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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In Between My Bouts Of Extra Paramidal Side Effects, I Practice Certain Songs On My Guitar While Singing
I did this sketch some time ago at a friend's place and I am using it for this posting. There are four songs that I am really practicing on guitar while singing the lyrics. The four songs are, Redemption Song by Bob Marley, Blowing in the Wind,the theme song from the movie Doctor Zhivago La Chanson de Lara, and Keep the Home Fires Burning for the Troops in Afghanistan. I played a lot of guitar while in hospital recently and it is thanks to the hospital music therapist and the lessons I was given that I have advanced on guitar the way I have. How I fell into singing, well it just came to me while I was learning how to play guitar. I could do with a voice coach and help around my singing but it does make me feel good to sing and play. For the song Keep the Home Fires Burning for the Troops in Afghanistan to come home, I changed the song somewhat to include the female gender as it is a old WWI song according to my deceased Father. I have no one to practice my music with so I just plug away on my own except for when I attend the out patient music group at the hospital. I do try my hand a writing music as well and I bought a capo this time I was in hospital and I play around with that as well sometimes. I really enjoy playing around with my music even if I do not spend time with another musician around my home, just the hour and a half in the hospital music group once per week. I do some finger picking as well on the guitar along with playing around with my mouth recorder in the hospital music group. Inspiration comes to me in various ways and it feels good to produce in music even if it is on my own for its theraputic value. So till next time I write take care all.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Extra Paramidal Side Effects Are Hampering My Life Due To Court Ordered Injections
Here I am struggling with side effects from the medication I am forced to take as a result of getting arrested for harrasment charges due to a media personality I tried communicating with. Here I am alone trying to sort out the side effects with the hospital, I was at the hospital emergency the other day due to the side effects that are constant muscle contractions on my lower torso up to my mouth. It is hard to do anything with these attacks of contractions, I am even coping with them as I try and write. So I am just making a small entry for now as I try and cope with my situation.....till later.......The side effect medication is not stopping the contractions, just like the last time I was on injections through the Courts when I was mouthing off about gyprock over plaster installations in homes and apartments. If I had not got arrested for harassment, I would not have had the Tribunal hearing where I blew my cork with what the Doctor wrote about me, hence I disrupted proceedings at the Tribunal and got hospitalized and forced into Court ordered injections of medication for schizophrenia.
Mum has been good to me through it all and even attended the Tribunal hearing to get me discharged from Hospital.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Belated Birthday for Canada, I Could Not get Blogger to Open Up On the 1st Of July, Went Around It Another Way Today, So Here Is A Scan Of My Little Canadian Flag.