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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Once Again I Sit At A Rented Computer After My Stupid Court Order Injection Implemented By A Corrupt Court Room
Another stupid march up the mountain today to get my court ordered injection implemented by corrupt Psychiatrists and a Judge that can not see past past the idiot Psychiatrists that slandered me in court. I have no life, I lay in bed most of the time listening to the radio and get the evening news over a beer with a TV that is hooked up to an antenna. Even my room mate that I watch the news with admits that the news broadcast is talking about me and I still have nothing to show for it. During the session with the Nurse today with me once again trying to make my point about media attention she informed me that I have a Tribunal Administratif hearing coming up which is a total waste of tax dollars. My Legal aid Lawyer can not even defend me right against the Psychiatrist's slandering me to keep me medicated unnecessarily at a cost to tax payers of $750 per injection. I want to get liberated from the Tribunal but more than likely that will not happen. The Psychiatrist who I hardly ever see is wanting to keep me medicated with all the power of the land that he can muster through the likes of the Tribunal. I do admit I had problems when I was younger and got thrown to Psychiatrists to solve my problems which they never did. I solved my own problems over time and have nothing to show for it but my Internet presence. I show just tell the Tribunal to fuck off because all the do is listen to the Psychiatrist and hospital Lawyer that everyone knows is a prick to us mental health consumers. No doubt he will be gunning for me again like he usually does and trying to pick holes in me for his own demented reasons. Everyone that has read me knows my track record on the Internet for 12 years now with my stories with being a mental health consumer and writing as an Engineering Technician making reference to my engineering ideas to earn a living, but all this with Government trying to advert an explosion around me if the media comes to me and makes something of my life. Even when I bought a beer the other night a women at the cash said to me, "if anyone comes to you there will be an explosion". The idiot Nurse thinks I am hallucinating while buying a beer along with my room mate having psychiatric problems or something with regards to the him having  to agree that the news broadcast is talking about me. The weather woman that I was arrested for harassing seems to be determined to have me as a fly on her her leech as a mascot for her weather report. Somewhere on my blog I have a sketch of my giant fly as posted a long time ago. They even say in the media that it is a really cute sketch of a fly that I incorporated into a cartoon script that I sent to the TV station that I listen too. Well my hour on the computer that I paid for in advance is about up so I will close up my posting with saying that life remains the same with me trying to be there for my Mother in a Nursing Home, just arguing my point about media attention to Psychiatric Staff and defending myself to them about hallucinating street gossip around me where ever I go.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Here I Sit At A Rented Computer Terminal To Get A Blog Posting In After My Court Ordered Injection For Psychiatry
I have not had to much time to make blog postings with visiting my Mum at the Nursing Home and taking on cleaning out her apartment of the family's worldly possessions. I find it a real hassle trying to write my blog on the smart phone so I thought I would spend the money and rent a computer for a bit to catch up on telling the story of my life. My Nurse still does not believe my story about having media attention and becoming the talk of the town. With my posting on how I recorded the heart valve operating people took notice and I get acknowledged with what I did through street gossip and in the media but there does not seem to be any money for me in any thing I do to try and succeed. I still spend too much time alone with the CTV News channel and the radio. I only have three friends to communicate with in the whole world so it makes it pretty lonely for a life with having a Internet presence. Ironically though my Tribunal Administratif hearing got postponed after I wrote about about them and my discontent for what I have to go through year after year after a media personality got me arrested for harassment. Even though I sent the TV station a cartoon script about the weather woman ending up with a giant fly on a leech as a mascot, which is often mentioned in the media quite a bit, I still end up with nothing in my life. Then there is the talk in the media that there are too many women that claim to be a Poisonette of mine. It was a word I came up with for certain women that were putting plugs in for me in the media and seemed to care about me but all this crap that revolves around me with demented cults it seems like I am not allowed to have any type of significant life but poverty. Even during a Police Intervention with my Mum and I, a Police Officer said to me that these demented cults around me has to stop. When I tell this to my Nurse I tend to think that she feels I just hallucinated a Cop during a Police Intervention. It all amounts to nothing due to the blackmail that seems to prevent people from dealing with me, like what is in the media something is going to get blown up if I get to have some support to help me out of the situation I am in. I am not even allowed a business associate for some of my inventions that are mentioned on my blog over the years. So it seems like demented cults around my life control Government and the business world that I have nothing and constantly lose out in life. I have to constantly repeat myself to my Psychiatric Nurse to no avail and get deemed delusional for having media association. She can not even fathom that I have built an Internet presence over the years where I even get Politicians referring to me on the News and I still end up with nothing but being the most yapped about person in poverty with having nobody at my side to prove what I say to my Nurse is a reality and that I am not delusional about media association and hearing street gossip about myself when I am out and around. Well I got something written in my blog since it has been a while that I got to make a posting, I will sign off for now and pray that I am allowed to have some people prove to my Nurse what I claim about media attention and being the subject of street gossip , well after all it is all in the media here in Montreal.