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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour 2011, Shut Down Just About Everything, Did This Piece Of Art In Oil Pastel By Light Of My Biofuel Wee Oil Lamp, It Was Just Over An Hour Work In Art, Yet To Be Completed

I finally got to get back at doing some art during Earth Hour this evening, when I scanned the piece of art I am working on, it was cut off a bit, the actual size of the oil pastel paper is 31 x 42 cm, my largest dimension on my scan is for a legal size piece of paper of 8 1/2" x 14". I have been so busy applying my engineering skills in my little shop that I made in some of my kitchen space. Between working on biofuel, I built three wee oil lamps of different sizes over a period of time to have test burns of my biofuel calculations. The biofuel burns clean with no oder and could be used in a desiel engine for fuel with the correct fuel injector with the atomizer tip for the viscocity of the fuel to get the correct spray pattern. Then I also worked with my tools building my reverse osmosis processing system for my drinking water from the City water main. As to the City of Montreal web site, it is recommended that one filters their water from the City water main. I first started doing this when I went pre-cancer some time back, then I got back into it more seriously and further developing my process to get the cleanest water possible. I have made distilled water in my process, and that type of water is essential for sterilizing lab equipment, when one goes through the process of cleaning your processing equipment. For those that do not know, distilled water is pure H2O, with no mineral deposits in the water such as mineral water or spring water. I was shocked last time I went to some distilled water in the pharmacy, it was in a clear plastic bottle and did not even taste like distilled water. You can do a basic taste test on distilled water, but it is not health to drink because it lacks the much needed mineral deposits that is found in drinking water. Even to take for example, most City water supplies are treated with floride to help protect ones teeth as to various dental recommendations. In building we all know how a dripping tap over a sink can cause rust deposits on the porsline bathroom sink, or in a shower head it nozzle tips will turn rusty brown. This rust in the water comes from a corrosin reaction from water and steel pipe work. There are many types of different pipe work that are used for water piping, from cast iron pipes for city city water mains for example, to black pipe, galvinized pipe, and plain steel pipe to stainless steel pipe work for medical or food processing equipment and of course standard copper pipe with brass fittings. Modern engineering even came up with plastic piping such as PVC piping for drain pipes, plastic water pipes will errode with water flow, take for example how flowing water cut into rock creating the Grand Canyon in the United States of America. There is a thing with pipe work, how in effect they are all dissimilar metal, the piping that I just mentioned, dissimilar pipe work will cause galvanic action, another name for corrosin. I am even socked as a Engineering Techncian, how these un-educated handymen that run buildings mismatch pipe work when replacing corroded pipe in buildings. One must stick to all the same type of piping, may it be black or galvinized piping. The various type of piping have different costs from a supplier, I forget the price variation, but going for the cheaper pipe nipple or elbow in bullshit work. You must stick to the building plumbing system and use the same pipe work in replacement parts. Another main factor that I onced discussed in a Bar over a beer with a Master Plumber, is ground faults. The ground wire of a building electrical system is hooked up to the City water main, electricity will flow to water first before you will get electricued, but these ground faults in building from bullshit handymen playing with building electrics will cause small leaks of electricity to to the water pipe work and create a process called electrolysiss, the end end result is excessive galvanic action/corrosion of a building's pipe work and of course the City's water main. The City's water main pipe work is faced with two types of corrosion factors. Interior corrosion with the flow of water through the pipe, and then of course the exterior corrosion that is excelled through the acid rain factor that even errodes our precious carved stone brick work found on older building from the Vicorian construction period. Really now, when I had the discussion over a beer with the Master Plumber, he was fed up with argueing his point about bullshit electrics screwing up his expected life span of his pipe work in buildings. I was just as fed up as he was at that time argueing the very same point, he had more budget than me and bought me a couple of beers, and like I said to him, I will carry on argueing the very same point we are discussing, because going cheap to make a quick fix is usaully the exteme wrong thing to do. It costs money to repair engineering correctly to get the calculated life expectance of of the piece of engineering. Now when it comes to modern medical research and blood work, it is now reconized that excessive iron in blood tests can cause cancerous conditions in the human, or farm animals for that matter. Even when one gives blood to the Blood Bank as I do, the Nurse will test your blood iron level before it is varified if you can donate your blood and howe irt is used in the blood bank system as over seen by Hema Quebec in my Province. Excessise building rust in drinking water pipes, just think about what it leads to, we all know that rust building up in our kettle for making our hot beverage, and we constantly go at it to keep our kettle clean of rust or if you never clean it out, you end up buying a new one from the heating element burning out from excessive water sludge build up on it. In engineering, there is such a thing a calculated error, and compounded error, I always fought against compounded engineering error because any one that can buy a tool, thing they can use it without going to school to learn engineering basics. There is even economics of engineering, calculating cost over runs, when one puts in a price quote for an engineering repair job, it is a very specialized field, some people are very good at it, like a Contractor I once worked for, two men ran the Company, the Main Man with the tools that over saw workers and then his Priceless Partner, the Main Man that could qoute the cost of a job so good, they both had a successful busness. In engineering saftey for machanical failure, one calculates 1.5 % safty factor, same thing, whatever you thing it will cost to do a engineering repair job, you multiply it by 1.5% for unforeseen complications.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

