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Saturday, April 17, 2010

At Times I am Dumb Founded, Like Being Caught In A Steel Cable Snare Along The River Bank, Certain Media Women Touch my Heart With What I have Been Through, And How They Acknowledge I Have Basic Human Needs As They Have Themselfs!
I do not have much time today, I am home again from the Hospital on a pass for the day and have to be back for supper. I am still trying to pick up the pieces of my life and apartment after being dragged through the Courts and Tribunal preceedings for harrassment charges when trying to charm someone with my artistic ways. It is like their is a whole school of intellictual female gold fish in the eager Beaver Lake, just to make sure I do not get done in or sabotaged. My Tokyo Rose Lady for example, as I dubbed her, is really some one special on the radio waves, a strong artistic influence with heavy minded muscle, women with mega brain power always stole my heart. After all the Court Psychologist on his report on me said I was above average intelligence, hence I have a liking for compatible female intelligencia, and several have reached out to me with concerns of the heart, too bad a woman tried to have me put away on harassement charges, now real female media intelligencia is trying to make things up to me with concerns for the heart, got to sign off to carry on like a wayward son maintaining the integrity of my hell of a fox hole of engineering demise with a artist front!!!!!!!!!!!! Update: April 18th 2010; I finally got the English transcript of the Tribunal hearing, which started from harrassment charges put on me by a woman, like a Nurse and everyone else says, I do not harass people, so the woman that got me arrested for trying to charm you, why don't you send me back the art and music I bought of my company and sent to you, you want nothing to do with me, why keep the art I sent you. Like my Parole Officer said, I should never have been arrested, obviously you set out to do in my art career instead of giving it a boost! I have to live with the Tribunal saying in its proceeding that I am a threat to society, Oh yea I forgot, whistle blowers become a threat to a corrupt political regime, even my blood test on first being hospitalized on Jan 20th 2010, street drugs were not found in my blood test as the Tribunal stated how I was on drugs and hallucinating more and more. The Psychiatrist testifing against me has been part of American psychiatric research money here in Montreal, so go figure! The second image of the gold fish was done on my camera by a friend with her photographic eye, her website is located

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Item in the News: Montreal woman of ethnic background gets tickets on false alarm police call in Montreal neighbourhood.

