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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mum Is In Hospital And Will Be Going To A Senior Residence With Nursing Care For Mental Confusion And Memory Loss

Mum had a near drowning experience in the bath last week and ended up in one of Montreal's hospitals and is being treated for her mental confusion and memory loss. I have been at the hospital every day bed sitting her ever since.Mum will be going to a senior's residence with nursing care to help care for her. I have been exhausted ever since with bed sitting my mum in the hospital. I am at the  hospital now and mum has gone for consultation at another hospital for her memory test. I worry for her for she is in loss without me at her side. For myself I do not know what I'm going to do with mum having to give up her apartment, I will end up with nothing in my rented room. I have no place to store anything from mum's apartment except for some boxes at a friend's house.I do not know what I am going to do, it will be a case of fighting depression all over again with having nothing but a radio and a few pieces of furniture.Finally getting back to my blog after a bit while I have the weekend WIFI in hospital. Mum is doing not bad and wants out of the hospital like any one else does. I bed sit her a lot from after lunch until about 7:30 in the evening. I  even help Mum get her shower by me setting the water for her and escorting her back to her room. Mum gets her hot chocolait before I head off to get the bus back to mum's place where I stay for it is closer to the hospital than my rented room in another part of town.
Mum is now under a court order to remain in hospital until she goes into a Nursing Home, I still visit her but not as often as I use thebinternet in twitter to try andvearn a livung around my water proccessing to filter water to clean it up from impurities. For now I have not got a whole lot more to write about so I will end this posting.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Here I Am At A Computer Terminal After My Injection And Talking To Liberal Riding Office Of Marc Garneau For Response To Him Commenting About Simulated Gravity In Space As Was On The News
I saw how Marc Garneau mentioned on CTV News during an interview the subject of simulated gravity in space and Julie Payette our female Astronaut. Like Mr Garneau said and referred how I own simulated gravity in space after emailing Julie Payette about it at the Canadian Space Agency a long time ago. The people have to get out and vote, my vote is going for Marc Garneau for my riding of NDG/Westmount Quebec since he believes in me getting off disability pension and welfare due to this particular engineering concept of mine, when I spoke to my riding office the Lady that I spoke to even mentioned how she knew I even have my stethoscope probe with a microphone attached to it as a prototype to earn a living and be a tax payer once again.The country has got to at least vote Harper out of office even if it is just through his riding in Calgary East I believe it is. This Harper crap around me has got to stop, there are still some good Conservative MP's that I watch on the the CTV program Power Play. Harper has been a fool with his controlling dictatorship around me that I have had nothing like a lot of other Canadians during his reign of power over me and the people that believe in me and my company Doc GM Creations. It is all the talk around Concordia University where I have my coffee, lunch and computer terminal access. I have been having trouble with my tablet and have been advised how to solve the problem hopefully through conversation with someone using a computer terminal next to me so I will continue my blog posting later.
It is now Oct 13th 2015 and I am back at a computer terminal near Concordia University after passing my day voting, upgrading my phone at Bell and visiting a friend in hospital that is stuck on the psychiatric ward. Between now an d my last time I made this post it was on the radio how I also emailed Julie Payette a new way to be more accurate while calculating degrees,minutes and seconds with RADs, taking RADs to the 14th decimal point and rounding off in a different way to be more accurate in space calculations and the likes of angular velocity in engineering.Even while walking through the University campus there is talk among the students about the way I rounded off Rads for a more accurate calculation.Funny how when Stephan Harper won his first election  and during his election speach he can be quoted as saying "Hail Hitler to Doctor Goober Modesty", my pen name at the time before I added Mickeal. Talk about getting caught up in the euphoria of the moment. It was even on the radio station that I listen to, namely Montreal's best in my ears with being CHOM FM that indeed Harper did say a Hail Hitler and I have been suppressed by the Harper Government ever since like a real Otto Dixes of World War II. 
With my tablet not working to good I should be able to update and maintain my blog with my upgraded phone and the WIFI system I work with at home or my Mother's. So I will continue my blog at a later date as I try and figur5e out how to do it on my smart phone. So here I am at my Mum's and getting to make a blog posting, I succeeded with new technology "the smart phone". Funny I made a continuation of a blog posting in a bar last night and it did not post on my blog plus I went nuts through Google security getting back on my blog. Now I will say it these demented fucken tattooed  person ell in bars with mafia control, Google reported their corrupt WiFi system as I did to CSIS after having to go through all sorts of Google security after using WiFi in a bar.
Well the Liberals win the election in Canada and I just getting on the Internet again after mysteriously loosing a new smart phone, will make a blog postung later.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

I Am Going Nuts getting My Tablet Working Right For Error Reports And Cleaning Up My Cache Etc!
Have Clean Master,360 Security and CM  Security with Google non responsive reports keeping my Tablet running correctly.They all drive you nuts but they keep one's WIFI system working so one can enjoy the Internet experience once again.Listening to news reports helps too,Too many hackers that Google has to deal with, they are all going to prison one day, Bloogger is working hard too to keep its system operational,I went nuts for a while with my new Bell Canada WIFI for my tablet, I know hackers work out of my building with my Mum through having a beer with someone here.
Appairently Hackers load up your cache with junk and hide in it as Internet securirty is nailing them leftvright and center, so keep your cache clean!
We it is now August 17th and I am getting more and more used to using my security apps to keep my tablet running. I get tired of my tablet malfunctioning like any one else, and then filing error reports or non responsive programs. With Clean Master the app lets you know you have a snooper trying to unlock apps or your tablet on the whole. When the tablet is not working right I learned to clear junk from the cache and all, how does it build up so fast to stop the tablet from working right. God of the Internet only knows that answer, but over all I am happy with my security apps for antivirus and cleaning my cache and over all junk that builds up with Internet usage.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Not Doing A Whole Lot These Days But Visiting My Mum And Listening To Radio And Watching The News On TV
Here It Goes Again starting to write another blog posting. There is not a whole lot happening in my life but working with my senoirv Mum. She admits she is starting to lose itv and I worry about her for she is my only family in Canada that has any thing to do with me, it is like it is in the general public the Harpobama Government has it that it is illegal to deal with me even although I am the m[ost talked about person in the media and public places that is in a poverty situation. I can not bel.ieve what has become of Mum and I, for we have both slimmed up from not eating right. I got to get to the grocery store for food for Mum and I and start cooking more for the both of us. Mum does not cook in the kitchen like she used to and now I got to take up the slack.
So I am back writing my blog on a public WIFI system and having a coffee. I go nuts trying to get my tablet to work right on public WIFI, but eventually all goes well and I am fully operational. Now that I do not have extra pyramidal side effects no more I am starting to do more for my Mum like picking up the groceries and cooking supper, as I did today. Mum has a bad time with arthritis these days and her back gets really sore by the end of the day and her memory is failing her as she turns 86 this August. She is a tough old gal and now she is the last of surviving sisters as my Aunt in New Zealand past away the other night. I keep in touch with over sea family more now because it is like it is just Mum and I. My brother that I know so little about is hard to get a hold of and does not call home that often, he never had very much to do with me. The only thing that I really know about him is that he gotv in trouble around alcohol several timesnd attends AA meetings while living with his common law wife and son. It is like I am the responsible one around Mum and thank God I am on disability pension to help take care of her. Even although I am not suppose to drink alcohol by the Tribunal which still follows me after harassment charges were laid on me I still have a quite beer infront of the TV set and I fully discuss my alcohol consumption with my Nurse. Even Mum will pour me a glass of wine at happy hour before supper.Shows how little the Tribunal knows other than being dogmatic over seers of my life once a year and I can not get free of their review board the way the Psychiatrist slanders me to the Tribunal hearing. I'll have to come back to the public WIFI tomorrow night to write some more, I must get back to check on my Mum.
Well here I am back again writing my blog, getting back to the Tribunal hearings,serve no purpose in my life but to inconvience me, apparently at a cost of $100,000 a hearing, I heard that somewhere, all theyy do is create jobs for a Psychiatrist,Psychogist and a Lawyer to listen to my Psychiatrist and the hospital Lawyer rail road mer my psychiatrict past and present situation. What I have to say with my Legal Aid Lawyer does not phase them in the least, If the Psychiatrists don't have me in the Provincial Court House slandering me it is at the Tribunal in a conferance room at the hospital. They can dictate hospitalizations or release from hospital.When they put me away for 8 months once all I did was sit on the edge of a bed and listen to the radio and email the radio station. When the radio station I listened to referred to me and I mentioned it to hospital staff I was deemed delusional. I think it was last night or the night before that I was referred to on Canadian CBC TV 24 hour news. The report was dealing with the subject of psychiatry where youth that dealt with psychiatry were 6 times more likely to be psychiatric out patients as adults. The person being interviewed said that Wee Iain was indeed being slandered at Tribunal hearings by Psychiatrists. The psychiatric team that I deal with can not even accept the fact that I got some media reconition for standing up for the National Building Code against gyprock over plaster installations or how I told people on the Internet how to process water through coloured glass and a filtering system with people like Scientist agreeing it is a labouriouscost effective way to clean up water,it has been in the media. I can not even apply some engineering principles and get proper acknowledgement for it being illegal to deal with me or something stupid as previously mentioned in this blog posting.Over all from a pyschiatric stand point in closing this post, I can say that the Court ordered injections do not work because I still hear the media referring to my lifeor I have a malpractice law suit because the media does actually make referance to my life. Of course the hospital will never admit the truth, that way they get to keep me in poverty as a psychiatric patient, heaven forbid I get to win a law suit against them for malpractice and have criminal charges laid against some Politicians for political interferance for making it illegal for the media to deal with me as a Mental Health Spokes Person.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

