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Saturday, November 28, 2009

It Is Only Me, The True Author/Artist Of This Blog, I Am The Only One That Can Be Doctor Goober Mickeal, You Need My Blood Line To My Grandfather To Be Me
Grandad, still standing with old Comrades from war, only one in a wheel chair, June 1983 War Remembrance, Europe.
(My Aunt from Scotland took the picture for the image to this posting)

Grandad, where I take Mickeal from, was 1 of 7 that survived the battle of Somme in France (WWI) from his Regiment or Battlion of the Royal Scots, what ever it was, during over a 100,000 man slaughter in days to take a battle field!
(still got some editing to do to get thing right)
I innocently put together my old pen name, so all you demented fuck heads, and individuals that manage the name "Doctor Goober Modes..." as used in the movie Ghost Busters, you can have it, sorry I never knew. So you can all fight over it, I now or will soon have no association to it, just got to edit all my work accordingly. I, the real man of the World to contend with, Doctor Goober Mickeal, can handle his affairs and knows how to kick butt to earn a living!!!! You communist assholes criminal Politicians that make it illegal to deal with Doctor Goober Mickeal, as stated on the radio just now, (now the word is it not illegal to deal with Doctor Goober Mickeal) face it you are just complete jealous fucken idiots!!! For example, you Obama, looks like your not walking too good, as if you are gonna croak soon or end up in a wheel chair, what is that illness, it will come to me sooner or later! I recognize the symtoms! That's it Parkinson disease or it could be MS, can not take care of yourself and stay healthy, how can you build a healthy country? Oh, as Prez you get the royal treatment for health care, I hope the rest of your country gets that same royal treatment, right along side you for their personal health needs!!

For old time rock and roll bull gearing, on the other side of the Canadian Quarter, my Oriental connextion told me that my Oriental Gal from my youth is tired of the slander and crap around both of us as well! Then on the radio not long ago, by the World Health Oraganization, it is illegal to medically treat human meat eaters, funny how so many people could disappear, I guess we the decent folk are putting an end to that too and ending the cannabalism that creeped back into civilization!!!

The word on the street with my Landlord's employees, nobody is moving me out, it is like I am their "Union Man" so they are no longer slaves to their bosses corruption employment style! To be self employed tradesperson, one needs about $30 per hour, it is about $1000 per year for CSST/workers compensation along with liablity insurance, we all can make mistakes on the job when working long hours etc, that is why we have liability insurance at about $400.00 per year, and paying into Quebec Government CSST as a self employed worker in the trade at around $600.00 per year! (I forget which is from when I first looked into it years ago and could never afford it) Never mind buying the tools to do the job, (one always needs a new tool to do the job right, replacement tools from lost or stolen/worn out etc) vehical gas expense, invoicing costs and book keeping for proper taxation records, it all adds up!!! Along with buying that legal pack of cigarettes at about $10.00 per pack, so that when we sit back and have a smoke and think about what we are doing while giving our muscles a break, (I do not want to promote individuals to start smoking, it is just that a lot of us tradesmen do or have, quit smoking if you can as advised by Health Canada) and there is always the new course in trade school expense to upgrade our skills as required! Never mind properly taking care of your own wife and children!!!! The hands of an Engineer and Archeitech with their calculated design do not come cheap!!! How many times did I finish a twelve hour day, tired and sore muscles from pulling chain falls (1/2 ton or 1 ton capacity) from erecting machinary as an electro mechanic, it is the same thing plastering a ceiling all day in a building, have a few beers, suck on my joint of marijaunia to kill the pain in the evening, then get up the next day and do the same thing. I remember when to close to the end of the long day, and I could hardly put a 1 ton capacity chain block in place over my head, the Engineer would say, "Almost beer time and your smoke aye Iain". The banks owned everything until we got the first production line running to start paying a few bills!!! The company is now on the stock market! OH, I forgot, I was suppose to pop an Advil, that is how corruption and blackmail moved in on us tradespersons that somehow knew how to do the job right, bullshit muscled in on our illegal medication and our way of dealing with muscle pain from the job!!! Never mind what steal toe boots can do to your feet after long hours, and the pain, you still got to wear them the next day at a cost of about $175.00 for CSA approved Kadiak footware. On the other side of the Canadian penny, the marijuania went toxic poison to smoke with the mob hydro bullshit as to Health Canada and RCMP seizers of their product!