If Only Hillary Clinton Had Become President Of The United States Of America, Things Would Have Become So Much Different I emailed Hillary Clinton once, and said to her, "What am I suppose to pray for, people on both sides of the border want me done in? Your ex husband Bill once said as I heard, that he tried to get people to lay off me, but he could not control them all" Hillary this is a posting to you in effect, what I know and stupidity, I have family in the good old USA that came from Scotland post WWII. Anyway Hillary, between cleaning water by reverese and internal building wiring problems , engineering is all so complicated. If I have internal wiring problems popping 117 volts last night, and then 118 volts this morning as to nature of AC electricity, I will constantly rise in internal building electricity that will smoke my electrical applicances or tools for my water purification system in my home. Then Hillary I have old tools that I need to use that are rated for 115 volts max...humour eeehhh, your ulitmate Canuck. These internal building wiring problems smoke building tranformers and the Hydro Quebec Transformers on the street. If I have these internal wiring problems in Montreal, New York has these problems too, which with the nature of elecricity, New York is smoking my Premiers high tension electrical system feeding New York hydro power love ...Hillary.... in a while, will keep you posted. Hillary, we all need clean drinking water! With what happened in Japan and all the messed up cars, we are under a world wide water advisory due to the minute particals of petro in the water system due to evapouration of petro and water in the south pacific. It enters the atmosphere and comes in the snow and rains to enter the various cities aqua duct systems. Under powerful microscope you should see the crap that is in the Montreal water from the city water main, City of Montreal website recommends one filters the water, it is even more important now. Then when one takes the American Nuclear Reactors and all, you need clean cooling water so that cooling system tubes do not get laced with water impurites and coat the cooling tubes causing less efficent heat exchange and over heating. Under powerful microscope you should see all that is in the water coming down and infecting aqua ducts from rain and snow as result of all the mess up cars in Japan, the petro entered the water system in the atmosphere. I make the cleanest water in my home with engineering process, just like when I was out to sea in the Canadian Coast Guard making drinking water from sea water.....Hillary, when Japan went down, I filled my bath tub with cold water, draw from that tank of water to process and clean up through water filtration process, so what I am faced with spoong bath at sink to stay clean, at least I am not going with poison water between Japan and Lybria bombings and fires with smoke infecting atmosphere to rain in our City's aqua duct systems. Even from years ago, Montreal City's web site said to filter all water from the City's water main, never mind what Detroit rock city pumps into Great Lake water table and poisons us Canadians. Same as New York City dumb site close to Chateauguay River water table at Canada/USA border, Canadian border towns are fed up fighting your dumb dump site in Court for infecting water table on Canadian side of border. Just keep selling guns to all your demented assholes and let them put bullets in heads of your fellow Americans like you Americans always do, less Americans will result in less toxic waste feeding Great Lake Water Table to poison Canadians.

