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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Canada In Trouble With Flood Waters, Our Arctic Melting Ice is Decending On Our Farmlands And Flooding Us Out, We Are Canadian And Will Pull Through For the World in Crisiss

A very special gal when taking down KKK Fort Matthieu here in Montreal, Lttle Kimmie, she was smoking her crack pipe crying her eyes out while telling me how she offered herself to family mob incest rape to protect her little sister, just thinking of you Kimmie where ever you are, remember I told you all things will come back home, still fighting a war for you Kimmie with my Police Intervention. Remember Kimmie, I was sewing up the croach of your jeans so your pretty little panties would not show on the street, I swilled with you Kimmie , I will never forget!!!! All t5his shit around me with a demented cult, stealing my Google money and all to finance themselfs, screw you, I was given the word to shut you down and take off my Google ads, and I die, my blog must be shut down by terms of agreement of Blogger. People stole a lot from me through my life, got accussed of a lot by assholes, innocent victum of society at the cost of a demented cult around me to own me from my youth, now I am loosing parts of my great country by environmental disasters, it hurts, I only wish I had some of my stolen Google money to give to their needy causes. Fuck you demented cult around me, you will never again make Google money off me, get your stupid government welfare cheque instead or we will hunt you down if you rob from the innocent worldly working family to earn a living of the skin of our backs.I will write for the sheer love of writing and like it is on the radio, this demented cult around me is screwed, fucken right you destroyed a lot of lives you fucken idiots!!!

Well when my place was ransacked with illegal entrance, they sabotaged my computer again, I can not post pictures, they are in my computer but trying to post a picture on how the cracked open window without my window filter, well the condesation on my walls with dirt from the humidity at 50% and all with Montreal's heavy rains. Appairently even my home town of Chateuguay is heavily floaded out with spring floading along the river. I must breath fresh air, from somewhere, I have no house plants to make oxygen for me, my plants were killed like usaul with illegal entrance. You fucken Niger Bigot Obama, you once said you own all filters, go to Ireland, ever heard of an IRA drill, I already hear you are getting one, special gift my Irish roots stronger than yours!!!! Also heard you had fucken idiots try to clean up old ink, you can't, you destroyed the Lincon Bible, some old precious paper work must kept preserved is humidity glass show case like dead sea scolls, you country is being floaded out and you are searching out your Irish roots, fucken dumb. Oh yea Obama, I am not allowed my women as long as you and Harper are in power, one is Queen of my home town St Patricks Day Parade still, what it cost the both of us you and Harper messing up my life, why is it you can have wife and kid and I am not allowed one with fucken money you stupidest Nigger Bigot Obama, li8ke you said on the Daily Show interview, I can't get laid. Your fucken history!!!!

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