My Nurse Does Her Third Home Visit With Me Today
So here I go again writing a blog posting again while sitting waiting for my Nurse to show up where I rent my room. She has made two other home visits, once before here and then once at my Mum's. Her primary reason to come today is to check my extra pyramidal side effects which I don't have after my injection last Thursday.e other bad side effect is having a hard time getting an erection with the medication in me. It was not all that long ago before the past recent hospitalizations that I had no  erectile dysfuntion, go figure. With what I wrote about it in Facebook I guess word spread about erectile dysfuntion and medication, for a man said he loved me for he has erectile dysfunction as well due to hisv medication.
I still have to prove to the hospital that I have media attention, they don't believe what I say and call me delusional with media association. There was a car commercial on the radio earlier today about exhaust free cars which I wrote about in previous blog postings, regarding putting a variable speed vacuum pump onv a car's exhaustcpipe and to pump the car exhaust into a cylinder. They said that they could not do it withoutvme because it is copyrighted through blogger.  I have written about some engineering on my blog and there is no reason why I should not earn a living through it and get off my government hand out for being disablied due to mental health.
Then there is all this radio talk surrounding my brother and how they call him a stupid idiot. I hardly know my brother but people say things to me about him at different places I go, something about him with demented cults that think I am a Merlin Preist in poverty. It is all so stupid, like I wrote in Facebook these demented cults around my name has to stop like a Police Officer said to me. I still have to prove this to the hospital as well. I put my cell phone number on my blog once and still certain people that want to get a hold of me can't appairently. Seemingly my phone has been highjacked to surpress me. Even when it was on the news that scientists were being surpressed with sharing their research it was mentioned how the government surpress' them like they do me Wee Iain, and they actually said Wee Iain on the news.I will write some more after the visit with the Nurse from the hospital.
Well my Nurse I dub Joc has come and gone, we had a good session together but I am still trying to convince her that my media attention is reality instead of silly media association, my voice got in a fustrated tone during the end of the session together. I tried to explain to her how it was in the media around my exhaust free cars, which I own theengineering concept to through writing about it in blogger. I also showed her how I am on the Internet and how there is a law suit against the invega sustenna drug manufacture and a law firm to contact. Joc was pleased that I do not have the extra pyramidal side effects as servere as after the last injection.I explained to Joc how it was on the radio that the manufacturer of the drug invega sustenna changed production facilities for the drug to get cleaner water as the medication I take is a water based drug.
Even when I escorted Joc to the bus so she could get back to the hospital after our session, the kids in the community play ground were screaming about me as reasurance to me and confirmation to Joc about my status in my community. Even after Joc was long gone and I was having a cigarette on the street, two women on the other side were talking about me and my Nurse, like my room mate said the hospital can not admit the truth other wise I would have one hell of a law suit for them calling me delusional and treatingv me as such when I was not delusional about my status in my community as an Internet Artist Writer.I did show Joc what is left of my art collection from all the art that when away with the Baliff'scontainer, she admitted she heard I was a good artist from the art class teacher from the English Montreal School Board that works with the hospital. Well my room mate is cming to my room for a shot of beer and I am honest with Joc what beer I consume in the evening instead of drinking fruit juices to go dietbetic or over weight as to a news broadcast on CTV news, so my room mate is here for our night cap together so I will sign off.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Here I Sit At A Rented Computer After My Court Ordered Injection And It Is Like I'm Starting Over With A Psychiatrist And A New Nurse
Marched up Montreal's Mount Royal today to the psychiatric day hospital for my court ordered injection and it was like starting over in psychiatry while saying hello to a lot of staff members that know me well. The memories that came back saying hello to Nurses and a Social Worker that I once had and while having a more of a loveable relationship with the Psychiatrist and my new Nurse. The Psychiatrist Nurse and I sat and talked together with the Nurse and I doing most of the talking while the Psychiatrist was like the silent observer with him making the closing statements when our time slot was up. I then went for a cigarette while the Nurse made a phone call to get the proper medication levels in the preset syringes from the pharmacy which I could not get myself for today's appointment. After my cigarette I went up to the waiting room for the Nurse to call me in for my injection. Once in her office we chatted some more about my medical history and present situation. my new Nurse who I will dub Joc is about ages with me and she remembers me from 30 years ago. Joc is a liaison Nurse that is going to do home visits with me where I rent a room along with at my Mum's to help me with my Mother son relationship. At one point way back when I was doing art and selling it, Joc ordered a print from me which she never got, now that she is over seeing my case with the Psychiatrist I will make sure she gets her print. Will write more later I got to get to my Mum's.
So here I am back on the Internet with my own tablet in a Tim Horton's, like usual when I am put away in psychiatry nobody handles my affairs and I lost the Internet connection at my Mum's due to a unpaid bill etc.There are perpetual errors around my life in psychiatry as an inpatient outpatient. I could re-write the priciples of psychiatryas a 30 year vet of the psychiatric system. Any way regarding the erectile dysfunction I wrote about, it is not as bad as I thought, now I am concerned with a sperm defience I did not calculate for, too many varing factures, I got to get back processing water or something while on psychiatric drugs. is getting on in the evening and I got to get back to check on my senoir Mum she has forgotten how to do some things right...... my relationship with Mum, I had to take over cooking supper for her, put the A535 rub on her back, teach her how to use the polident all over again to take proper care of her dentures,along with other bathroom skills with taking off her make up, I really need a girlfriend or two to help me with this. I do get moral support from my community when Mum argues with me in public places. It took me for ever to get signed in to the Internet at Tim Horton's while having a coffee and the buddy next to me helped me out so I could sort through this mess as I get used to my repaired tablet. I will try writing more tomorrow night, so long for now Wee Iain or Doctor Goober.
Back in my rented room and cleaning the place up for my psychiatric Nurse visit so she can see how I live with my poverty situation. She is bring a student Nurse with her on the home visit this 4th of May 2015. I could not sleep the night of the 3rd leading into the 4th of May so I thought I would get a few words in on my blog.
I stay with my Mum a lotfor company and watching the news on TV, Mum turns 86 this year and doing not bad for her age, aches and pains getb to her but she is a tough old bird I must say. Have not got a whole lot to write but will make a posting on how the home visit goes with my Nurse I dub Joc, so till later.......