What/which Politicians etc started moving all sorts of shit around my company invoices illegally, sabotaging me and my company because they had a personal hatred for me, even tried to drive my company under by having others try and register my company under other peoples names when I had no money because of political interferance and sabotage, I caught the media clips and faced it personally that other demented fuck heads own my company Doc GM Creations, which is mine and always will be mine by Quebec Law, my Last Resort Income Officer through Quebec tax dollars are not stupid and I are not stupid!!! Why are incompetent Politicians ruining the world economy such as PM Harper!!!!! People know Harper, you are such a fucken idiot, even real hard core Mobsters hate you so much they want rid of you because of your stupidity!!! Like I do not know the street talk, I always philosophied around bullshit like you, when you poison top Mobsters in their homes to get rich yourself or put them in prison at your whim, when you can not get what you want, as to getting everything your way, or put honest people that back me in prison, then of course extend prison sentences on your whim, they turn to the likes of me and the real RCMP Musical Ride with CSIS with a promise to straighten up!!!! When a Mob Boss' daughter gets raped by a demented fuck head, or his son gets addicted to crystal meth, he gets fucken pissed off, or any young woman gets raped through a date rape drug for that matter! (As to an old late night movie here on CTV, Mob families tired of their kids cranking shit in their arms and getting done in because of it, just like the words in the movie moments ago, what was it "your fucken dead", an absolutely fantastic American actor, Al Picino plays one of the Police Officers in the movie) Never mined when they are forced into eating human meat because of the likes of you!!! Because I know too much from working the streets as an informant for our country as to a deal in Canadian Coast Guard College, you made it illegal to deal with me, and if one deals with me they get sued so you get rich, like fucken shit!!! It goes back to a elementary school and play grounds, aye Harper, you never grew up, I did work the streets for RCMP and CSIS!!! A lot of decent Conservative Politicians have to rebuild their life and careers because of you, just like me!!!! What did I hear Harper, you mess with me you are fucken dead, nothin' to do with me, just people fed up with footing the bill because of you!!!! Russian Federation/Chinese alligance can still assasinate people by their laws, nothing to do with me, we all want to stimulate the world economy!!!! Even the Russian Federation is fed up with the rise of the Neo-Nazi/Klu Klux Klan in their territory, get the message!!!

What was the shit out side of my apartment the other night, almost a race riot, like the bigots said, "Like Obama said, we own him", when a woman came to see me, and bigots would not let her in to see me, like fucken shit Obama owns me!!!!! Then at one point, I go to pick cigarette butts off the street for a smoke, MUTC Police were charging people or talking about the charges on people for enticing a race riot!!!!

As someone put it to me, who all came and went from my apartment when I was not home, it all goes back to a bloody desk of mine in high school with sacrafices being made at it that I knew nothing about, never mine bloody sacrafices being made at a piece of art I did in elementry school, my associate in my building is ages with me, and from my home town, we talk every now and again!!! That is why young women totally hated getting my special love notes when I was ages with them years ago, but it was like ,with this shit around his life, he needs us!!! Who is going to stop us now? Like my Bud in my apartment building from my home town said, write everything, let them all know!!! I remember my high school desk episode, it was like, "Iain, don't go in there, you do not want to see it". As my people say, "Iain, we all knew you would pull through", do not mess with my United Nations or you are history, we are all fed up with your bloody sacrafices around my stuff!!! Nothing like a Police candid camera catching you in action, aye, you are all the most wanted criminals that came into my apartment illegally and were spilling blood when I was not home in an commandeered apartment by Harper and Obama!!!!!! Yea, I got my own company paper work that has real blood on it, nothing to do with me, I always got to clean up the mess with the Police!

Yea I learned well off the TV show M.A.S.H., get drunk in my corner and cry my eyes out like a good Doctor!!!!

