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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Canada's Pink Day Against Bullying, Starting To Write A Blues Number Over This Issue That People Have To Contend With

Here are some words I put together as a voice to stop bullies:

Here I sit alone reflecting,
what has become of the youth today?
For too many have died too soon,
as a result of bullying they've endured!
I know bullies and bullying all too well,
When will society rise together,
to stop all the modern day bullying.
Normal reasonable people feel the remorse,
now they are reaching out in fashionable pink.
A pink day to put an end to bullying!!!
Bully no more, let the victims rise,
holding hands together against the bully practice.
Practice bullying no more,
practice bullying no more,
save the innocent child from the bullies!

Harpobama and their demented cult has been bullying me for years now, why do they not show up at my door and blame me for something instead of hiding behind the media and mud slinging at me, proves they are demented bullies, Harpobama you think you are so good with your mud slinging around me, come to my face and face me down with media cameras and all, lets organize a press conference and set the record straight around all this Harpobama bullying around me, you are both corrupt demented assholes hiding behind the media and too chicken shit to debate my intigrety in front of media cameras etc etc and etc....Hey Harper I heard you are being sued by a whole bunch of kids that are yours from jurking off into a test tube for Godly pregnacy tests, you now going to denie modern genetic testing that the kids are not yours, same as idiot fuck head Obama and your bullshit rise to power over me!!!Everyone who watches the media knows Harpobama stupidity has been mouthing off about me with bullying tactics for too long, Harpobama make bullying alright by political standards and children are picking it up and destroying each other because of you two complete test tube jurk offs!!! Hey Harper it is in the media your jurking off into test tubes for Godly pregnacy tests, your off spring need therapy and are suing you to get the money for therapy!!! Just a little note about Americans that love their guns, hope Obamacare has the money for the onslaught of lung cancer from inhalling residual gun powder from all the high power gun ranges, if police can detect residual gun powder on your hands, what do you think you breath in during target practice hanging off the the off a high caliber rifle at a shooting range.
Hey Harper, too bad you unjustly yapped about me through the various media networks, now you are the laughing stock on the streets of Montreal,remember in elementary school I said I would still make you out to be the idiot you are when you held the highest office in the land, I forgot all about you from grade three until you yapped about me while holding the PM's office.
Harper you are so full of crap with this "Devil Beast Magic" around me or that I do it, You are the test tube jurk off like others, like your offspring say, "God would not do this to wee Iain"  I know the women I have had intercourse with and some have my kids, big deal. So wipe that idiot fucken smirk off your face in the media and face the Courts and pay your dues to your genetic offspring asshole. At least your off spring have more intelligence through gene mutation correction factor or something.......