Sunday, April 05, 2015

No Matter What I Did To Rebuild My Life,All I Turned Out To Be Is A Psychiatrist's Pill Junkie
Spent a fair bit of time on the hospital ward today with a tear in my eye being Easter Sunday and all,trying to accept what I can not change for the next three years, that is the court order for medical treatment by Psychiatrists endorsed by a Judge, due to the fact that my Lawyer with legal aid did not have the money to properly defend me, not that she is going to lose any sleep over it. I have the extrapyramidal side effects (EPSE) now and the Nurse just administered medication for the fourth time today to try and control them, then there is the bullshit epival pills twice a day. Watch that my iron level does not go out of whack like the last time I was on a moody stabilizer and antipsychotic. I am getting more and more depressed over this and just feel like withdrawing from society as a "Psychiatric Pill Junkie".
When I was on my last bout of Court ordered injections of invega sustenna antipsychotic I started to have erectile dysfunction and I thought it was me getting older in my early fifties. I was also taking benadryl as a side effect medication for the EPSE. I would only have a week morning erection as a male that would not last long upon waking up. I convinced the out patient Psychiatrist to put me on the drug risperdal for the EPSE. After much insisting I got my way and started to get my erection back over fantasies about my certain Ladies that I day dream about every so often. After a while on the pills the EPSE came back so I stopped taking the risperdal all together and even although I was on the beer a fair bit watching the News on TV it was like I was a sixteen year old male again with no erectile dysfunction. With being put in hospital again and court ordered invega sustenna injections of 150 mg every three weeks, I got my erectile dysfunction back.
With the complications involved I got an erection today April 6th, after 12 days from my last injection of invega sustenna, I am yet to figure out how to go about explaining what transpired this change in my dysfunction on the hospital ward.April 7th 2015, like usual on the hospital ward my time is limited on the computer so I don't get to write much. Over all I do have erectile dysfunction on the antipsychotic Invega Sustenna, and it is like it is impossible to reason with the Psychiatrist and he is bent on keeping me on epival with regular blood tests. So I pretty well lost what little sex life I had in my corner fantasizing about have a woman and the Psychiatrist backs the Tribunal that it is illegal for me to consume alcohol.So I don't get to have my lonely drunk to help me sleep ,if I get caught they will hospitalize me again.I can drink 2 litres of coca cola during the day so what drink am I suppose to consume come evening. Another 2 litres of coca cola and become diabetic while having sleepless nights cranked full of sugar and caffeine. I don't know what to do, like I said to the Psychiatrist what am I to do get a blow up doll with interchangeable heads with a pull spring to keep me company come evening and stay away from my Mother's and her idiot neighbor that calls the cops on me all the time? I've cried in my beer many a time out of loneliness because no woman wants a schizo like me. My brother really has nothing to do with me and other than my Mum I have no other family in this country and no real way to make contacts living in poverty. Like I heard outside the blood clinic in the hospital today, too many people are on epival and can not give blood.It sucks having the courts and Psychiatrists run your life, they have no answers but a pill for everything. Till I write again Wee Iain signing off for today. Here it is the evening of the April 8th, and I got really sore feet due to wearing steel toe construction boots and and thumbing out the miles on the hard psychiatric floors in stocking feet over the years while on phase 1. I could not even get tylenol off the Nurse to help kill the pain, it is like I got to go get a foot massage and pop a viagra during the foot massage to get a blow job to make myself feel good once in my life. My buddy ages with me that is on the same medication as me does this type of thing because no woman wants him for a relationship.I actually need a foot Doctor which I can't afford so I guess a foot massage and blow job is the next best thing.I will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow at lunch and I will be staying away from my Mother's so I do not have the idiot neighbor phoning 911 on me due to my frustration voice trying to be there for my Mum.It is not like I have a spouse telling me to relax and having her take over taking care of my stubborn but determined Mum. I may as well end this posting and will write some more from my lonely room with my tablet.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Got Through The TAQ, That's Tribunal Administratif De Quebec With Flying Colours Today
It has been a long haul for a lot of people with my medical case history with having the diagnosis of schizophrenia for 30 years. I have 6 pages of notes from the hour and a half session at the TAQ hearing. I must say I have a really good Lawyer that prepares me for court and Tribunal hearings and I am getting better and better at defending myself with being properly briefed on how to deal with judging sessions as mentioned.
I think that even the hospital Lawyer has a new found respect for me and how I am handling myself through the learning experience of dealing with Lawyers and Psychiatrists. I have already covered a lot of the details that were mentioned in the TAQ in previous postings. With my Lawyer and I working together, she was able to ask me questions that I was prepared to answer in concise responses even although I can be long winded in answering questions under scrutiny.
The main thing that that got me exonerated in the TAQ was stating how I once before asked not to call someone back or I would be charged with harassment, and I complied with the person's wishes and never got arrested for harassment. This time around I stated at the TAQ that I should have be warned not to call back the supposed victim of my harassment charges, who I never really harassed in the first place. By mid afternoon it was on the radio that she would be sued by TAQ for $100,000 for each TAQ hearing over 7 years for a total of $700,000 tab. Now as the individual defended herself on the supper time Montreal CTV News, she stated that she never got me arrested for harassment and police were still trying to figure out who placed the call to police department from a pay phone as traced. Obviously CTV Montreal News would not use a pay phone to get me arrested and the police voice recording can not be identified as of yet, who phoned them complaining about me and trying to lay harassment charges against me.
I is now April 2nd 20015 and I ended up back in hospital again from my Mum's idiot neighbor phoning the police on me again, I was stricken bad with extrapyramidal side effects so it was just as well I ended up in hospital, the down side is the idiot Psychiatrist insists that I take the drug epival, it is just pissing me off dealing with idiot Psychiatrists that are so bent with medication for life and making a patient impotent in my fifties with medication. If Epival is in the blood I will not be able to give blood any more, and if it is in the blood it is in my sperm, it was on the news that one should not breed on epival due to producing epival babies that need special care. I do not want to be in the hospital for more than 10 days otherwise I will have to attend another TAQ hearing to get out of the psychiatric prison of a hospital ward.I am feeling depressed with having to consume epival, just pumping me full of drugs in stead of sitting with me any length of time to sort things out, guess Psychiatrist's are too stupid to play the role of a psychologist for a bit in an interview Psychiatrists are just chemical drug pushers and only see results through their blind eyes. Medication for life and unfit to breed because of medication. I'll write more later...till then. It came to me again what was on the radio a while back,the educated woman of today does not want medicated sperm to breed with. With my injection of invega sustenna at $1200 every 3 weeks,that makes me lose my erection, tax payers pay for it through welfare budget, now the epival bill and side effect medication bill, all because a Psychiatrist has no power to reason that a person can over come in psychiatry but a Psychiatrist doesn't want that to happen through his power of playing God with Court Judges.
The hospital Psychiatrist is so stupid that he discharged me after the injections of antipsychotic medication and did nothing to verify side effects and the possible need for side effect medication. So they have me locked away again in hospital clothes over Easter 4 day weekend with reduced staff,I am not allowed off this prison ward, the food sucks and no one to talk to. Pretty well just see a Nurse out of the Nursing station when it is medication time and blood pressure being checked, other than that I use the computer a bit and watch some news on TV or pace the corridor in my stocking feet. If you laid in bed too much they will lock you out of your bedroom,it is very lonely having no one. You do see a PAB on the floor checking up on us or giving out evening snack,meals and to send us all to bed at 10 PM while shutting down the TV's and computer. I have to be out of this hospital in 10 days from my day of entering or I will have to wait for another TAQ hearing to be set for me, they will all just fuck me over like usual, I am just a medicare number that they process for a pay cheque, and for maintaining budgets and getting money from the Provinces health budget from me being a stat, I am listed how many times I been in hospital in court without explaining the reason behind the hospitalization Just away for the hospital Lawyer to practice fucking over the medicare number in court or TAQs to make Psychiatrist look like they know what they are doing. And no body cares what happens to the likes of me,just a medicare number to be processed as inhumanly as possible. Some Staff members try and reach out to you but one looses faith in them with the Psychiatrist playing God over every thing. My Lawyer did not even have the budget to take on the hospital Lawyer and his two expert Psychiatrists mouthing off in court to screw me over and say nothing positive about me. At my last TAQ hearing the Psychiatrist said I was intelligent enough to follow the court order on me, but in court to get the forced injections I have no insight into my mental health issues,it is like I am intelligent one day and a stupid fucken idiot the next at the whim of the Psychiatrist or they will just babble any thing in court to get what they want, without respecting me or my illegence. I will write a new blog posting soon.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Hospital Psychiatrists Are Proving Themselves Stupider And Stupider As Time Passes
Now what I am going to reveal really takes the cake and is a huge piece of the pie. The hospital Psychiatrists say, as they did in court this past week, that I fake my extra pyramidal side effects. Well if they only knew my file like I do, how the hell do they think I got my disability pension, A Psychiatrist signed the paper work that I could not go up and down a ladder any more in steel toe boots due to extra pyramidal side effects, I suppose I was faking it then too!!!
Then even one time with Urgence Sante, the Quebec ambulance service,who were called on me said they were hospitalizing me I like it or not because I was spazzing out too much with the extra pyramidal side effects (EPSE) for their liking. Then while in hospital a Nurse that I really liked said to me as a test for faking the EPSE, "I have to dislocate your shoulder to stop the EPSE", as she raised my arm. I responded with "I don't care just stop the EPSE", then in her laughing way she said, "So I guess you are not faking the EPSE", then me, "I think not" and now I am faking them by hospital stupidity.
Then one Psychiatrist said in court that the drug I take Risperdal, breaks down in the body to make haloperidol, which is an older drug and one of the worse for inducing extra pyramidal side effects. That was the drug I took for years while working because it was cheep to purchase while working, which led to my extra pyramidal side effects in the first place. I am updating this post today the 22nd of March. It was on the radio that the Psychiatrist was full of crap according to a specialist on risperdal, it was also stated that risperdal is just as bad as haloperidol for causing EPSE.
Then my attending Psychiatrist said he has known me for 30 years, which is a load of crap, he might have been on the ward as an Intern/Resident 30 years ago but he was never my mad Psychiatrist in charge until about 2011, I Knew what he looked like thirty years ago too and may have spoken to him on the ward, but when did he actually become an attending Psychiatrist for me is the point I am questioning. His stupidity that I am violent and kicking and beating walls was a load of crap. When I did do it, he did not say I was locked in isolation and needed the toilet, when they did not respond to me I had my piss and shit on the floor, for there was no washroom facilities in isolation. New laws have been put in place over the years on how to deal with patients in isolation and it is so easy to be put in isolation when is psychiatry. Like I always wrote there is so much to psychiatry and it constantly changes for the patient as the system changes
I do have to attend the Tribunal Administratif in the hospital on the 25th of this week, and I was told that I would be discharged Friday for a hospitalization cost of $160,000 at $4000 a day. Then the stupidity of it, I have to endure three years of extra pyramidal side effects with court ordered injections, for the Judge did not allow an appeal after his decision. Then on the other side side they will send the cops after me to ensure I get my injection. The only way out of it is to get out of the country and reside in a country that does not have an extradition treaty with Canada. The Judge gave the MUHC Psychiatrist total power over me so they can fuck me over like usual. According to the Psychiatrist I hallucinate radio and TV and constantly harass people with my delusion of what I hallucinate on radio and TV. It makes Canada out to be a communist nation with how they can use the powers of the mental health act to screw over small business people that are not wanted to succeed, but have them live in poverty on limited income instead of raising tax dollars. Even although I have be mentioned in the House of Commons and have been referred to on CTV's Power Play, it is all hallucinations according to the corrupt Psychiatrist that are clueless as to what is in the media about me.  Even my Social Worker admitted that there was nothing wrong with me when I came to hospital on February 18th of this year, and she is an authoritative figure in psychiatry. I would have been better of fighting my case against harassment charges and if I had lost gone to prison, I would have been free of it all by now instead of having to see a psychiatric parole officer every three weeks that just deems me delusional and medicates me at will. Having asked to speak to a Psychologist with being admitted to hospital over issues at hand, I still not have spoken to one on staff, if I fart the wrong way in front of a Psychiatrist he will find a solution with another medication. It has been 7 years being treated as a criminal and there doesn't seem to be an end to it. How come I was not just asked not to leaving messages after leaving two messages at CTV Montreal, a simple fuck off would have sufficed instead of getting me arrested without warning. Further more, a restraining order could have been put on me if the person I left messages for was afraid of a psychiatric patient, then I could not leave messages or go near her place of work.  I always get done in so nothing is new in this communist state called Canada!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Water Chemistry And Water Processing For 2015 And Onwards For The Layperson
As a middle aged man,I had early lessons in water treatment while studying Marine Engineering and had practical experience processing water out to sea, then later I was testing and treating water in stationary boiler applications. Over the years I have been exposed to a vast amount of processes in engineering facilities in and around Montreal, Canada while looking for work or actually being employed by various companies.
It was not until I was under the care of a Doctor in colonoscopy and having his camera checking my intestinal track, that I became pre-cancerous as determined by a biopsy. I was alone with this information and crawled into a case of beer and ended up crying myself to sleep thinking I would end up dying of cancer as another victim in colonoscopy. It was in my morning waking moments that I had a dream where it was like I was being told to clean up my water from my city water main through my kitchen faucet and I would survive my pre-cancer situation to be OK in the long run. From that morning on I applied my engineering technology to clean up my cooking and drinking water and my Doctor in colonoscopy soon told me I was clean as a whistle and to carry on what I was doing to stay cancer free.
There is a lot to the science of water and water chemistry, one must thoroughly understand these foundations to process water through the filtering package I developed with incorporating a form of reverse osmosis, which is processing water with light and a similar type of filtering process. Light activated bubbling water or boiling of water can be achieved with the basic 4 litre jug of water as purchased from the store, being able to read the chemistry of the purchased water jug as labelled from your supplier will assist you in knowing a saturated solution of water compared to pure H2O to distilled water and mineral water to salt water in our vast oceans.
Pure water is in effect two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen bonded together by the laws of chemistry, just about any thing can be held in suspension in water where it would become a solution of some sort or a saturated solution like a mud puddle on the street. Mineral water is natural elements from the periodic table that is absorbed by in our springs, lakes and river beds, the natural minerals come from the various rock formations throughout the planet, water erosion of the bed rock causes the water to pick up the likes of copper, zinc magnesium, calcium to iron, water like ourselves, mining these raw materials as we do for modern industry.
Scientific progress through modern industry as we know it, from the start of industrial revolutions over the ages, led to our known fresh water supply to become more and more contaminated with hazardous natural elements and man made industrial compounds of chemically bonded elements as we mined and processed them, to our own human excretement and medications found in the world of medicine, through residual medication in our own urine samples that go into the water table. When modern science knows what to look for, they can usually find it, inclusive of what is naturally or accidentally dissolved in the water table as of 2015. Filtering out the most hazardous toxins and leaving healthy minerals levels in the water we consume will determine the health or health hazard of the water that we consume as human beings.
Was there a God that created the magic of life through acidic soil and base water, to base female reproductive eggs and acidic sperm of the male? This is what the most probable cause was when the first garden was written about in the old Hebrew scriptures, known as the garden of Eden. Acid rain as we know it, to our northern or southern climatic snow has turned more and more acidic through the industrial revolution as man/woman learned to burn fossil fuels for transportation systems or coal for generating electricity, along with our modern engineered architecture burning to the ground and never mind the multitudes of forest and brush fires burning since say 2010 as environmental disasters.
From spring run off down through our various mountain ranges, spring and summer rains, the acidic water flows into our streams, rivers, and lakes, then flowing into our vast oceans, everything is becoming more and more acidic. With global warming causing the arctic and antarctic glacier ice formations to melt, more and more ancient germs and virus' are entering into the water table as well and we still have to contend with fish and wild life excrement in our waters, along with our very own. Through this dangerous environmental process, we have to be more stringent and effectively maintain a baiser water for our human and pet animal to our farming live stock and of course our assortment of wild and fish life forms, to continue a Godly concept of acid to base for sustaining life as created and maintaining a cost effective environment for human healthiness and longevity of life.