I just want to do some more art, continue writing, do a painting I emailed the Canadian Space Agency about, our female Astronautress Julie Payette, reaching out of the planet to space with her torch of my design etc, I call the painting "Lady Liberty", go to school, work a bit as an Engineering Technician again while paying the bills like anyone else, and be protected

Harper, I caught your latest comments on the News about me! You are so full of shit like a clogged over board shit tank flapper valve on a Canadian Coast Guard Vessel, I caught your comments, long ago, you were going to run the ladder from heaven for angels, what the fuck were you taking about? Me, little me, "Wee Iain", I never had a special CSIS Agent coming out of a street lamp, handing me a wad of bills in an envolope, and a parabol type note with fax number to send a invoice for the bills to this number within 24 hrs, like Muldure of the x-Files would have had!!!! Everything I did was out of the good of my heart from my Oath to Country Flag and Queen, because "I believed!!!"
Funny thing Harper, grade four, same year as the John Lennon "Bed In" for peace at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, I was always the one where "Niger Pile" was called upon. It was like all the grade 4, 5 and 6ers piled on top of me to crush me, when I fell to the snow at the bottom of the big snow bank where we all played "King of the Hill", I never knew anything, Mum and Dad never had me infront of a TV set!!! What was Yoko Ono's words in the John Lennon art show at the Museum of Fine Arts this year, "If he lives to see this"...something like that!!!! You are something really special Yoko Ono, your art show about John and everything, 40 years later, I even thought I coined the phrase "Honky Niger" for myself, where actual it was your ex-husband's words about me, those chosen words I used that I thought were my own, helped me survive this demented mob cult street that I took down with special thanks to various Police Forces in my Country and Interpol!!!,,, love yea something special Yoko, one day maybe I will get to show you a spin off of my own words, from studying John's work in music therapy at the hospital under the guidance of a Music Therapist!!!!! Oh yea, the words are incorporated with a instramental from my mouth recorder and lessons about Brahms and music based on calculations of seven around Church music from my Theology In Art class at Concordia University, me and my Prof with Administration and the Theology Department are still trying to figure out how I attend class without bullshit around me!!!

How do I put it? I hear my real LoriBear is totally proud of me, like my Laywer said in Court, I fell in love with the wrong special woman, stage acts, look a likes, it has been a long hard road being me sweet heart, I know what I got to do for CSIS, RCMP, Provincial Police Forces across the country, along with all our Municipal Police operations, I can not wait to get snuggled right and kissed good night and be told, "Do not worry, I am there for you, just kick butt like you always did!"....OXOX

Hey Harper, I hear you are steaming because I made you out to be such a fucken idiot, when a boiler over heats as to your corruption and bullshit, I get scum like you floating on top of my boiler water, that is when I open up my scum valve and blow down my boiler water system with the various Police Detachments across this "Great Nation of Ours" to take you down for your gross incompetentence that sided with corruption around me,, dee, da ,la daaaaaa stupid fucken idiot that never grew out of corruption and bulling since elementary school against me!!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

So I Could Have A Certain Woman, With A Good Head On Her Shoulders, To Help Smuggle Me Out Of The Country, Then All You Canadians Are Left With Your Harper/Obama Bullshit On Your Own

