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Monday, January 28, 2013

This Idiot Want To Be Conservative Politician, Stephen Harper Should Shut Up About Me, I Am A Private Citizen & Small Business Person
A lot of Political Leaders can learn from the deceased Federal Liberal Leader Peirre Elliotte Trudeau when he led the country of Canada in our House of Commons. A lot of the time the Right Honourable P. E. Trudeau would be sitting listening to the house in debate, while reading I guess what would be Caucus reports put together with his strong central government.., a bit while this post is being put together. I can do a lot of things in multi-tasking while listening to the news as to a house Leader reading reports etc and running the affairs of the Country as a competent political Leader. In the Province of Ontario, the Provincial Liberials just elected a female Leader to lead the minority Government. For Ontario Hydro Power Plants, may I recommend looking into what is deemed blue gas (As in Quebec) turbine electrical generating stations. With doing the math between turbine speed and gear boxes, one can calculate torque through gearing ratios to turn over large AC generators at 60 Hz.....lets all say Amen Amen and Allalulia to this thought coming from me a competent Engineering Technician sole owner\operator of my company Doc GM Creations.A jet engine is a gas turbine etc etc and etc!!! Which reminds me of something about an "ETC" gal from my youth, apparently I did a "ETC" wooden carving broach for a third person, ordered and delivered by a middle young lady with an official reciept from my workshop at Dad's tool bench!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Now For This Blog Posting, I Am Putting Together An Engineering Report On A Toaster Oven Made By KitchenAid:
 Model # KC0223CU, Serial # WF14203688 , Competant Engineering Inf'ormation On A Scamming Bullshit Design
Stand by for this posting being put together: I have a lot to write about this toaster oven, there is talk in Montreal media about a class action law suite over this unit as mentioned in my blog title. Number one, my idiot fuckhead brother took my Mother shopping and recommended this toaster oven, his recommendation was full of crap like everything he does for Harpobama demented cult etc. In principal, all ovens work on radiant/convection heat type system, there was no need for KitchenAid to try and come up with a convection toaster oven  with a fan motor in the oven housing. The design was so stupid, a motor in a oven casing does not and would not work! The heat of the oven housing would bake off the motor coil laminations, thus the motor does not work after the warrentie has expired. Hence all the electrical engineering calculations are thrown out of whack and now nothing is working right on the oven and soon it will completely die and my Mum will have to fork out another couple of hundred bucks for a new toaster oven. In effect, by tradition, ovens are radiant heat from the heating element, convection heat from the pre-calculated exhaust heat and air suction ports in oven design. It is in the News how Canadian comnpanies have to look else where for skilled labour, we have none for the present work force as to demand industry has during an economic recovery period, too many idiots were promised to be me, and never kept their nose in an engineering book and got on the job practical experience in engineering technology. KitchenAid was at one time a compedant supplier for items for cooking in the kitchen, Mum and I still use older KitchenAid products in our kitchen together, and totally depend on them. Yes indeed the concept of an improved convection toaster oven for more efficent cooking time
 is real, yea stick the air circulation motor protruding outside the oven casing to keep- it cool so not to burn off the motor coil laminatons. With a programable logic controller for digital timer and convection air circculation fan speed, more energy efficent cooking time could be achieved to save on hydro a while....Wee Iain eng. tech. An after thought with listening to CTV 24 hour News with a very special Marcia handling the anchor desk around my blog posting. An improved toaster oven design with a PLC digital controling cook time, one could have a convection air motor pre-heat system by making an air filter system for oven cooking air drawing air from around the toaster oven housing' thus maintaining a form of fire wall and using hot air efficency drawing from the oven housing and a PLC controling everything for' more energy efficent cook time based on a convection air pump system all calculated by compendant electrical\electronic engineers and proven and tested with cook book reipes as to when micro-wave ovens first came out......Now another little note, this
 improved radiant\convection oven concept of mine must be worked with heat flow engineers and the common engineering bond that no one person owns engineering concepts, one may get an engineering consulting fee for what they have done, pre-heating air goes back to scots marine boilers to produce steam, nobody owns it. Furhermore through Engineers Without Borders where I am an an associate member through my university as an engineerfing technician, we are in it for the benefit of society on the whole, not for any demented cult bullshit brainwashing program to get idiot polticians elected for selfish gain and their demented insaine Harpobama sick cult system to control breeding rights for selfish gain and what became of Doctor Death's research on Jews and other folk coming out of WWII.,

