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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mum Is In Hospital And Will Be Going To A Senior Residence With Nursing Care For Mental Confusion And Memory Loss

Mum had a near drowning experience in the bath last week and ended up in one of Montreal's hospitals and is being treated for her mental confusion and memory loss. I have been at the hospital every day bed sitting her ever since.Mum will be going to a senior's residence with nursing care to help care for her. I have been exhausted ever since with bed sitting my mum in the hospital. I am at the  hospital now and mum has gone for consultation at another hospital for her memory test. I worry for her for she is in loss without me at her side. For myself I do not know what I'm going to do with mum having to give up her apartment, I will end up with nothing in my rented room. I have no place to store anything from mum's apartment except for some boxes at a friend's house.I do not know what I am going to do, it will be a case of fighting depression all over again with having nothing but a radio and a few pieces of furniture.Finally getting back to my blog after a bit while I have the weekend WIFI in hospital. Mum is doing not bad and wants out of the hospital like any one else does. I bed sit her a lot from after lunch until about 7:30 in the evening. I  even help Mum get her shower by me setting the water for her and escorting her back to her room. Mum gets her hot chocolait before I head off to get the bus back to mum's place where I stay for it is closer to the hospital than my rented room in another part of town.
Mum is now under a court order to remain in hospital until she goes into a Nursing Home, I still visit her but not as often as I use thebinternet in twitter to try andvearn a livung around my water proccessing to filter water to clean it up from impurities. For now I have not got a whole lot more to write about so I will end this posting.