Stand by while this post is being but together, Anything happens to me, upon my death, EG: getting murdered, I now will and hand over, beseech, all my art and property along with interlectual engineering concepts, clothing designs for breast feeding etc, everything I ever thought of to produce or manufacture, upon my death goes to the Government of the Russian Federation. Screw all you Canadians with your corruption around me! A good Armorer, like me in engineering, can go any where he wants to earn a competent living and snuggle a woman at night in "Holy Bliss", or a Government/Governments money, will pay big time to free me from being a slave of a demented cult and give me a decent life and so my home will not be commandeered and illegal entrances made!!! Now an idoit is yapping about beseeching engineering concepts, like any design it is mine for so long, by copyright/patent, then others can bounce off it, I get to make my financial returns back from my research and development costs, you probally never wanted me around either and invested in having me murdered too, since you made that comment!!
Then on the News, some countries or something are starting a movement to kick Canada out of the Common Wealth, all you fucken idiots what you did to yourselves! All you idiot Canadians ruined my life with all your corruption around me, I can not wait to get smuggled away from you all!!! It is like the words from the old "Lee and Marvin" song from Halifax, "a man without a woman, is like a ship without a sail...." What I am suppose to say, or do? I spent most of my life a lone, I am still alone, as the" unwanted one", with all these replacements to walk my shoes when corruption around me here in Canada finally does me in, just like I was always been done from what age? Just little lonely me figuring out what to do with a TV set and radio, and then communicate through a blog! I even forget the last time I had a decent conservation, it makes one very hateful you know! What was that comment on the radio just now, my therapy is a lobotomy, lovely life being Canadian isn't it!! So finish it, come get me and give me the lobotomy!!!! Then what $600.00 plus expense a day sitting in a hospital ward, like someone said to me, don't worry your inventions will cover it all. No one owns me, I have no Art Manageress, or Art Manager , I got a really demented blond cult member yapping about me still, she is total sick!!! I hear the demented mob cult is totally broke, no more of my stolen Google money to play with and destroy lives!!! People get fired, or contracts terminated from breech of trust!!! By United Nations, no one can own another human being! It took me a bit of time, but I did figure out the basics of what was happening around me, no wonder I could never earn a living! There is the other side of the Canadian dime too, if people were allowed to have something to do with me, theoretically, I could prove certain children are mine through genetic tests, but if you clam to be mine and not associated to me by genetic test, I guess I clean up in a law suit, that is how it is done in the Courts. I am no virgin, I have had intercourse, I know who I have slept with!!! Futhermore, I never signed no contractural agreement with a person to manager my art career, I asked the wrong demented fuck head through an email correspondance, I admit that, but I signed no agreement with her to manage any thing around me. Oh, I forgot, I am suppose to be dead by now, right sweet broken heartless bitch. Under the mental health act, you are dangerous to yourself and/or others//criminally insaine...Daaaaaaaa!!!
With regards to bullshit trying to make me homeless, I last appeared in Regie de Logement Court on Oct 22 2009, had to wait for the Judge's decision in the mail, then find someone to translate it. Today is Nov 27 2009, normally people get three months to arrange a move and find a place with a notice, and I got to do it while under constant industrial sabotage in under a month. Normally, in Quebec, if your Landlord does not want to renew your lease, he/she has to give the apartment dweller three months notice, or if a dweller does not want to renew the lease with the Landlord, the dweller must give the Landlord three months notice, "Corruption" rules I guess to make people homeless ! Then of course I have to deal with the Conservative MP's comments on the News that my next apatment will be commandeered as well, so no new decent Landlord wants me anyway!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Got My Team Canada All Trying to Figure Out What to do Due to Harper/Obama Corruption Around Me, Just Like People Try And figure Out What To Do With PCB, The Coolent In Hydro Quebec's Street Transformers
(Any One Want To Help Prevent Me From Becoming Homeless Bacause I Know Too Much, Call Me 514 366 0239)

Stupidity upon stupidity. All these idiots that are promised to be me, first become an Engineering Techncian, then you got to spend your hitch going in and out of a subcontractor's storage locker checking for leaks of old PCB in storage containers without proper safety equipment. You see, when a building owner use untrained personal, messing up internal wiring in a building, the Hydro transformers close to the building starts breaking down due to the nature of electricity. They go for repairs and people have to deal with the PCB transformer coolent, store it and have someone like me varify the storage room for problems, often without the proper expensive protective clothing etc.I even had to come home on this city's transport system smelling like the PCB room!!! Like my people say, screw you all, my people are going to take care of me, my building owner can not blackmail a Regie de Logement Judge to screw me over, Police and all are handling this messy affair around me. Funny how the hydro transformers are being replaced on my street, and I know there are internal wiring problems in my building, I know and was trained how to use an electrical meter to varify wiring and all!!! Harper and Obama hate me so much, they use the ultimate corruption techniques to try and make me homeless, like they obviously have done to others before for. It is a way that they can steal and murder at their whim, as of the 29th of November I will be homeless carrying what I can of my stuff on my back through out the Canadian winter here on the streets of Montreal, and I still have a little pull cart to tote behind me, I could never succeed at anything because of their corruption always coming after me over the years and I never knew it!...... First I went through the ultimate cock tease by a media woman, she could not put me in prison, it is really strange what people will do to put a dollar in their pocket, now I have to find my way as a homeless man. I have to secure my last resort income cheque somewhere, which is legal for a homeless person, I will maintain my blog and all ,at least I ain't no money whore doing people in!....till later until what I figure out to write next!!! I would have been better off coming out a mis-carriage, all the big bucks that always wanted me dead, what was it all for? Now even Concordia University is doing me in, probally lining their pockets doing it!!!Ironic how a couple of people around my apartment building keep me informed how people come and from my place/apartment when I am not home, more often than not, people do not even return my phone calls etc!!! Oh yea, I have no kids, fuck you too that were raised to belived I was your Father, sue your Mother for brain washing you!!! Then get a genetic test and try and find the father by the artifical insemination!!! This scam is all part of a demented cult around me, not my problem, it is yours, like I wrote, I had no part of this demented cult! Oh and don't worry kids, my life is ruined just like yours!!! Why do you think no one is allowed to have any thing to do with me, that way I will not be able to prove that I am not your Father!!! I got to deal with the extremely high price on my head to have me murdered, so we are all on our own, I am the one that has got to deal with having no one and all the money floats to ruin my life and have me murdered!!! What is this crap, by Russian Law now, I am not allowed a woman, we will see what happens to fucken you, someone better straighten this mess out!!! What? All I got is a 2,1/2 apartment, a radio and TV and my blog, with a medical welfare cheque income, and no one to trust because everyone screws me over, that is not exactly a real life!! I had to tell the University where to go for its corruption, so I am no longer studying Theology and Religious Studies! The hospital and all is so corrupt, it can not even return my phone calls! I can not even get a Lawyer through the Quebec Bar Association, to help me sort out the crap around me, stupid, really fucken stupid!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I Am Sick And Tired With All This Crap Around Me To do Me In for Ten Years And More Because Of My Winter Thermal Window Proto Type Invention, I Could Heat The Space Station With My Engineering Conception "Baby" , Just Like a Few Plants And All Because Of Idiots Not Wanting Me To Have The Financial Rewards Of Great Engineering Principles!!! You Ass Holes Are Not Driving Me Under Any More Or Slandering Me Or Cutting Off My Reproductive Organs, I am A Man With Needs, Things Can Be Handled Correctly Around Me Without Corruption and Industrial Sabotage Around My Inventions!!!!