In this posting I will try and convey my water processing system which is based on reverse osmosis. The basic test I did on the water was a PH test with litmus paper and I did reduced the PH level two points from what Montreal, Canada city water works said they were processing water to, as they supplied me. With passing the city water through my form of reverse osmosis filtering system in my home, it was a lot of work to clean up the city water main to a new standard for 4 litres of water for the daily domestic consumption consisting of my senior Mum and I. Just be aware what you are going to be taking upon yourself if you follow my simple procedure which is coming up.

Various impurities are found in the city water main and iron oxide or rust is one of them, excessive city water main corrosion causing rust in our water main stems from, building ground faults in wiring that causes electricity to leak to ground and the ground wiring of a building is attached to the water main for safety reasons as electricity will flow to water first in stead of electrocuting an individual in the likes of kitchen applications of electricity. Through these ground faults one will get electrolysis  happening in the water main and causing excessive unnecessary corrosion in pipe work,thus rust in water. Another cause of rust in house hold water is the stupidity of mismatched pipe work in buildings consisting of steel, galvanized and black pipe. Dissimilar metals are prone to activate galvanic action and hence rust in your water once again. In my case I had both of these engineering mistakes happening to my kitchen water supply causing excessive rust in my drinking and cook water that more than likely lead to my pre-cancerous condition. in my intestinal track. Our intestines absorb iron as we need it in our body, hence excessive amounts of iron oxide may have been present in my intestinal track and lead to my pre-cancer condition. When one has copper piping instead of some sort of steel piping ground faults are just as bad for copper oxide. When
I was exposed to excessive amounts of copper oxide, which is green in of the orangey brown of rust with steel, I urinated with a green hue and brought it to the attention of someone in authority. Another problem with copper piping is that unqualified people use lead solder to fuse piping together instead of using the proper solder for copper drinking water lines. With electrolysis in this case one will get lead poisoning, lead is a heavy metal that collects in the brain can causes ailments all the same. It is especially bad for pregnant women to be exposed to this wrongfully done copper piping, for lead will collect in the baby's brain in the womb and thus a handicap child is possible.