My dear Lady, I would like to reach out to you, Montreal Police have been called on me many a time when I was standing up for the Canadian National Building Code. You always co-operate with Police or else. I usually always did and got strapped to a bed in Psychiatry any way. One time I stood up out of my chair at the scene of the incident, and shot of my yapping mouth in an Officer's face because I did not like what he said to me. Before I could blink a eye, I was turned around by force, up against the wall and hand cuffs briskley cranked on my wrists so fast I did not no what hit me!!! I have worked closely with Montreal Police in certain ways, I bet the whole incident would have been different with you if a polite innocent tone was used, and a female officer was present, they always had a way of sweet talking me in stressful situations. In a way be grateful you did not get the cuffs cranked on your wrists tightly as they loved to do to me for practice for extreme situations. After seeing the News, I am really proud of you for protecting your lungs with your neck scarf with the dust in the wind as you said on the News, with me knowing the Police well, as they know me well, you have to feel for them too! They have to make and are trained to make snap decisions in stressful situations answering Police calls, as I well know. May I say, next time if it ever happens, ask politely to put your back to the wind, remove your lung protection, give ID and ask how you may help them, it always worked for me. After all, they know how  fast I can move and are prepared for it, I accidently touched a Police Officer once, I was in the corner of a building so fast with my face to the wall, cuffing cranking practice on me again! Really, I did not even know who cranked the cuffs, the male or female officer! They usaully had a smile for me when I was getting strapped to a bed in Psychiatry again. Just God/Allah bless you and the Police! Little ending note: I never complained how tight the cuffs were cranked on my wrists, you kind of want to rub your wrists in a massage after! One time I had a female Police Officer worried she would get accused of drinking on the job when I split my galss of beer on her uniform, Montreal Police really know me and my yapper of a mouth! One time I had a Male Officer rubbing his scalp and saying Jesus over and over again I thought Jesus was going to appear, he had told me to take my medication, so I did and washed it down with my beer and then kept on yapping my case to him! He left me in peace like a really hero! The only time I got nailed for drinking and driving was on my ten speed bicycle, I got ticket the ticket for not looking boths way before going through a deserted red light, never drove a motorized vechical with a beer in me, I did not yap my mouth that time, I was more or less told to shut up or I will get nailed for drinking and driving! I have just been reminded, that ten speed bike incident, they wanted to nail me with a speeding ticket, but it was too hard to expalin! A special little note about my last girl friend, I really fell in love with her, she called yesterday and we talked, ironic how health issues can cause really severe problems in a realationship. She had liver problems causing mood swings as a side effect of her condition. We argued a lot due to this and I was standing up for the National Building Code at the same time. Thanks to Canadian medical liver research she has successful healed in her liver condition, and is so much better, she now lives back at home with her Father and is ages with me, I even got a visit from her today and had someone to talk to for a bit, it was really nice and she is still looking good, more like better than ever thanks to her medical treatment she recieved for her liver ailment, so much went on during those years it is really hard to relate it all!!! I made a comment about valium being addictive, I got some feed back on that, the drug it self may not be so addictive, it is the pill popping effect to calm on down and relax, the same way I can chill and relax having a cigarette. Black market valium in horse cap 500 mg are often availible for cocaine users so they can wind down and finally get some sleep. I was janitor of a rooming house for a bit where crack cocaine was just floating at one point, so I got clued in about a few things! Even way back a Social Worker at the Hospital said to me, watch those pills of yours, drug dealers like using them for cut for cocaine sales. I have had pills disappear out of my medicine cabnet or my kitchen counter when people were around over beers. Cocaine can be diluted in water and shot into a vaine just like heroine, I have had to pick up old surgnes on the job in buildings, evictions are often due to unpaided rent due to drug users that fed addictions before any thing else. One time working for a building owner, I was really pissed, picking up leaves and old papers in a spring or fall , I just missed a old suringe in the mess, I was wearing my leather based work gloves and the spot was across the street from a local Montreal hospital! At times where my guitar led me, you can catch people shooting up! Second hand smoke from crack cocaine is also addictive, you can start craving a puff, then one thing leads to another, I have seen it first hand, or the line, I want to turn you on to something! I am presently in the hospital at the Allan with someone who is diabetic and she said in a discussion, even I need a protective work place for my insuline, people get the wrong impression when she has to take her medication. Glass stems are also used for crack cocaine, the coke, or rock is sat in the tip of the glass stem and a bic lighter put to it, or sat in a pipe on top of cigarette ash as a filter. I know to much knocking around poverty all my life. Bread and spoons are used in heroine use, the bread acts as a filter for inpure cut in the heroine, first time heroine users often vomite, like the first tobacco use on me, I took sick rolling some of my Father's tobacco and having my first cigarette down by the house furnace to hide from my Mother, I was a teenager wanting to like my Father and have a smoke. The breaking News of the death of another Canadian soldier and a injury in Afghanistan compelles me to wrote more, even Russians attorities were pissed when they stopped 10 million of heroine in trucks going into their own lands leaving the mountains of Afghanistan, it is a whole international issue and Internet pharmacuetical drug trade all intertwined for addictions of all sorts. I once saw a homeless teenager on a Montreal Metro car, feeding his addiction with a suringe infront of everyone, no shame, just dazed and confused on the floor in ragged clothes, shooting up. I once had a conversations at different times with couple of people, making good money and lost everything to a spouce with a cocaine addiction, the ensueing problems tears families apart. One ended up in Kington pen hell hole after being so argry, he did in the drug dealer that fed his wife the cocaine, when he could not pay the bill for her addiction, she was found in a dumpster. Just the other day chatting up a woman on the bus sitting next to me, when we got off the bus together, she admitted she does cocaine, she said it was good cocaine, I responded with, how can Columbia and Mexico supply the whole free world with cocaine, they do not have enough to go around, you do not knowing what you are doing. I just picked up my mouth recorder and my tune the Haunted Pipe, then gentle weeped with my guitar playing "Keep the Home Fires Burning", I kind of inserted the words in my head, ....I will keep the home fires burning.....just for the men and women serving in Afghanistan! I just have my own little vigil as an apprentice theologian back home., I got my song too, called "The Allied Forces of Mothearth", just for them on my guitar!!!!!!!!!!!! Time is nearing an end at home for my pass from the hospital, I hope people find my time on my blog well served, addictions units are all part of the hospital system, I have served time with some being treated for addictions on the psychiatric ward, me as a little schizo shaman from an early religious vision, and piecing parts of my life where I found meaning and a place writing, a story of a rich quality teenage home life with role model parents, then an adult life of mostly poverty struggling between theology and psychiatry in my own way while building a life as an engineering technician on psychiatric medication for schizophrenia, it was a mystical road of knowledge self attained through a labour of love to make something of my self again post graduation from from the very special Canadian Coast Guard College that strengthen my roots in engineering from my Father's early teaching around the house, car and gasoline lawnmore maintaince to my own first bicycle repairing flat tires and keeping a chain and spockets oiled on the bike,the more expensive graphite powder came later when I could sometimes afford it. An African Canuck neighbour of mine from down the street really touched my heart just now, coming home from the a store on the street, he told me people are glad of what I wrote, he knows poverty and psychiatry like me!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Delicate Work Of Art Just To Join The Polish Community In Mourning, During My Wee Bio-Fuel Oil Lamp Prayer For Them.
(A 3D Scan of a preserved rose, adjusted through computer graphics)

