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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Strange What All I Have Figured Out Recently With My People Against Those Promised To Be Me,These Demented Fuck Heads Are All Over The World And Are Gun/Explosive Running Saboteurs Along With Being Computer Hackers

Just like the chosen words I heard on the News,"These mindless saboteuring Thugs", all us decent folk 0f multi-faith and tolerance have to take them on with what is left of the World and civilization. As I had swastikas plastered all over my apartment, these mindless thugs went to a lot of trouble to make a template and spray paint a swastika on the outside walls of a synogogue in Toronto as broadcasted on the News. Even to the point of avoiding security cameras as they picked their spot on the synogogue's wall. Then to the point of the riot in London, England and doing the fire bombing. Rebel armies are on the rise to take down puppet regiems that have become dictatorships that work against the majority and only for a selected few, as in the News from the middle east to Africain horn region. Then there are reports of what is like Chinese rebels that have become computer hackers, hacking all over the place, and the Government of China is saying it is not their operation. From confeit products being produced, art theft, regional Police forces and Interpole can not keep up. To theft of interlectual property and then sabotage and blackmail to drive a business person like myself under, to the point of playing with insect larvi and planting it and then poisoning food in our fridges during illegal entrance. The whole World is up in arms over the current weather conditions and the extreme drout to flooding and forest fires taking down our timber land from Canada to the United States of American to the Russian Federation, we all have had to fight fires to save our wood lands. Demented cults are all over the place, it is like they have a suicide pact to take down the free World that we we knew and held dear to our hearts. As to the war in Afghanistan, who is doing all the weaponary sales, where are all the machine shops and armories, my people figured a thing or two out, roge Nations have no real way to maintain their finances but to make weapon sales to terrorist organizations and other puppet dictatorships that cater to the selected few instead of the majority through democratic elections.

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