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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One Last Time, A Noticed For All You Demented Fuckheads Promised to Be Me, Like Real People Say,"We Do Not Know What To Do with Them All", Half Of You & More Were Not Even Born In 1967, When I Adverted A Disaster At Montreal Worlds Fair, Now Totally Fuck Off And Crawl Back Into Your Godly Pregnacy Tests Holes, And Leave Me And My People Alone

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Here I Go Again Writing On My Blog, Taking On The Stupidity Of The Harpobama Demented Cult And All....

Now all sorts of people have all sorts of information, some are very good at putting two and two together, reason things out, other turn to blackmail and corruption when they have access to certain information. To put to bluntly, I fucken well know people have being doing Godly pregnancy tests, a way of getting pregnant by idiot woman, and then of course for what ever demented reason and how they were brain washed, they blame me, Doctor Goober Modesty to be the Father, you are very sick people!! You problibly caught sifliss through the sperm of the Godly pregnancy test, from idiots guys that sold sperm for a pass time and extra pocket money because there was a demand for sperm and Godly pregnacy tests on the blackmarket. Now when one catches sifliss, a sexually transmitted disease, if untreated it rots the brain and one can become crimminally insaine. A theory about Hilter, the mad man of WWII, was that he had untreated sifliss, probally caught in Germany's Berlesk movement post WWI. Now for more enlightenment for you demented fuckheads of these stupid cults around my life, I am not your Priest, I never joined a demented cult, spent most of my life minding my own business and developing my skills as an Engineering Techncian, later in life because of medical issues, I was put on disability pension for financial assistance through the Government of Quebec. It was then when I was not working that I got into art and music to occupy some of my time. As to early art and music history, it was financed by the Church of Christianity, or in other religeous backgrounds, their art was financed by the money of their own spiritual roots. Through this information, I took a couple of courses at University in the Theology department as a wayof understanding more about art and music history as financed through Church money etc, nothing to do with me being a Preist for demented cults. Out of what ever, more than likely untreated sifliss in the brain, these demented cults thought they could ordain me as their Preist behind my back as a way of sabotaging my life, to gain control of certain engineered inventions of mine. My Lawyer is absolutely sick of it all and you all could very likely get 25 years in prison for industrial sabotage of my company etc, as written in the Canadian Criminal Code.Then there is another thing, you demented cults around me are so fucken stupid, you never thought about Police or hospital genetic testing. I have no kids!!! Any child of mine with several woman for example, would be and could be genetically traced to me alone, so fuck off with your demented stupidity and your sifliss in the brain or something, you are going to jail for industiral sabotage and terrorist threats for thinking you could or would blow something up around me to get what you want. Where you getting the explosives from, they are usually very closely controlled unless moved into Canada from the States through illegal smuggling or diplomatic packages which makes the USA a terrorist regime that will do anything to get what they want, as to Obama the sifliss head thinking I am his slave and he will blow up Montreal unless I am his slave, that is why an Angel spoke to me and promised me certain things, Montreal Police and its Bomb Squad were fed up with these explosives and threats. Like we can not trace the origin of the explosives by material science, as to genetic science!!! Then all this crap about me that I am not allowed to breed to I am the Devil Beast Rapist, you all just slander me and blackmail for sabotage due to sifliss in the brain or something. Same thing, slander and deformation of character can land you into a Court room and I will clean you all out of financial assetsin a Law Suit to recover my financial loses, then you get 25 years for industrial sabotage you demented fucken assholes of demented cults who are brainwashed saboteurs with sifliss in the brain or something. When one considers, any thing that moves explosives has to meet certain Government standards, for example a truck with explosives in it, is to be properly marked with a special sign, to let people know it is carrying explosives, to get special permits for moving explosives on roadways etc et, so Police and emergency first responders are prepared incase of an incident. So who is all illegally moving explosives and threatening places I go, that they will be blown up, where you getting your explosives, oohh now I know, you demented cults have your own explosive engineers that by pass proper Provincial paper work/American individual State paper work, that makes you a terrorist organization, get the message!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

I wanted To Make a Posting With A New Image Of Mine, Regarding Safe Castles Walls, Having Trouble Doing What I Want try & Do...later...."Wee Iain"...Doctor Goober Mickeal Modesty

