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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Another Update Of My Blog After My Court Ordered Injection
Things went well with my Nurse and Psychiatrist today when I went for my Court ordered injection, for I am a happier person with with being self employed again and looking for more contracts for my company. Now that my Mum is in a secure environment in the Nursing home and is being well cared for I am a lot more relaxed. Mum is gaining weight and her back is straightening up as she is not hunched over adding up her bank book and constantly adding up her money that she had in her purse. With her Motherly instincts she knew something was wrong with her money but could not figure out what was wrong with her money. Like I told my Nurse today, Mum was even psychic with me when I was a kid. I knew my brother was messing with her money from assisting Mum with her banking when I was staying with her and helping her out. The full extent of the the financial damage was not unearthed until my cousin in the States got power of attorney and sorted out Mum's financial affairs. My Mother is really pissed with what my brother did when he got power of attorney when I was in long term care and started steeling her money and cashing in investments to finance his own life style. My Mother now talks of putting him in prison if he tries to come back into her life. Getting paid from my Mothers estate to take her for walks and to the restaurant for coffee and chocolate has been good for me too for I have made friends in the Nursing home by having my cigarette in the smoking room, I no longer feel alone with nothing to do but feel very much for filled with helping out in the Nursing home while visiting my Mum. Like I said to my Nurse today now you are seeing the true me that is happy go lucky with no erectile dysfunction any more due the Psychiatrist's change of medication for me due to high prolactin levels cause by invega sustenna medication. I am now on the anti psychotic Abilify Maintena. So of course I am not angry at the Psychiatrist for making me impotent. The Psychiatrist came into the Nurses office today to see how I was doing and I was even showed him a completed invoice from my company that I fax my cousin so that she can account to the courts the money I get paid for being a care giver for my Mum and help her through her early stages of alhziemers. My hour on the rented computer is about up so I will start to close up my posting for today.