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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Finally Getting Around To Writing My Blog Again Since Discharged From Hospital
Here I am at my Mother's turning to write my blog again after a bit of an absence since being discharged from hospital. I have a room where I share an apartment with two other people. It is a rebuilding process after being in hospital for about nine months. The stupidity of it all made me an angry person in hospital while locked away and not allowed off hospital property during my stay there. What the Psychiatrist did to me made no sense he more or less slandered me to have me put away at the Tribunal hearing and my Lawyer is powerless to do anything about it. I just have to get on with my life and forget about the past even although I face the stupid memories. I did keep up my Facebook and Twitter presence under @DoctorGoober while not doing my blog.
There is not a whole lot to the kitchen wherev I live and I do not eat the best, I am yet to get organized in the kitchen right since being discharged around the middle of March. At present I am only on an antipsychotic injection and off the mood stabilizers since I had no money or welfare slip to get them. Since then iron has come back up and when I get a good diet in me again I intend to give blood again to Hema Quebec the blood bank. I still have media attention around my Internet presence here in Montreal but it seems like Federal Government political interferance stops me from earning a living as an Artist Writer while on disability pension with a welfare subsidy.
Appairently according to the Montreal radio station I listen to, there are demented cults built around my Internet pen name that the present federal government bows down to to do me in. I am really fed up with this bullshit that I find it hard to handle. I do not totally know what is going on I just get my radio briefs that clue me in somewhat but still keep me puzzled.Due to this demented stupidity around my life I have very few friends to interact with, one friend and a new acquintance where I live, it makes for a lonely life.
With a majority Liberal Government elected in Quebec, I do hope that the stupidity of demented cults around my Internet presence will come to an end, I am an engineering technician with inventions for the benefit of the planet and population on the whole and that if had proper contacts could be off my state subsidy to survive. Till I write again so long for now.