(Stand by while this post is being put together, I am constantly hitting the key board while trying to edit my own work, stand by me, I work at getting it done right) I am 49 years old, a lot of really good men and women grew up around me, older and younger, and can effectively explain things to the younger generations as they come into being ) To be blunt, it goes back to me being a three years engineering genius and people did not want me, I know what I built as a three year old with engineering toys!!!! I have been through enough!!! I remember bumping into my "Star of David Gal" at one point way back, people wanted her dead in the neighbourhood she lived in, I informed her about it and how people wanted me to do it when I was working as a prize Police informant!!!! She is still alive and kicking butt with her career!!! Here in the News, A.D.H.D. in kids and all with lead poisoning, yea lead solder in copper pipes in homes etc, it should be done with silver solder and that costs more big bucks and a plumber's licence to handle high temperature gas to melt the silver based solder!!! There are all sorts of soldering as lead based solders and percentages, one has to know what product is for what in engineering application as not to poison people and children with the reprocussions in medical costs!!! The old Roman Empire went down from using lead based drinking goblets in early metallurgy, it was a theory, white lead based mascara in old Europe did in peoples faces!. Like on my M.O.T. Oral exam in the Canadian Cost Guard, the Inspector popped the same question on me for ship board application, then said, "Iain, it has been a long day of exams, I am exhausted, you answered the question right, you pass, if you had answered this question wrong I would have failed you." Higher lead percentage based solder is for certain enngineering applications and is usually the cheaper solder, not to be used in domestic water piping!!! I still deal with the toxic fumes when I solder the joint, there is not a all in one protective breathing mask for every product one works with, my engineering risk with my smarts!!! Welding steel, the welders were once faced with iron lung, research and development improved the welding electrode, we also invested in stronger finished welds, it is still hazardous to the health without proper venting etc to protect the welder! You want to try a cutting torch for steel, one is dealing with a form of rock fuel, safety rules around the use of the torch and the equipment!! The welding flash and spark can start a fire, from a cutting torch as well, when not properly handled in certain building applications, there are fire watch rules when welding or cutting in certain environments! That is why there are certified trades persons that are properly trained, and endorsed with a Provincial license as in Canada!!! How many years did I spend in a class room and in practical application on the job building my Engineering Technician career???? I AM TIRED OF THIS CRAP AROUND ME AND BEING DUBBED NOT WANTED, BECAUSE DEMENTED FUCK HEADS ARE RUNNING THINGS!!! Now I am totally exhausted fighting for my life and inventions!!! We stopped using mercury based thermometers as we evolved in engineering and had safer products, still a lot where sunk in the oceans from steam ships in WWI and WWII, mercury is now in the top of the ocean food chain and monitored !!!!! Even while being there for the people as an Engineering Technician, I have always dealt with toxins etc, it is part of engineering, it all depends how one handles it, safety equipment, and high white blood cell count like me to survive it all! Even medically we have learned and evolved, what we know about white blood cell count fighting cancer, we did not know years ago, as to Canadian cancer research!!!! Even our Olympic Torch is a load of crap through my eyes, incomplete combustion, and carbon deposits around burner tip and toxins around burner tip materials etc, it is around our runners for the torch!!!! There are proper ways to have complete combustion, at least thrive for it and keep it there, without your burner tip burning up with carbon deposits etc and giving off toxins as a process of combustion!!!! There is such a thing as a carbon fire when it gets hot, nobody wants to deal with a carbon fire in engineering or fire fighting!!! We even have a recall now on baby cribs, there are proper ways to invest on a test bed for endurance and safety on an engineered product to save lifes, one has to, there are too many recalls in society from lack of good engineering tests and safety protocal!!! The automotive industry spends a fortune with crash test dummies, just to make safety standards for a car crash because people can not even handle driving a piece of engineering without crashing it from a lot of stupid driving practices!!!! Here on my dependable CTV National News with a very special Anchor Woman/Lady, (I easily fall in love with your time slot Marcia) you being a top of the line Reporter with trained Staff like others you work with, is front line Soldiering for the people, (Demented Fuck Heads do not like what a top of the line Reporter is on to, just like me, what happens to the Reporter?)CTV's and your "Santa Safety" segment, you want me to be a "Santa Safety Inspector" number 1, the pamphlet with