As a prelude to filtering the city water main water, I will introduce the layperson to filtering bottled water. Iron oxide or rust is found in bottled water as it is labelled in percentages of iron or PPM, that is parts per million. No amount of iron in water is healthy for us, due to it becoming iron oxide in water. Forth with is a simple and effective way to filter out rust from bottled water.
Before I get into the procedure of filtering water I would like to introduce the layperson to water density so one can compare there city water main to bottled water density, then the filtered bottle water density as a test along with a litmus paper test for water acidity. Litmus paper can be obtained through a pharmicuetical supplier and is a case of dipping the ltus paper in  the water, letting it cure and do a PH reading from a colour chart. Next step is density of water at room temperature of 21 degrees celsius where:
M= mass of water in grams
V=volume of water in ml
D=density is grams/ml
Fluorination and chlorination is suppose to be standard across the country and impurities in the water will change the density and is figured out through doing the math in the formula. A decent house hold scale can measure 500ml volume of water, do not forget to subtract the mass of the measuring cup when you work out the mass of the 500ml sample of water, do a comparison with friends in other cities what the density of your city water main is to others and see what is what. Drawing water at different locations in system water main may change density readings along with type of building and its plumbing arrangement, to the floor level of a high rise.
For bottle filtering procedure one needs a empty 1.18 litre brown beer bottle from beer purchases,clean and rinse all bottles, a 1 litre empty green wine bottle from wine purchases and two 1 litre green/clear hue bottle, I found the sangria bottle from these purchases handy. Wash off the label with hot water and a scrapper or knife then take some varsol or lighter fluid and wipe of the glue from the bottles. Then you need five funnel and glasses to hold the funnels, these can be purchased at the dollar store along with #2 coffee filters. Some elastic bands are required to cut and put breather caps of cut to size coffee filters for topped up bottles of water. These bottles are required to process I litre of bottled water per day, one has to double up bottles etc for family consumption needs of bottled water. One also needs a 7 watt night light with an extension cord and a small vanity mirror the size of your bottling bank.
Fold and put a coffee filter into a funnel and place in the neck of the brown beer bottle and filter water from a 4 litre jug of water. Let stand in the 7 watt glowing night light with the vanity mirri=or at the back of the bottle to bounce the light back into the bottle. Put a piece of cut coffee filter on the top of the bottle as a breather cap and hold in place with elastic. After 12 hours take a new filter and fold it once again putting in the funnel and top up the green bottle from the brown putting the breathier cap on the green bottle and top up the brown bottle once again with arranging the bottles in line with the vanity mirror at the back of the green bottle, let stand another 12 hours, then filter the water from the green bottle into the clear/green hue bottle and continue charging the bottling bank in order as described. Let stand another twelve hours and then filter the clear green hue bottle into a kettle and boiler until thermostat clicks, filter into spare green clear bottle and let stand to cool with breather filter cap on top. When Cooled filter as you go to consume the water. One will see the brown hue around the lip of the filters as you use them, this is what you are taking out of your water a impurities. Whenyour cleanest water is at room temperature of 21 degrees one can do a density test to set a standard for drinking water for ones self. Keep the bottling bank charges with water and consume accordingly.
Impurities coagulate in the water under light and the more you filter your water the more it wants to become pure. It takes about 20 minutes to filter 4 litres of water.
(stand by while this post is being put together)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Powering The Planet In The Future And Getting Away From  Fuel Oils And Coal Fired Plants
The following posting is a synopsis from National Geographic, Vol.208, No.2 August 2005 With the cover citing After Oil,Powering The Future, while the article is tiled Future Power, by Michael Parfit.  With the enthusiasm for new electrical sources in isolation or on islands etc, during the energy crisis of 2005 due to th cost of oil and gasoline, inventors and researchers geared themselves toward renewable sources of energy. The all around instability in the Persian Gulf oil fields, the difficulties of natural gas supply and to ship it led to leading edge technologies to generate electricity. Having plenty of coal, tar sands and shale oil and gas, these green house gas effect with fossil fuels also drove the back bone of researchers to develop better sources of clean energy, hence solar panels came into being as a source of plenty of energy and utilizing energy conservation. From page 6 of the article ".....and others have no doubt: It's time to step up the search for the next great fuel for the hungry engine of humankind." A drive toward searching for energy from space and the earth's core, such as solar power, then wind power biofuels and nuclear created a collective push by experts to succeed like never before. Everything is essential for maintaining energy from solar to biomass, from page 7 of the article, "The world used some 320 billion kilowatt-hours of energy a day." and consumption could triple as the coming century passes.Nothing like fossil fuels, they are one of a kind but we are doing ourselves in with green house gases and their detrimental effects on our weather patterns as recognized by most concerned Scientists.
Solar Panels And Wind Turbines
Thus the solar panel/photo electric cell or photovoltaic panels came into being across territories and can generate 5 megawatts of power replacing coal fired plants, investment in these designs of solar cells was under way. Modest installations at a price tag of $15,000 at $10/watt capacity, batteries included for when the sun shined was getting cheaper to produce energy, and a constant research to improve semi conductors of solar cells was on the way to making them a success. With trying to make solar cells more competitive to the utility companies, to make cheap and easy energy, dubbed "disruptive technologies", technology that replaces another way even more enhanced in research. The need to improve battery design to store generated electricity for cloudy skies and night time periods also drove research. By 2005 solar panels produced less than 1% of the Earth's electrical needs and one does not always need land mass for solar panels, roof tops etc work just as well.
A company called Nanosolar developed a new semi conductor that worked at 50 cents/watt. The design is a foil like product, that can be cut and spread over a concave dish as I figured, Then with a fish eye lens on top, through following the sun with a gyro for the sun's solstice, no doubt megawatts can be generated. As an Engineering Technician, I must say we got to watch what we do with nano science and keep it limited to practical use as not to poison ourselves with this technology.
Other green electrical generation systems that have evolved are wind powered turbines. The wind  is warmed up by the sun or made cold by the Canadian arctic air when our winter season comes around and our wind velocity gets more powerful as the fall rains come upon us which can drive a wind turbine. Wind turbines to generate electricity are an alternative to solar energy for cloudy days and winter darkened skies. Megawatts of clean power can be effectively generated. Wind turbine blades vary in size and dimension. One effective turbine which is wind powered can crank out 2 megawatts of power, half the power generated in a Leipzig solar farm. Denmark as of 2005 generates more than 3,000 megawatts, nearly 20% of the country's requirement for electricity. The wind boom is taking Europe by storm as a world leader with 35,000 megawatts in stead of 35 powerful coal fired plants.
With 7,000 megawatts being generated in North America it comes in a distant second place for wind turbine electric generation. Wind is the winner for renewable energy success.
With wind turbines being an eye sore for some local residents, they have been installed off the coast which is a more expensive installation and maintenance cost but there is more constant wind out to sea to generate megawatts. One still has to have a cost effective way to store wind and solar energy. Technology advances thus uses of this abundance of electricity as found, to create hydrogen or ethanol. One can generate their own electricity with a wind turbine to power their house or industrial complex at less cost than mega power plants with transmission lines. In Arizona USA a small hand held size wind turbines are being manufactured for homes, sail boats and isolated places like light houses and weather stations while powering a 400 watt capacity. Some generate power and when they are not consuming it, they sell it to the local power grid. Within a few years, a $3000 hand held size wind turbine will bring back returns. There are huge returns for combining solar and wind power.
With combining solar and wind turbines on can power an electro-magnetic brake on their wind turbine so it will not turn during the day, but be there for you at night. If you produce electricity you have to use it, and one would be faced with the hunting effect of the wind turbine which would cause power surges which when happening, one can not even keep a clock running to keep the right time. One needs to have a static converter and or rectifiers to control there AC to DC power consumption and and storage with batteries to giving your utility company electricity for profit. It is ideal for Canadian installations like community centers for when we are without power during our ice storms as our seasons change, heating elements to cook and serve coffee could handle power surges from a solar,turbine energy system. A community center or arena would have licensed electricians to handle the power supply and distribution of the power supply. One can not under mind the constant regulated power supply of the likes of Hydro Quebec.
If the Mayor of Montreal was to build a wind tunnel at the west end of our made made island, and put in wind turbines with the housing of the wind tunnel being covered with the foil type solar panels from Nanosolar. We could in effect generate electricity for the island with employed electricians. The wind tunnel could have a wind restricting orfic at the back end to increase wind power to turn over our last turbines at a supercharged wind velocity so to speak. The wind tunnel could be installed on a giant turret controlled by a servo motor to catch the swirling wind that flows down the St Lawrence valley. Thus we could create mega watts to power the man made island while working closely with Hydro Quebec. For military operational needs where they have qualified electricians, one could install a solar wind tunnel at the end of the air force's air strip, thus using the military jet take off to power wind turbines. Caught up once again with power surges but that is for the electrical engineer to figure out with high capacity capacitors and relay firing system to stabilize power surge during jet take off and landing on air strips.
Biodiesel has been burned in several countries for some time now, from page 22 in the article, "Germany uses about 450 million gallons of biodiesel a year, about 3% of its total diesel consumption." The use of biomass is as old as the hills, modern day biomass refers to ethanol, biogas distilled from plants. The States make ethanol from corn, 50% of the fuel for vehicles in Brazil use ethanol made from sugar cane, the USA as to several nations burn vegetable oil as cut in diesel, usually in unmodified engines. With the fuel system we have today, biofuel is simple to incorporate into the various grades of fuel. Biomass is limited by land mass for harvesting crops slatted for fuel,solar panels are more effective use of land mass as to using it to create biomass. One would have to double farm size around the world to feed the biomass need for world consumption. Efficiency of fuel farming has to be improved, plant starches make the base for biomass fuels along with plant oils and sugars, thus researchers are looking into plant life with more liquid fuel per yield of crop. North America's native plant,switch grass, grows fast and requires less fertilizers than corn, USA base source of ethanol. Hybrid cars with biomass based fuel is the way to go, lobbyists on all fronts stifle transition to improved technology with the many biomass options.
I myself came up with a biofuel of vegetable oil and varsol to burn in a wee oil lamp, it was effective and a clean burning unit to replace candles during power outages. Canada's Province Nova Scotia has an abundance of kelp that they can harvest from the sea for the country's food lines as well as making it a base from their Province's biomass. The milk industry have their cattle dung with straw that can be put through a steam drier and more than likely extract methane in the process, when dried out it can be put through a grinder then blown into a boiler through a rotating cup to produce steam for steam turbine generating stations. Every Canadian Province has their milk production  thus cattle dung and straw, a renewable energy source can be burned to generate electricty. The Alberta cattle industry for beef has the same with cattle dung and straw to produce steam for generating electricity.  I will be covering another story from the National Geographic, Vol.212,No.4, October 2007 on growing fuel, The wrong way, The right way, as the article is promoted on the cover of the publication, in a soon to be posted blog posting.
Nuclear and Fusion
Decades old, nuclear fission was a leader as an energy source other than coal fired plants. 16% of the world's electricity came from about 440 nuclear plants by 2005. Certain countries like France depended on nuclear energy where 78% of its electricity was derived from this process. Nuclear, with having no carbon dioxide emissions and the occasional containment dome and cooling tower as an eye sore to locals was evident. Nuclear accidents are deadly though, like three mile island and Chornobyl and then Japan after the tsunami. With having the costly nuclear waste to dispose of, it is hardly a renewable energy source. Uranium fuel is not in abundance and will not last for ever.
Growing countries economies like China, are turning to nuclear resources. The USA sees nuclear plants as a source of energy to make hydrogen from water for hydrogen - car boosters. Japan with its short falls of oil, gas, and coal see nuclear fission as a pillar of the future as of 2005. Japan with its $20 billion nuclear complex has there fair share of spent fuel rods, the fuel of the nuclear reactor, which it tries to salvage as reusable energy as a mix of uranium and plutonium. These two sources of energy are made into MOX, which could give life to nuclear reactor fuel supplies. Government watch dogs look into nuclear waste so it does not go to nuclear war heads, Japan is committed to peaceful use of nuclear waste. With the limited but deadly nuclear accidents, there is a strong lobby group against nuclear plants. Getting more controversial is the move to breeder reactors, breeder plants make fuel as plutonium for reuse as spent fuel, the program has its draw backs with plutonium production, that lobbyists and Governments don't want it in circulation. Reprocessing of nuclear fuel seems to be a must if countries are going to depend on nuclear energy.
I must admit there is a need for large powerful electrical generating plants but the down fall of the nuclear power plant is the amount of heat it generates for global warming. They have multi-stage cooling in pipe work to contain radiation and maintenance costs are high to ensure radiation containment. On the positive side the medical community gets medical isotopes for nuclear medicine from our nuclear power plants. You gain some and lose some with each form of energy production in the form of electricity.
Fusion is the least hopeful as a "....human hearth.", from page 27. Fusing two atoms to form one, it could produce energy for future electrical needs and there is a millennia's supply of fuel. There is no radioactive waste but fusion needs "...the most complex machinery on Earth.", from page 29. There are scientific claims that cold fusion is promising high energy but there is no success at this so far, both hot and cold fusion takes billions of dollars of investment for any thing to be achieved from this process. Fusion of atoms takes "...a hundred million degrees celsius....", at these elevated temperatures hydrogen fuese creating plasma which is unstable and hard to work control. For all the energy put into the fusion process, there has been only a 65% return rate. Scientists are learning to control the process of fusion and getting higher returns for an actual production plant 50 years down the road. finding the right material for the inside of the fusion reaction chamber for heat transfer is the greatest challenge. With all the fusion research being done to conquer the challenge of the process, between finding a site to build and politics involved, it proves to be a handicap enterprise. Without the support from government to help fusion research, it will have its problems, for governments take risks privite investment will not. Without the push for fusion type research some scientists feel we will be dependent on fossil fuels and the system will fall apart as we know it.
Renewable energy sources are being pushed for by governments, especially by developing nations coming out of poverty.  A certain degree of urgency is present, fueled by the excitement of researchers, solar , wind turbines and biomass work is getting cheered on the most.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

