hospital computer group hopefully so I can write more and get birkshouseartists website back where I set up a money making icon for the art group, a link is on my blog somewhere....later and God save the Planet with his consort the powers of the planet Mothearth.