Even Hillary, when snow flakes are created in our atmosphere out of moisture, what is held in suspension in the atmospheric water droplets in minmute molecular particals, become part of out snow flakes that fall in our aquaduct systems for our Northern hemisphere Cities, and Southern where applicable. Now I filled a buck of relatively clean snow, kept adding snow as it melted for snow has more volume than water. With the snow fully melted in a reverse osmosis system, one would not believe what was found in the bottom of my bucket/settling tank. I am going through the process of filtering this snow melt, taking out what is still held in suspension in the water. In theory I can make distilled water out of it to use to clean up my lab equipment, I know what distilled water tastes like, then the PH of the water or is it soft or hard water, there is so much to it. One can not drink distilled water, but I do have a process to add vital minerals to distilled water to make a healthy type of bottled spring water.Hillary, as I recently emailed the Mayor of Montreal through the Ville de Montreal web site, like I explained to him how I am at the cleanest water main suction from part of the St.Lawerence/Great Lake water system, and with the World wide water advisory, I am taking a fair bit of black shit out of the water, lack of money for proper lab analysis, but as to what I wrote the Mayor, as I suggested to him, should consider drawing water from the east end of our City's aqua duct system, put it through a filtration process, then pump and pipe it back into the West end of the aqua duct system for cleaner water from acid rain and contaminated snow melt entering the aqua duct. Agitated aeriated water is the best to consume and it would help all Montrealers with cleaner water. I am sure the States have similar aqua duct systems to feed water to urbain areas and the same type of investment should be secured for your own drinking water supply. Hillary, with what I have done with cleaning up my City water supply with reverse osmosis in my home, my different types of blood counts are up with the Quebec blood bank, they are really impressed, you can do it too for your people, they depend on my blood donations for their research in healing people as to Canadian cancer research and white blood cell count etc......Hillary as part of my reverse osmosis process,I use a dark blue bottle, Sky Vodka out of the States, Vodka is made from potatoes and Sky has one nice potatoe taste in the Vodka, it is like stained glass windows in a Church to purify the air during the right soltrais and religious gatherings. Can not wait to buy my "Texas Mickey" of Sky Vodka just to get the bottle for my reverse osmosis process, then again eventually I can buy 5 bottles empty with budget of the stained glass I want. It will not take me long Hillary to buy a bottle of Canadian Club, as we call it, Beaver tail flapping size, for my brown bottle for my reverse osmosis process in my home to purify City drinking water during the World Wide Water Advisory.

Hillary, a thing I did in Canadian Coast Guard College for cleaner water on the base, I inherited a fish tank from a Graduate Officer, so I cleaned it all up, bought the charcoal and filter material, filled fish tank with water and aeriated the water with fish tank water pump, charcoal filter and all took bacteria out of water from base water supply. Then jealous idiots laced my water tank with javel to poison me, so I had to shut it down, now do the same basic same thing in bath tub water settling tank.

Hillary like I caught American woman in News, no way am I doucing in toxic water as to my Tweetes,need Wee Iain, you still douce Hillary? Sorry for getting personal but fact of life, we got to save World together, need you something special to save American lives with my water research as to being Canadian Eng. Tech.

Image from Internet Bing of Hillary Clinton pics

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan In Crisis After Offshore Earthquake On Major Fault Line And Their Nuclear Technology In Pearl

Here I work away as an Engineering Technician consulting in my own way to help to save Japan and their people in their time of need as an associate member of Engineers Without Borders. They need every bit of person power they can get and the whole World seems to be responding as our economies are all hooked up together. The map of Japan image for this posting is from my Atlas General Holt, Jean Lavallee, Professeur de geographie, CEGEP de Maisonneuve, Montreal, Holt Rineart et Winston Ltee, Monreal,1970.

Stand by while this post is being put together......With all the cars that were damaged in Japan that carried petro and all, leaks of course were made into the ocean, evapouration by heat in the moisture that rises with the sunlight. Now we are face with fuel oils and hydrocarbons in all over water system through rise and fall of temperature!!! We are all going to die from it unless people let me work with my tools and not be a slave to be robbed by the Harper/Obama demented cult that set out to do me in from how many years ago, jealousy and corruption to do me and Dad in from working together with my inventions based on his Canadian Military research over years of education and courses he took for Canadian Nacal operations. I used to make really good water out at sea in the Canadian Coast Guard as part of my job when I was a Junior Engineer, or Senoir Watch Keeper maintaining my boiler water as not destroy the boiler tubes with dirty make up water...;.in a while....or poison myself with piss pour drinking and cooking water know on a ship as potable water, while consume. Even when I came back from the coast I went back to marine school to get my petrochemical tanker endorsement to deal with hydrocarbons in the acid rain because I was always purfifing my water somehow over the years to protect my own sorry ass from idiots alway doing me in and sbotaging my life which I went to school to earn a living and make somwething of my life, I even need my wash water to make clean water!!!!