City of Montreal Urban Planning Concerns By Islanders For 375 Year Anniversary Of City, As To News Article I Read In "Montreal Times" 
As to the article in the Montreal Times on Saturday March 7th/2015, Vol.20, No.26 written by Sergio Martinez, titled 'Grandiose Plans For Montreal', I got the drift of what is transpiring for the celebration in two years for the city of Montreal's 375th anniversary. It is of grave concern for all Montrealers even although we seem to have a very competent Mayor.
Indeed the Mayor did reveal several projects that he has in mind, and not all are enthused about his ideas, the general public are fixed on getting the Montreal road work repaired, also with improving the transit system some more. Montrealers are very much concerned with the daily reports on how their infrastructure needs repaired for it is starting to fall apart  the people are questioning how to celebrate their 375th birthday with the city faces a multitude of complex problems as the anniversary approaches. With many a family moving off island for houses that they could afford, Montreal is left with a smaller tax base, along with the tax loss from the assortment of commercial and industrial spaces that are vacant.
According tom the article by its author, the Quebec Governments, no matter who they are takes Montreal for granted under each own Government's light that is unfair to the metropolis' funding needs, and the National governments when elected, see the various metropolis' across the country and as a Provincial matter and is not concerned with financing their needs.
Our Mayor seems to what more pedestrian areas thus discouraging the over use of motor vehicles in the down town core. I feel that the Mayor must look around his city and put to use earlir urban planning designs like at the Angrignon metro station where one can drive to a metro station and park their car for free, to take the under ground transit system to the center of the city. To accomplish what the Mayor wants with less automobiles down town, he has got to acknowledge this type of urban planning that is already in the city and create more such parking lots in the out skirts of the center core, with ample municipal transit system to accommodate the public's need. With all these car dealerships around the city, tax breaks could be given to them to create parking complexes with tiered garage system like what is used at the Montreal General Hospital, the parking complexes owned by car dealerships could utilize car wshes and a general mechanic's garage for people when they leave thre cars to take public transport down town.
Our Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre is slating $80 million to celebrate our anniversary according to Sergio Martinez's article which has become common knowledge around Montreal with all the media exposure around our birthday bash in 2 years, part of the money goes to public consultations. I should submit a consulting fee to our friendly Denis that always has a chuckle on the news, hope this article of mine make him chuckle three times over. Any way the way I see it we should develope Iles St Helene the former site of Expo '67, the 375th bash for Montreal is also the 50th birthday of Montreal man made Island, hhhuummm Denis, I can smell city halls brains working over time now. Really a permanent job creation project with an environmental sound mini mall for the specialties of Montreal, organic foods, artisans with there workshops, our Musicians that go busting all over the down town core and metro system can have a year round place to play in our new environmentally friendly strip mall where people can pick u[p Montreal goodies to take home for supper during summer fun on the island, and an engineering conference center with a technical library with construction techniques etc that built the fine city that we have. An esquist Montreal multicultural center for the world to gather in. Just these thoughts alone Denis, how many year round full time jobs are we creating out of our birthday bash. With revenues created over time from our newly renovated man made island, perhaps we could have the tramway you say there is no money for. Wind Farm for hydro to help power the island, the wind does blow down the St Lawrence valley. Dreams of our extended under ground metro system could come alive with new found budget. Then Denis you could light up the our islands with your LED lighting with some budget at hand there too.
To read Sergio Martinez's article turn to my link on my side bar for the Montreal Times, and thanks Sergio for being such a great inspirational source with your article.

Monday, March 09, 2015

The Hospital Kind Of Made Things Up To Me On The Psychiatric Ward
Here it is ten days after being admitted to the psychiatric ward and things have changed, for one today is the first day since Febuary 18th of this year that I am allowed to wear my clothes with being granted phase three. On the lighter side I no longer have the involuntary muscle contractions while taking my daily medication so I feel a lot better over all due to this. The really dumb side of being in hospital again is that I started smoking cigarettes again, it is the only thing to do when you get of the ward for a bit and the P.A.B.s know I stay a lot more relaxed on the ward with my cigarettes, the ward can be a very stressful place. The Psychiatrist that I despised so much with putting me away in long term care, seems to have a renewed understanding for me and there is more mutual respect. I see his Intern/Resident more than the over seeing Psychiatrist and have a chance to speak to the Intern/Resident on a daily bases about my stressors in life. He came up to me with a smile this afternoon and asked me how my smoke break went, it made me feel good expressing my gratitude.
With getting off the ward for a cigarette I got to the coffee stand on the 6th floor today, there was quite the line up for coffee so I went over to the Hospital Book Nook run by Volunteers and bought this little book called, "Hugs For Dog Lovers" by Willie and Kordie Robertson, personalized scriptures by Leann Weiss, published by Howard Books, a division of Simon and Schuster, New York,London, Toronto, Sydney,2007. The first chapter that I read after supper was really enjoyable and touching to the point it brought a tear to my eye, for all readers a must.
Here is a line or two in the first chapter of the book that got me thinking a lot; ".....Mattie's spirit in the image of the dog struggling against feelings of worthlessness trying as hard as as she could not to show how alone she really felt, wanting to run, unable to escape the prison of her disabilities alone." I've felt feeling of worthlessness as a consumer of the mental health system, then there was the loneliness that came with it, unable to escape the prison of the stigma of psychiatry and the inherited disabilities. Alone as an adult thoughts of suicide creeped in like an Canadian war vet having thoughts of suicide dealing with his own mental health issues with his post traumatic stress disorder. Still kicking and having the sense to override those thoughts of suicide by always forged ahead like a good soldier from my Canadian Coast Guard training. The doggie love book as I will now dub it, refers the reader to certain scriptures, from being referred to Philippians 4:13, I read back a bit starting at scripture 10 which reads as follow through scripture 12 ; "But I rejoice in the Lord greatly that now at last your care for me has flourished again: though you surely did not care, but you lacked opportunity. (11) Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content: (12) I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound. Every where and in all things I have learned both to abound and to suffer need."   As one may curse their God in certain situations, I cursed my Jewish Psychiatrist when I felt he did not care for me, perhaps he lacked opportunity at the time but I over came because I know how to abound and learn from my situations as life is a lesson within its self.
As it turns out after having a chance to speak to my head Psychiatrist I am under detention by the Tribunal Administratif Quebec, I am restricted to hospital grounds as a political prisoner once again with all this psychiatric crap after being arrested by Lori Graham of CTV Montreal news for trumped up harassment charges many years ago.
I know what I hear at the Nursing desk one day when I was present there at the right time for me, I over heard something when my medication was being delivered, I will not repeat on the Internet what I heard about my medication, but it is the reason I do not have the debilitating involuntary muscle contractions between my stomach and up through my neck to my mouth. I am grateful for what my Doctor, the leading Psychiatrist over me did when the opportunity was there for him.
Still I am trapped on hospital property for a bit until my up coming Tribunal hearing, which should go a lot better due to the new found relationship with my Psychiatrist. I get to smoosh with Staff members from the hospital in the smoke hut, I do command a lot of respect there and many a hospital Staff member is there for me in a multitude of ways with their intelligentsia with me, it feeds me something special, I even have a special relationship with hospital Security that spend time talking to me over a cigarette.
I have a planned blood test to check as a precaution for cancer due to after urinating in the toilet, the shake and all but now getting a dribble in my shorts. The Psychiatrist said welcome to being over fifty,it's normal, I responded with no kidding.
One new medication that I am on which I started with a Doctor in the emergency department here at the hospital is Abilify to help me with my anger problem and help me relax more. When the Doctor put me on the medication she confessed herself that she had been on the same meds once before for a bit and that the drug had very little if mentionable side effects, so I then agreed to take the meds myself. This new drug with my other special meds that I mentioned earlier in the posting, I take with low dosage and feel just fine with no side effects to speak of. I just have to inform my medical specialised Lawyer that I am on detention again in psychiatry while being fed not bad, reading a lot, making engineering drawings for my building complex and using the computer for my blog postings and checking my email etc, while I got a wonderful view of the city of Montreal lights from my bed room, so that just about raps up this blog posting and back to continue my urban planning posting or making new posts.
Update: March 16th 2015, this is so stupid with the hospital, I am in court on March 19th this year over the hospital saying I am delusional over my media attention and water processing that I do. We will have to see how it goes in court, I have full confidence in my Lawyer to defend me.
Update: March 18th 2015 So it was mentioned to me that I was legally drunk by a blood test when admitted to hospital, so what I was having my evening beer watching TV and trying to take care of my Mum, so now I got to lie and bullshit to get out of hospital and promise to drink fruit juices and coca cola and become diabetic to suit the hospital. When I am cranked full off sugar consuming these two beverages I will not sleep and will have to get ativan to sleep and do in my liver worst than alcohol will damage me for what I consume, fucken idiot hospital wants to make me diabetic stipulating my life. Then when you take on the hospital they will restrict coffee and coca cola consumption on the ward come evening time so that patients can have some chance at getting off to sleep at night. When I think about it I can consume two 1.18 litres of beer in the run of an evening while watching the news and commenting about it on Facebook and Twitter, if it was water I took would I be faced with water poisoning consuming that much, No doubt the Psychiatrist and the hospital Lawyer will try rail roading me over alcohol consumption, At least my blood is still good to give to the blood bank with my evening alcohol consumption, I wonder if the Psychiatrist and Hospital Lawyer give blood donations like I do, So I have to listen to stupidity and come up with other medical problems to suit the hospital's dictatorship over me.
Update after court March 19th 2015 Psychiatrists rail roaded me in Court today through lying to the Judge,even my Lawyer said they lied. When they pump me full of their drugs as they plan with court ordered injections and give me extra pyramidal side effects or involuntary muscle contraction, I just commit suicide to stop the contractions....I never could win at anything. The Psychiatrist even said in court that I fake the involuntary muscle contractions,they like to play God with the Courts and when I get out of hospital with the involuntary muscle contractions that I don't fake, I will be at peace going to my God and being free of corruption. It is a double standard around here, they just took away my cell phone and other people have them to listen to music. Here is a thought,the Psychiatrist said in court that I used propane to process my water, this is his delusion there is nothing in my water processing section about using propane and the court proceeding were tape recorded.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Urban Planning For Dwelling Construction Has to Be Done with More Environmental Concerns With Engineered Designs, Here Are Some Thoughts On The Subject
When I lived in my last apartment in Montreal, I really thought about urban planning based on the street that I lived on with apartment complexes and a mini strip mall, the whole street had deteriorated badly and there was obvious miss management in the apartment buildings on the street. It was mentioned to me that the street was a $35 million reality investment and I know that it was owned by a numbered company at one point. Based on the street design and layout which when it was built, as it was top of the line apartments for expo '67 in Montreal, here is my proposal for decent living accommodations with planned recycling in the complex design as energy efficient building, as put together from an idea with being a 54 year old engineering technician having a vast array of engineering back ground under my belt.