Well here I am at a computer terminal once again to handle my commercial affairs of my company Doc GM Creations, as my blog is part of my company through exposing my art and writing about the various subjects that surround my life and company. As it turned out a demented fucken woman that cock teased me and took part in the past in Godly pregnancy tests to have kids, arranged with certain people for my Google account to be seized when my Google account was as I had on my blog. I got Lawyers and everything now to sort out this stupid mess around me that the stupid fucken niger/malattoe asshole President of the United States of American owns me as a slave, for all his Godly pregnantly tests of his or something to build a Nixon type demented cult to get elected President and own me as a slave. By the time I am through the whole of the United States of America will be destroyed, unless they submit to all of my demands, you stupid fucked American idiots thought I could be your bigot Presidents slave and you could seize my own Google account to do what you want with my hard earned money putting Google and all on my blogger account. Now demand number one: I will soon own the whole of the Google empire until I cut it up and give shares to people that back me., who ever was siphoned my money from banking procedures, I own all their assets and everything, they built their empire or what ever through my stolen assets, now that is just for starts, it is like an angel of God came to me last night and me me some information what will happen to all Americans unless I get what I want, I am not your stupid fucken niger/malattoe bigot Presidents slave for his demented kids from jurking him self off into a test tube or something and creating an army to elect him to own me as a slave. Now me Wee Iain declares war on the
United States of America until I am free of your stupid asshole backways ways to own me and dictate my life with my idiot fucken corrupt Nazi Prime Minister Harper of Canada,..I got a line on him jurking off into a test tube for Godly pregnantcy tests too and blaming me for being the father...why did the States start up Doctor Death's of WWII research type thing to own me as a slave...fuck you ...just watch becomes of the people of the united jurk land of stupidity that thinks they own me as a slave through their President and oval office. How does it feel being a stupid fucken American now, I've just heard what me and my people now own that used to be yours, what is someone going to buy me a beer or move one of my company invoices for my capabilities, or the States will get done in some more so I am not your slave, Oh and don't forget the trillions you owe you are all slaves of China until you pay your credit account to China , I am volunteering to be China's enforcer until your bill to China is paid in full assholes!!!!

Here I am continuing my blog posting a few days later.Everyone I pretty well talk to, say the same thing. Harper and Obama are such demented fucken idiots the world has ever know. Obama is not going to wear my teeth around his neck like he wants to, like they said on the radio, my teeth are between me and my dentist, and if and when I have to get a tooth pulled or something, the tooth goes to dentistry pathology for examination like everyone elses in Quebec so that our dentistry industry can figure a few things around my or anyone's elses teeth/tooth to improve our dentistry needs through our own Quebec dentistry research etc. I am not Obama's honky niger slave, nor will I ever be like he promised his fellow bigots I would be when he rose to power, that is why I am at war with the United States of America, just like your civil war started how many years ago to end slavery. Harper and Obama destroyed the world economy along the the Canadian and American economy trying to own me as a slave, and of course taking on my Quebec Government money, political clout etc. As it was mentioned to me this morning on the way to a computer terminal, my fellow Montrealers and Quebecers are recommending me to the Premier of the Province of Quebec for the position of Luetenant Governer, in effect I would live for free and have an expense account to promote Quebec interests, business to tourism to what ever the people of Quebec want me to do with the position some people are rooting to endorse me with through appropiate channels of the Quebec Government, it is a very effective way of telling the Harpobama demented cult around me to royally fuck off and leave me alone, I never had anything to do with you and you do not own me as a slave,never will and at present I am under full police protection to ensure that you fucken idiots do not mess with me or my rights as a human being to pay taxes with my company Doc GM Creations. Hope all you demented fuck heads now get the message!!!!!Oh and another thing, I breed with any woman I want to, I am a fifty one year old man, and got some women that want to have a baby with me, that is why we are at war you stupid fucken Americans, you do not dictate if I can breed or not, how many stupid fucken Americans have kids with more that one woman, and I am not allowed too, now royally fuck off or I will arrange to have you totally fucken well bombed out, I have a very powerful oreintal sweet heart and you all owe China something in the trillions, so pay your bill to China and shut the fuck up about me, if you are all to thick headed to get the message, I will arrange a half dozen napalm bombs mega tonne style all over you bleeding assholes that want to own me as a slave through your demented cult system. The whole world says we do not need you dumb fucken Americans thinking I am your Obama slave, the World wants to do business with my company Doc GM Creations...bleeding fucken American assholes sometimes never learn!!!! I guess stupid fucken Houston Texas just learn a fucken lesson eeehhhk, and what the fuck do you think is hovering over San Deigo, right now, it is even on my radio station. Yes in effect it is illegal to use napalm bombs, but it is also illegal to buy sell or own another human being by United Nations. But stupid fucken idiot bigot Obama thinks his demented cult laws/rules over ride Unite Nations, so whipty do, my war effort, in effect to be free of Obama slavery and moving explosives into Montreal to blackmail for what he wants , as to having me as his honky niger, well I have no rules either in war against stupidity to own me as a fuck off USA you were always sore loosers eeehhh!!!!
All you stupid fucken idiots that say all I get is to live for free, and I am not allowed to meet certain women....I am worth a mint...Oh by the way, how is the American Mint doing, I hear we do not need it anymore because stupid fucken Americans keep shipping explosives and threatening Montreal with an explosion...have your stupid fucken explosives back in your face of stupidity , no money for me on a company invoice with American blackmail and explosives...well no more fucken American Mint to print bullshit greenbacks for Godly Angels just spoke to me...I will get laid by a woman or two and turn over an invoice for my company to reach a better income more USA blackmail!!!

Any word how the American Mint is doing...God is taking out the States I hear because Harpobama stupidity has got Obama thinking he owns me as a exodus with Angels to earn a living and get laid by women again...I never jurked off into test tube for Godly pregnacy tests to create people to get elected because nobody wanted demented idiots like the Harpobama total freak assholes!!!!