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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Have Not Got A Whole Lot Going On In My Life Right Now
Here I am on a holiday weekend in Canada turning to try and write something in my blog. I have not got a whole lot going on in my life right now, it is a pretty boring life. Living in a poorly furnished room with next to having nothing to do most of the time. I have slacked off doing my art and writing. I am alone too much and suffer from extra pyramidal side effects since I got my last anti psychotic injection. The extra pyramidal side effects stem from long term use of anti psychotic medication. I get involuntary muscle contractions in my stomach which pulls up through my chest to my mouth. I take a side effect medication for them to help me out with enduring them.
I spend a fair bit of time with my Mum at her place and try and help her out with things as to my capacity for doing things around her place. The transition from 8 months in hospital has not been a smooth one,especially not having a good kitchen to work with.I have no TV in my room and I am stuck with listening to the radio for entertainment. An old friend from my childhood gives me a phone call every now and again to get me out for a walk or go for coffee together.
Having too much time on my hands has been unhealthy for me with doing nothing much but sitting listening to the radio. When I am at my Mum's I catch up on the news on TV. I do not feel all that motivated these days and when I have bad bouts of extra pyramidal side effects it really gets me down. I smoke too many cigarettes for what is good for me with my idol hands I do not see how things are going to change in the near future, on my welfare and disability pension budget of about $890 a month, where I pay $370 per month rent for my room with shared kitchen and bathroom.
 I do not know what else to write so I'll let this posting stand as it is for now.