High end low end complexes where rich help make affordable housing for poor

This is an apartment complex design I came up with to allow for affordable housing for the poor, the apartment complex is more or less divided into three sections, for example the west end of the building is low income consisting of rooms with kitchenettes and bathroom facility, 21/2 and 31/2 flats, the center section consists of 41/4 apartments with a left and right wing for high end rent and allowing for cheap low income dwelling at 41/2 size. The high end apartments on the east side of the building would consist of 51/2,61/2 and 71/2 flats.The difference in the high to low end apartments for rent is the kitchen cabinets and cupboard doors as an example, wooden door finish would be used. Floor trim painted a different colour to add to interior decorating as another example of making high apartment for rent. The apartment complex would be made wheel chair accessible and have X number of apartments ear marked for wheel chair bound occupants. There would also be a center meeting room for the tenant association so that proper maintenance of the structure is done along with the mandatory enhanced recycling program for each individual dwelling waste and waste water. A central elevator would be in the building for a three or four floor building to accommodate zoning codes for sunlight and not blocking it from areas of the residential location. The elevator system would have its own power supply and hand cranking system down in case of fire so that wheel chair bound occupants of the building can vacate on fire drills or emergency with fire department. I got the building laid out on paper at 100' x 200', three floors with a garage under the high end rental section with venting and gas sensors for hydrogen for having each car bay capable of charging electric cars. Renting the 39 apartments would bring in $250,000.00gross to the owner per year where municipal building tax has to be,wages and other incurred building expenses. For a building this size on needs a consulting Engineer at say $10,000, me the Engineering Technician $30,000, 0 a 3rd class steam and refrigeration technician $25,000 and a 4th class steam and refrigeration technician $20,000, that is $85,000 a year to basically run the building so one has to add a couple of floors. Then of course if one is generating electricity in the building one would need a qualified consulting electrical engineer and maintenance electricity personnel at say $85,000 a year.

Recycling dwelling waste and waste water

Every apartment has a built in recycling bin at the door where recycling bags are purchased from building. The recycling bin is a 5 ft bench at the door of the apartment with seven compartments for recycling which are marked for, glass, plastics & styrofoam, paper, metals, kitchen composting, fabrics, and unknown toxic waste. Above the built in recycling bench at the apartment door is a shoe and boot rack which is installed as part of the bench. Leading the way in this type of recycling, special recycling trucks would have to be built with seven compartments to handle the street's recycling program with a seven bin system on the street for pick up.
For the waste water system I have three sewage drain pipes and they are as follows, the kitchen sink will drain to a settling tank that hs the capacity for 117 sinks full of water per day and there are two settling tanks for the kitchen sink in the engineering space below the low income rent section of the building. That is 13 kitchen sinks per floor for 3 load of dishes per day for meals and there are three floors to the complex design I laid out on paper. Tank capacity is multiplied by 1.5% to allow for over flow. As dish washing water settles out in tank water would be pumped out to city sewage main. detergent levels in tank would be partly incinerated with raw sewage to produce steam in an incinerator boiler.
The toilet has it own sewage drain pipe that is divided into two, through a flapper valve box and toilet lever mechanism. Urine and floor mopping detergents would go the one tank and the human waste of bowel excrement would go to another processing tank where raw sewage would be blended with methyl hydrate to burn in a boiler application to produce steam, over flow would go to city treatment plant via sewage main. The bath room sink and shower or bath would go directly to the sewage main for the municipal water treatment plant. It is impossible to handle all water but the idea is to take some of the load off municipal treatment plants and produce steam to  create electricity for building lighting system and for winter heating purposes. Urine from that said tank would be burned with raw sewage and methyl hydrate solution for combustion. This takes urine out of the municipal treatment plant as much as possible along with residual medication from tenants that can be found in urine such as the woman's birth control pill. With a little experiment in the hospital with a urine sample jar, I filled it half full of water from my bathroom tap, then topped it up with a urine sample, and used the urine sample jar as a settling tank. Urine and water does not separate, it becomes a mixture, now over a cigarette discussion with a surgeon in the hospital smoke hut, I sent him back to work looking for urine in his surgical water. Word spreads fast around the hospital, they found traces of urine in surgical water, they are pissed and happy with our hospital smoke hut with me! Female tampons,Q-tips,cotton balls ,used kleenex basically bathroom fiber material and kitchen scott towels along with vacuum bags or paper bagged vacuum dust would be stock piled and burned in a solids incinerator to produce steam for x amount of burn time.

Kitchen Water Supply

I did a lot to process water and did specific gravity calculations around water I was filtering and recognize the need to improve drinking and cook water for apartment dwellers. For this reason I would separate the kitchen faucet from the water main for the toilet and showering etc. I would branch off my apartment water and filter it through a bank arrangement for the kitchen cold water supply. Under each kitchen faucet the secondary filtering would be installed for the cold water, it would be up to the tenant to buy filters off me the landlord as required. They would be advised to brush their teeth with the filtered cold water system as well.It would be too expensive to filter all the water for human use in a complex but as a landlord I would try my best for kitchen cold water supply. Most city water mains around the world are rusting out and the rust ends up coming out our faucets.

Heating and Air Conditioning
I thought a lot about building heating and cooling systems through being around them doing maintenance as an individual working on a team learning my engineering over the years. For my apartment building complex I figured to go gycol heating and cooling through steam generators and standard building chillers by using a gycol tank and a heating and cooling tube style exchangers, with a valve manifold system. Two standard building chillers would be installed having there own walled space in the sub complex engineering space. Then there would be three steam generators, one natural gas fired coil type boiler, one ash pit coil type boiler to burn building waste. Then there is a fire tube boiler to burn the raw sewage and urine through using methyl hydrate to assist in the combustion process. The steam generator section is a building extension at the corner of the complex where the boiler room dimensions are around 35' x20' to allow for vent heat uptakes and charging steam temperature with flue gases, thus preventing over heating of 1st floor dwelling by latent boiler heat from firing process. The 4th class watch keeper and maintenance technician would be expected to room in the !1/2 flat above steam section of engineering space. Heated gycol in winter would be pumped through standard finned heat exchangers in apartments while during summer months I would pump chilled gycol through them to maintain a cooler building temperature during summer months.
 Flue gases will be more effectively trapped through a baffling system and a condensing system to trap moisture from burning urine and sewage so as not to over charge the Earth's atmosphere with flue gas steam, thus trying to control humidex for the excessive rains and snow. With the flew gas exhaust system incorporated into the flue gas condenser system there would be a sprinkler bath to absorb carbon dioxide, the water would be filtered some and recirculated to be pumped out of the building and transported to a carbon dioxide algae/green slim growing plant to create reusable energy from this latest technology. This could be done , but with my hospital lab I am going to pump my urine tank water with detergents through my stack sprinkler bath, we can grow blue green algae in this composition of water and the blue green algae eats urine, the blue green algae with be dried out in a steam dryer for a reusable energy source, to be burned. In the ash coil tube boiler I would also burn the kitchen waste slated for compost, I would dry it out in a Babcock Wilcock steam dryer,grind it up and burn it. The ash I could more than likely unload to the Mayor of Montreal's composting plant as an acidic agitator for composting to make soil.