certain engineered products are inept and is not written right, Technical Writing is a very specialized field, two minutes on my test bed, off the shelves for Christmas, I would illimate countless stupid products instant moded from lack of proper technical writing for the product, then safety failure on my test bed, just need some financial backing on the empty industrial square footage down the street from my present location!!!! Here on my CTV National News, Britsih Columbia, the UK and flooding from rains, what seeding clouds in a war zone, I remember saving my Grandfather's retirement home in the hills of Scotland, I dug the trenches around the house for how many hours straight, came in for a meal, went back out digging the trench and when I left the table from eating, I said to my Aunt and Grandad, "Pray I do it right and the rains stop like you prayed in the trenches of WWI to survive, or this house is going down the clide!!!" My Grandfather's retirement home never went down the clide, man did I ever work as trained in Canadian Uniform and my Aunt and Grandad's prayers worked by my side during record rain fall in northern Scotland Fall 1982!!!! Grandad was one of seven in his battlilon or regiment in the Battle of Somme, France, 100,000 men died in the battle within days, Grandad made it home to breed!!!! Never mined trying to control the weather with elnimo tipe ocean currents and heat from a nuclear submarine fleet working together and three stage cooling systems for nuclear power plants, if I wanted to pump heat over board from a submersed nuclear power plant I could handling the valve system, yea but I am infecting myself with residual nuclear discharge doing my job........stupid fucking stupid....Never knew Mr Colber and Colber Nation could hold such a good tune with Elvis about a beer and a guitar lesson for inspiration...!!!! Here in Canada our Police Department has budget for flack jackets...I really feel for American Police Officers taking on corruption and bullshit without an flack are kind of like me...I have no flack jacket and people want to take me on a prayer together!!!!! Me it is handling the radar and sonar at the same time, yea my radio and the Chinese say on the radio...people are going to learn to stop messing with "Wee Iain"...ever see joint Military maninouvres with an armada of Chinese and Russian Military hardware, the United States Government has nothing against the Chinese manpower alone...never mine precise engineering in military hardware...the USS New York...I heard the thing is a rust bucket and not even sea worthy and it was just takes years of steel can not recycle burn't offerings from New Orleans and the World Trade got to work with what is called virgin steel for military ship building and have top of the line metal alloys for bullet proof steel par say....!!!!! How much did the US Government pop for teak wooden decks where it was applicable in the ship design in bridge work/control back up decks for compuss points and a sun run sun by sexton when you have no satnav!!!!...teak is so expensive because it is in short supply, but it is the wooden deck ever since we built a ship using teak!!! In my youth I gave my best Canadian stamp when I just bought it to a Oriental Gal,,,told her you better make sure your Orient has a Military for me, there will be war because of me and I need your people's military hardware, just like the best of our shit on this stamp with memorbilia of Canadian military hardware...and I even doubled back on a lecture about being a child labourer and all with Canadian law...even if she was working for Mum and Dad in their Chinese fast food kitchen and being the one serving me my food at my table....we do fight for each other ...we have our way Miss to get you to serve me that hardy me again....!!!!!!!!! I want to retire from my Canadian War Room fighting against stupidity that says I am not allowed to breed, here is to banging bone one day after my stupid fucken war and producing a male child by Oriental tradition, yea but to work the toxic engineering forge like Dad!!!!!!!!! The Russian Federation even want to build a L.N.G port at the mouth of my Belle Provance...that is top of the line money and jobs for Quebec Industry, ship yards and L.N.G. Carriers that are a work of art floating on the Oceans alive!!!! Just to work with the Oreck air filtration/purifier system and the Doctor that produced the engineering work of art, yea I got my terry cloth window filter with saline solution for humidity for plaster/gyprock walls so they do not dry out in winter heat, while killing bacteria/mold in places that is part of my building or that comes into my home. My design could do in his design in unless we consulted together for compatiblity standards in engineering!!! When a Housewife uses her clothes dryer, it is in effect a vacuum pump depleting the apartment/home of air, one must crack out a window and have correct clean air levels with efficient air levels. When my ex did multitudes of laundry, I got sleepy, then opened the small window some, and was OK .....a good ear can hear the clothes dryer working harder on the pump in a more vacuum type condition in the home!!! Little closing note before going to my Theology class, you want me to drop any key into plastic molding CIA technology, then cut the