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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Canada, The Queen Of England's Penal Colony  For Misdiagnosed Schizos and Other Mental Health Consumers Alike
Here I sit once again typing away to reveal truths about Canada and all its bigots that stereotype people that have had emotional or psychological issues that lead them into the Queen's penal colony of psychiatry. I just got my corrupt Court ordered injection again and I am really pissed with what I have found out hanging with my Caribfest men and women. Abilified systenna will no doubt give me Parkinson's disease like others just like I got extra paramidal side effects from other psychiatric drugs and ended up not being able to work no more. To make matters worse a Psychiatrist would more than likely say I fake the Parkinson's disease like they stated how I faked the extra paramidal side effects that crippled me. I am no longer working by the way, I was too small and and did not have my strength that that I used to have after the Neo Nazi Jew Doctor slandered me at a Tribunal hearing and had me locked up in long term care for eight months. Then we got all these Neo Nazi and KKK up risings in Canada and the States. The only people that care about me as it seems is the honky stooges in my my building and the Carib fest men and women I drink with in my neighborhood. I read most of the book The Devil's Doctors about medical experiments on the Jewish folk on the camps during world war II, like a Jewish Psychiatrists is not a Devil Doctor that is practicing drug experiments on honkie/goys.I am not stupid and have been in the psychiatric system too long and can not break free from this penal prison concentration camp in Canadian society.Even L.G. of Montreal CTV News cock teased me and got me arrested to try and put me in a criminal prison on harassment charges, like she said in a round about way she sided with the States to do me in like a blue eyed blond Neo Nazi would do. Then her side kick anchor desk woman the Jap bigot said last night "go to your nigs" during last nights news broadcast at supper time. She should be charged with in sighting hate when there is white supremacist Neo Nazi and KKK up risings in North America.So I made my point about the idiot box news broadcasts that I am no longer watching ,TV broadcasts did everything to fuck me over and try to make me out the fool and my Caribfest men and woman in my neighborhood know it, they watch the news too and totally hate the bigot Jap comments like me. I made myp point and will end this posting and go back 
to my nigs and share some beer with them.The radio station I listen to backs me, how come CTV Montreal News will not stop making comments about he/him after getting me arrested,the station CHOM said the he/him is little me and the hospital still says I hallucinate radio & TV.  What I have found out L.G. are twins,one wants something to do with me and the other has built demented cults around me like a Neo Nazi. How was I to know, I am a victim of circumstance in poverty that has been abused.All I have is the radio and TV to figure out what is out there about me and I am tired of this prison that the viper pit of society created for me. I am  no Merlin Priest to demented cults, I am a lonely broken man trying to sort through society's mess around and can not afford a media Lawyer for what is in thhe media about me. I should have been a miscarridge or abortion. It is the 19th of Aug today and I am making a note on my posting, why is it that it is in Canadian media that a building is going to get fire bombed or blown up if someone wuth political clout comes to help me out? What all because I would not join the Neo Nazi mob and told the KKK where to go as a kid. If you call me and promote me as a Merlin Priest that is not allowed to breed you are deemed a threat to society as a Neo Nazi. Apparently I got a lot of men around me that are trying to stop race riots or are more than willing to start one to stop this suppression around me with the threats of an explosion or fire bombing if I make money of my prototypes inventions that are posted on my blog. If I make money how many people are out of poverty with me?!?!?! Aug 23 update, I remember during the last election how I was pointed out and heard staff at the Montreal General Hospital say..."there is the guy that became an election issue.",yea I could list and qoute Canadian and American Politicians around my story and I still have nothing but poverty. Even Hillary Clinton on Canadian book tour said "He is no Merlin Priest but a Engineering Technician".It was to that effect, sorry if I offended anyone but I am the victim here for contacting someone I thought I knew from my past in the media and got arrested for it!!!!Aug 24, caught CTV Monteal News with Mum at 6 pm, the clip on American debates and how opponites aoproach the talking candidate for Prez too closely. What made my skin crawl Hillary was in the news clip how idiot Bush was saying he was going to teach the Messiah a lesson for broadcasting to his precious country. I was passed a Cubian cigar at supper for giving a poor senior some cigarettes. Last time I smoked a big fat cigar as a religious burn't offering I thought of Bush stupidity and prayed throughout the cigar, so all Bush's red necks still want to do in the Messiah, well my Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can is half full and half empty and I am now going to enjoy my Cubian cigar burn't offering and reflect and pray that the God I believe in uses the burn't offering to teach Idiot Bush a lesson for his old Messiah wise crack.