What goes around comes around, too much American money and blackmail floated around me to destroy my life ever since I was born because who my Father was, as to PM Steven Harper and his family, he played both sides of the war around me not to have my life and dreams destroyed, like I said to him in elementry school when I am destroyed by idiots, why are all these people doing me in? Why don't you go their all the way to destroy me and find out who is backing all this destruction of my life? Now he is Prime Minister of the country that I love so much, So who is fooling who about my life story, I know who to trust so that I can work and earn a living to carry on my Father's research for our Canadian Military, our fellow Canadian citizens, and our fellow popullus of the World and time & spacethat does not want to destroy me and my life. Our Canadian citizen Julie Payette needs clean water from Earth when she is up in the space station maintaining research facilities to observe from a birds eye view what is happening to our planet during these time of crisis with Gobal warming and the severe a bit I am still trying to get petro and gems and virses out of my own drinking and cooking water that are still in Montreal suck system from the great lake water table to make distilled water again to clean my water research tools, one needs distilled water to properly cleanse Lab equipment. Here I am on my way to making distilled water again, I have a power lens and know how to use it to see the dirt in the water and I know what clean water should look a while, back again...when I was asked to join the Neo-Nazi mob as a kid to someone that praised Hitler, I said, no fucken way, my Grandfather and Father fought the Nazis, you think I am going to join you, you want to take over you got to join Canadian political parties. Like PM Harper aint't the ultimite Nazi praying his balls off to survive this war on me and my16th Chapel of Vatican city..... Who the fuck gave the order to blow local city atmosphere into my apartment again by over powering my apartment ventilation system I created to survive this war, I fucken well know my building blows shit in my apartment through my bathroom vent. There are two types of roof top fan systems by or mororized system or a bit by the wind. One to blow oxyen into a boiler room for combustion and then there is one to cause a up draft from bathroom vents for circulation of air. Dead air can become toxic poison.....especially if one supercharges it with poison gas!!!!, To take you down with cancer and have a stupid lAmerican life insurance policy on you to make money. In Canada only I can take a life insurance p[olicy out on myself, no one else can, only in the USA can one take life insurance out on someone and murder them to make money, or try to take them down with cancer while investing in cancer medication. My Lawyer and I both know my building mangement is controled by Harper and Obama, their mangement always wants in my apartment, and what I go through for a new bathroom vent fan that is out of balance and makes too much noise. Like it is only pulling a plug in the bathroom vent fan an a couple of screws I could do my self, the Niger Nazis and Honkies that work for building mangement, only want to see my water purification system to take it over for Harpobame financial intrests, they will not even give me the fan to install myself. Little old me, I am like a French Resistance researcher working with next to nothing in France WWII, fighting to provide for my freedom fighters against Nazi politicians . There is no such thing as a a slave researcher as people have called me, in reality you become a slave to your own research to provide for your people. Then I had the Montreal Fire Deptment at my place last night, like I told them I am fed up with my battery from my smoke detector in my apartment being tampered with, like they said, this is the ultimate insurance con job, and they will never forget how I protected them when I led them into toxic gases from an industrial explosion and fire with only my dust mask compared to Scott Air Packs.

Vibration and Earthquakes, I was at my favorite Montreal War Memorial, with my stethoscope probe and listened to the ground in the cement type flooring around the War Memorial, I could here the vibration of the passing trucks and cars from the main street I was watching as I probed the Earth for vibration, and yes there were cracks at the War Memorial cement and stone work. Even to the point of my small fish tank compressor that I have running to purifiy water, it will go out of wack and vibrate too much in effect beating its self to death. Just a simple step on the floor around a vibration node in the building would quite down the vibration in my compressor, it is called a vibration damper. My Father worked on vibration dampers on rotating machinary on our Naval ships so that the vibration would not got into the ocean and and be picked up by enemy ships with sinsitive vibration recording equipment to detect our Naval Destroyers at sea. Every ship has its own vibration signature that can be monitored , same as every building with rotating machinary or vechical running down roadways. Even a deisel engine has a critical speed that you do not run it at for vibration nodes, because it will blow its self to pieces in your face!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Something About Today Being International Kidney Day, We The Rightious Honest People Of Virtue Pray That Those In Need Of A Kidney Will Get One As Soon As Possible
stand by until I draw a kidney or something for this post.....I started another posting on Japan in criss as I am consulting in my own way to help them out as an associate member of Engineers Without Borders, will get back to this post when I have the time.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Unfinished Piece of Art For International Women's Day, May We All Pray Together To Protect Women And Their Needs World Wide