Friday, January 04, 2013

Here It Is The Start Of 2013 And I Am Held In Awe What My Life Has Become
I have not decided on an image to post with these thoughts I am posting online today, strange with the certain media attention that surrounds my life. Everyone seems to have something to say about me, depending where I go or sit and listen to the various media networks I am exposed to. As stated on the News, certain politicians are too delusional to rule, and should not be yapping about me unless it is to promote my company Doc GM Creations or expertise. It is not my fault that idiots built a demented cult around the foundations of my life, I have become aware that a large number of people are total fed up with this delusional demented cult around my life, my life is not open to negotiation!!! I am an engineering technician that worked hard at developing my skills in the engineering field as well as building an Internet presence with art and writing, all these jealous demented cult members can just back off, as I see it, you were all promised to be me by delusional idiots with no amount of education other than self taught brain washing techniques. Get a life other than trying to be me! Until I write again......later. Now I have another real issue that I have to deal with, what is all this crap that I have no right to breed? To put it bluntly, I have been in bed with a woman before, and I have heard certain things by a few women that they want laided by me, they find me cute or something. Like I wrote before on the Internet, I know where I can checked by a Doctor with a woman, to ensure it is safe to have sex together. It is the best way, safes can break during intercourse, and when a couple are in love there is an art to having sex together. All you demented assholes that nominated me as a person that does not breed can now rot in hell's fires, we real people do not need you etc etc for now.....Here it is January 17th and I am getting back to my blog, I am still thinking of what image to put up with this posting, I should do some art especially for this posting. Then of course it is in the media how people have stolen my art from the Internet printed it and have it hanging in their homes. So stupid eeehhh!!! All these stupid theiving idiots that scam, you are in effect comitting tax evasion as well, and where did you get the offical receipt for my art? With no payment for my art to me, no transaction was made or promission given to print it, I made no money, hence no taxes were paid and people wonder why the economy gets undermined and so here I go again adding to this blog posting. What is really stupid is where my company invoices and stationary is being used by people that are money laundering with my company invoices etc, my Emploi Quebec Agent is really pissed off over this, it amounts to more tax evasion and industrial sabotage, who knows what about being self employed? I sure know, there are a lot of laws around self employment and Quebec/Canadian Government and paying taxes you demented fucken assholes money laundering through my company stationary invoice system etc. People go broke to the point of becoming homeless because they have to hide out somewhere for being wanted for tax evasion and industrial sabotage of another individuals company, never mind when the paper trail is firgured out idiots will owe so much in back taxes they will not know what to do, along with liability insurance to paying into various workman's compensation as in CSST for the Government of Quebec for example. So stupid eehhh, in a while as the various number crunching tax departments track you idiots down that messed with me..... So here I am getting back to making a few notes on my blog,the stupid mess around my life that cause a lot of arguments between me and my mother, corrupt politicians as in Harpobama bullshit who keep commenting about a privite citizen\small business person like myself' it amounts to political interference by Canadian and American Official if the idiot bigot Obama was not in front of a TV camera yapping so much but putting his nose to the grind stone of American political agenda for economic recovery, environmental damage control, gun control laws and basically committing industrial sabotage world wide to get want he wants in sabotaging my life with delusional Harper and my idiot alcoholic brother, apparently they are political bed fellows, most like all siffless heads from screwing people over with demented cults on their rise to power to try and do me in as complete sabotaging assholes of the century!!! until later.....