Friday, April 09, 2010

With The Anniversary Of The WWI Battle Of Vimy Ridge For  Canadian War Heros Being Today, I am Posting This Little Rose Punnette In Memory Of All That Served In Great Honour For Freedom In That Battle Of Days Gone By!

Stand by while this post is being put together, note I got a piece of dirt on my scanner glass, more cleaning to do which I will get to! Going to my Mother's for dinner, then re-scanning to get a speckle of dirt on my image out!!! After all the idustrial sabotage my scanner needs over hauled too, as I discovered coming home to my computer from my Mother's dining room table. For my Canadian Military, as God gave to Moses an incense formula, God gave me a Bio-fuel formula which includes burning my urine with residual medication for heat energy, included comes a hood to collect exhaust fumes over the burning oil lamp which could one day fuel an aircraft carrier for our sovereignty and Native Canadian Arctic havesting rights with Northern Nations! As my Grandfather survived the Battle of Somme, France, and raised my Father during WWII, then he did his research to serve the Canadian Military, after he served his apprenticeship in Scottish ship yards in WWII, now I carry on my Father's work to be there as an Engineering Technologist for the Canadian Military under industrial sabotage!!! Oh yea then there are Native Northern Persons manning PT type gun boats, maintaining Canadian Arctic Sovernty...I am a bad not mine me....With the melting of arctic ice, and shipping lanes opening up, it still has to be policed by a Canadian Military presence for pollution control and the Canadian Shipping Act. With Canadian Coast Guard and RCMP operations, if a ship does not stop for us, we call in a a Naval Destroyer to fire a warning shot in front of the ship's bow!!! Then with Montreal Super Hospitals being built, we still have to fuel boiler rooms! I got good marks in the Canadian Coast Guard College for thermodynamic calculations, I know that much. I made Mum and Dad really proud when they came to my graduation from college, it was a very special occasion for them, like Father like Son. I remember the slander I went through over my Coast Guard College graduation, now tell that to my Mother! The college pin I wear on my "Hound Dog" hat, was sent to me when I blew the whistle on a corrupt American business man here in Montreal, at a College reunion on the out skirts of Ottawa, in a discussion, apparently I was the only one that got sent the pin. The pin was sent to me when I busted the American business man with Revenue Canada. At one time, the company name had Military contracts when my Father was kicking butt for high standards for Military contractors.