This the basics behind a modern building design that I have put together, I could write more but I more or less have been tool not to create any more heat or electricity due to the posting I made after this one on powering the planet. There is so much more that I could write, I do not know where to stop generating heat and electricity but I got to back off for now to let engineers catch up to me the Engineering Technician.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

With Pending World Food Shortage, I Did Some Off Top Calculation For Hospital Food Supply For Say 20,000 Canadian  Hospital Beds
When one considers food just to feed people in hospital at 20,000 beds, say four types of fruit being rotated by hospital Dietician, that would be 5,000 bananas,5,000 oranges, 5,000 apples and 5,000 pears per day. Then yogurts, at least one a day to maintain intestinal track bacteria, those are one hell of a production line at 20,000 yogurts per day, say divided by four different yogurt companies, that is one high speed packaging line of 5,000 yogurts a day just for hospital food. Then just milk alone for breakfast, 20,000 150ml milk containers is 3,000 L of milk at a cost of about $5,250.00 @ a $1.75 a Litre. This morning I had porridge for cereal, it is cheaper to serve than packaged cereal then half a bagel, so if the country all had bagels for breakfast in hospital like me it would be 10,000 bagels where a bag of six bagels cost around $3.00 then bagel serving cost would be about $5,000. Individual margarine and cream cheese packaged food is 20,000 units each at what cost I'm not sure. Coffee with a creamer, say coffee cost is a $1.00 there is another $20,000 for  country's hospital breakfast bill. Say 50 cents for the cream cheese and margarine individual packaging, there is another $10,000. Orange juice at 141 ml unit container, what a $1.00 for another $20,000. so a simple breakfast bill comes to over $60,250.00 when one figures out the cost of porridge, then labour preparation costs and serving cost breakfast in hospital at said amount of beds is over $100,000.00 a day. 
Now a typicl hospital lunch, a small plate consisting of a spoonful of hungarian goulash,serving of yellow waxed beans with one serving of mashed potatoe, say $3.00 for the main meal for $60,000.000, before the main course a soup is served o n the tray, say $1.00 for the serving of cream of carrot soup for $20,000, a rice pudding cup say at half a dollar for $10,000.00, the apple sauce cup apparently costs $1.50 for $30,000.00, then the cup of tea call it a dollar between hydro costs to boil water and the tea bag for $20,000.00. The country's lunch time hospital bill comes to $140,000.00 never mind food preparation and serving costs, lets say $600,000.00 in person hours at union wage for another $200,000.00 lunch time bill for 20,000 hospital beds.
Now a typical supper is not all that different from a hospital lunch, but you figure a plate put together with a chicken leg or meat loaf you can figure $8.00 for the tray being put together for supper. At 20,000 beds that is $160,000 and 60,000 food preparation costs and serving is $220,000 for hospital supers at at said number of beds. That makes for $520,000.00 per day at basic cost but one has to multiply by 1.5% for under estimational hindsight and snacks, so that brings the bill to about $780,000.00 per day to feed 20,000 people with some sort of Dietician on hand.
Now Prime Minister Harper has got a lot to learn about financing, just for the Canadian aboriginal community that is under funded here goes:

$780,000.00 to feed 20,000 people
Thus X amount of dollars to feed 1,400,685 aboriginal people by 2014 census

Therefore:      $780,000.00 = 20,000
                                    ________          _____________
                                         X          =         1,400,685

Hence:20,000X = $780,000.00 x 1,400685

X =$ 15,505,137 to feed the under privileged aboriginal community with a Dietician,so right off the bat the Federal Government owes the aboriginal community the $15.5 million a day to feed them on reserves as to some sort of medical health standard. A Native reserve is a form of aboriginal hostile, coming from the word hospital, so pay up Harper!!!!

After my coffee break I will illustrate the math for Provincial Transfer Payments from Health Canada that is owed per day from Federal Government, your budget is blown Harper, you have no surplus!!!
OK. now for Health Canada Provincial Transfer Payments:

Starting with 20,000 hospital beds across the country at a cost of $4000.00 a day to run
Total 20,00 hospital bed budget per day in Canada amounts to $80,000,000.00
divided by 12 Provincial Governments = $6,666,666.66 .......Per day allowing for Northern elevated costs or island folk costs.
3 months per quarter at 30 days per month is 90 days
90 days x $6,666,666.66 /day operational hospital bed cost per Province
=$599,999,999.40 owed to Provinces per quarter before percentage rate applies
Like the Federal Government I will apply percentage rates as follows:
7% GST that is Government sick tax percentage =
$41,999,999.96 per quarter for hospital beds, then
7% PST that is Poison Sick Tax percentage =
$294,000,000.00 per quarter for hospital beds transfer payments
That is Health Canada Transfer payments to Provinces $1,176,000,000.00 per year for hospital beds costs.
Get the message Harper, you have no surplus!!!
What else is Health Canada for palmettes on food, inspectors etc, now lets inspect Health Canada's books!!!
Canada can cut back on the proposed fighter jet purchase and be there for P.TS.D. with vets and be there for Canadians with a health budget with Health Canada support!!!
With an Internet search there were approximately 115,000 hospital beds in Canada by 2003

Monday, March 02, 2015

The Hospital Is So Stupid They Got Me Suffering From Involuntary Muscle Contractions From Being In Their Care For 12 Days With Them Pumping Anti-Psychotic Drugs Into Me
Like they just said on the radio, the hospital has got to start treating me for who I am and stop the crap around me. Even with discussions with the P.A.B. on watch over the patients on the ward, like he said you have to bullshit your way through if you want out. What type of medical treatment is that bullshitting your way through to get out of a psychiatric ward in hospital.
The Nurses have been feeding me anti psychotic medication in pill form and I warned them I would get extra pyramidal side effects of involuntary muscle contractions from my stomach to my mouth. The hospital will not learn from their mistakes around me, see what happens this time around if the radio report was right and they start treating me right for who I am.I built my life as an Artist Writer engineering Technician and the hospital would not believe that I had media attention from the level of notoriety that I attained, and I can not even sue for what they did to do me over the years in denial of my true status in society and who I am.
This stupidity of pumping me full of anti-psychotics to induce side effects has got to stop, the Staff in psychiatry is too stupid to listen to the patient at times. Nobody can do any thing for me, and nobody will as I suffer at the hands of a demented medical practice around me, like I have done for years.
When I was in emergency psychiatry I was promised a different Psychiatrist than what I have on the ward now, for this particular Psychiatrist I dubbed a Neo Nazi Jew Doctor for rail roading me once before and putting me in long term care, emergency psychiatry more or less lied to me to shut me up at the time. I was also promised a Psychologist to speak to about my issues I have had to deal with, but never got to speak to one as of yet but got to repeat my story to a resident/intern Psychiatrist like a broken record all over again. Like my Lawyer said way back, the hospital will not admit the truth about me and will more or less bend over backwards to screw me over. My plight was on day time TV and all the Staff can say is that I hallucinate the TV and radio as a way of doing me me in as a Political Prisoner in psychiatry because the hospital always falsified medical information around me in psychiatry, probably due to submitting to political interference and blackmail.Why else will they not admit the truth around me as to what is being said on radio and TV like any viewer of the News and listener of the radio knows.
After getting to the Insta teller this afternoon and talking with the Social Worker that knows me well,she told that that Doctor is going to try his best to get me out of hospital without passing through court or any thing. After all it is on the radio what I wrote about what Artisans can do with braising wire shapes together and putting paper mashsa over them. All sorts of Christmas decorations can be done, and if one does their paper mashsa like sheet metal work and fix their bends so that they do not leave bumps, one gets a wonderful flat finish. Another paper mashsa project is to take a candlesent light bulb and attach a handle and cover it with a mixture of paper mashsa paste consisting of flour water and carpenter's glue for a sold fixative. cover the light bulb and let it dry. Then take a machinist's center punch and punch a hold in the bulb shape. Put in some ceramic beads from the kitchen for keeping pie crusts flat for the likes of making a lemon merange pie and then seal up the bulb with paper mashsa with several layers and let dry. Now one has a musical instrument called a maraca to rattle to keep beat with the music. Faces and every thing can be done to dress up instrument as one wishes.
Like the Psychiatrist said to me while walking up the corridor of the ward, "We had to falsify medical information around you", well thanks a lot for ruining my life with lies.
Here I got  list of 35 female media personalities or etc women that I would like to meet and have a conversation with due to them referring to my work, but with demented cults built around my life I am not allowed to meet them or nor are they allowed any thing to do with me, I am not even allowed to run my own company Doc GM Creations and earn a decent living with it due to demented cults. They say I have to be a Merlin Priest in poverty, what are you going to do when I am totally fed up with being a Merlin Priest in poverty with no one in my life and commit suicide, I can not even reach out to a TV Doctor for a Doctor assisted suicide or demented cults will blow up the world. What I commit suicide to save the world from demented blackmail.....soon I will write good bye cruel world and just end it all, I have the pills and I can afford a case of beer! Now it is on the radio certain politicians and their people will be glad when I commit suicide, if I end up committing suicide from demented politicians doing me in, do they really think they are going to get re-elected?