key to the mold...I am in any where I want to go...we got to go, eg: Opus Montreal Transport system, pass computer chip/double sided key with electromagnet alarm system with Alarm Force or who ever back ground check security CIA "Harpobama" bullshit is getting in my home!!!! The wrong person turns the barrel on my lock to enter my home, the electromagnet will set off the alarm through technology controlled by alarm system and Montreal Transport system load/discharge computer chip of Opus card Bank card/Visa Card!!!! By terms of Blogger, my blog company, everything is/was copyright protected, OK now we have high five, how many Opus Pass computer chips can I put on a CD, then a recorder player of CD's in a computer bank cam system technology as to old record players loading LP on a spindal...the Quebec Government want to help the people with a computer chip medicare card, so Doctors can figure out or medical problem through medical we got to protect our technology as to the Quebec Manifesto around Doctor Goober Modesty which was written when I was still a teenager, and steel to do me and my people as in for Hydro, Water and Oil because the Americnas are over populated through artifically producing my replacement for their demented cults, you want me to split a pregnant woman's egg with electromagnets and make all the twins I want , one problem...the calculated brain malfuctions through electromagnet tectnology splitting human eggs through electromagnetic technology , they turn out as brain washed idiot, still who all sold female eggs and who all masterbated into a test tube to make a promised child to replace the 3 year old Quebec engineering genuis!!!!!!!! Medicare is a socialist system, as in Dr Bethume going to China because he was fed up, perhaps , he is in his grave now, but I am not a Doctor to make money off healing the people, OK they still need a competant pay cheque for the slavery to save the people, what is this American document of a 1000 plus pages for medicare,(War and Peace book, how many pages to get hrought it?) you want to me write i,t Dr Bethume style on a 4 x 6 double sided piece of paper, no American Senetor can read, edit and pass a 1000 page plus medicare bill that protects the American citizen, it is done my way, two page document well written!!!!!My sources say even more CIA money hate me, OK my source says to me, the Chinese Armada ARE GOING TO GIVE YOU OUR ULTIMATE Elimino effect, fuck you too, Black Supremist Obama that preached against me for how many years with HARPER , Devil Beast Rapist ain't ruling the World, IT IS me PROTECTING MY ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY FOR THE PEOPLE!!!~! YOU SHOULD GET THE FUCKEN MESSAGE!!!! wILL EDIT LATER, GOT TO GET TO THEOLOGY CLASS!! It is like a vey good woman got word to me, it is like the battle of Stalingrad, there is no retreat, or I will gun you down on your retreat from this CIA American backed Neo-Nazi/Black Supremist medical/military bullshit to take down me and Canada! Get the fucken message, all Americans will die unless you stop the bullshit around me, I am not going down to American bullshit doing me in, I got too much backing to save my Country from you, I would really hate to have a very special Lady gun me down because I retreated from the fight to save her and her children!!!!!!! Nothing like a deep winter sleep, too bad so sad for idiots that surpress me from human rights and freedom to earn a living! My special Ladies are going to snuggle me royally, and fuck me royally to produce healthy children, when I save them and their children and fellow Country persons from this demented American Government bullshit doing me in with PM Harper! I am not a terrotist, the American Government used the CIA to try and murder for how long now, I fight for justiice because the US Government never want mmy engineering genuis to succeed, nbow you Americans are the ultimate terrorists messing with my lfe fore too long!!! I did not fleece my own Google money, who was thwe American Politician that said "Doctor Goober Modesty has to die", you financial backed him to murder me, now you all go down for messing with my life!!! We all know which American infidal was in my apartment and left his credit card reciept behind, it was an illegal entrance messing with my life and personal property!!! Harper and Obama willnot even give a blood sample as acussed rapistist!!! We decent people say, when my apartment was commandeered, what transpired in here when I was not home, led to all the Internet kiddy porn serge, you Americans that financial back this, you go down with the elected officials that started this mess!!! The whole world is sick and tired of the American Government messing with people's lives to get what thay want!!!! Clean up your own back yard and save your own sorry asses!!! It is like our Canadian anti gambling TV ad, do not gamble your life away! What is that Kenny Rodgers song, "You gotta know when quit", something about gambling? Nothing like me and my Team Canada saving the planet from ourselves, the whole world gathered in our Dominion of old for World Peace, and we are going to bring that Peace upon ourselves and noboby is going to stop us being there for the children of tomorrow!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Disease now located at:

I got acknowledged by for what I exposed on my blog, the button is a link to their web site. As to my previous post, counterfeit products also include counterfeit medications or illegal entrance into your apartment by lock picking or with illegal copies of your key, criminals will also play with your medication cabinet, or tamper with the food in your fridge to make you sick if certain individuals consider you an undesirable to have in soceity! The button below is a link to my art portfolio with the associated web host. A lot of people played off my memories, while taking an insurance policy out on  me while trying to have me murdered, you are all very sick people that illegally came into my apartment and used it for your own demented purposes while applying engineering and all to commit murder to collect on insurance etc!! Let me guess, you are all part of  this demented cult surrounding my life which I never knew about, my life of intrique and a murderous trail of blood that indivduals left behind murdering people I tried to hook up with or be with through my innocent desire to be with one woman and have a family one day. I have no art manager, friends to talk to or nothing due idiot blackmailers ruining my life, thus I am left with my own capabilities to succeed and stay alive and sell a piece of art one day, while still having the desire to be with a special Lady I can trust! I can not even trust the present Federal Government of Canada with the crap around me and their association with mobsters to do me in with the corruption they are part of !!! The Federal Government of Canada even uses tax dollars and all to mess with my email and everything, but I have media associates that back me but are threatened so as not to interview me! So my parents just told me where to go and want nothing to do with me, because I am not stupid, and all I wanted was a honest righteous life building a future for myself. Now I have absolutely no one to turn to in this Country except Quebec Law and those that enforce it, the media and the University along with the Hospital Staff that stands by me!! If only one of them was allowed to phone me, funny how my phone never rings even when I leave messages with them all or email them, no one is allowed to get back to me, funny thing!! Thus I am always alone taking on this demented cult that set out to destory my life, some of us are not so stupid! My Mother called me this morning Nov 21st and apologized. She is like me, she did not know what was going all these years to have me done in, we never knew! My parents always tried the utmost to help me succeed against all odds. What it cost them, never mind me due to idiots setting out to do me in and slander me so I could not earn a living, like my Last Resort Income Agent said to me yesterday, "No wonder you could never earn a living".

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Start Of My Remembrance Day Art And Posting For 2009
(My special piece of art for Canada's Remembrance Day has come along way)
(I know when I went out for a bit, Harpobama's saboturing idiots messed with my art during another illegal enterance into my apartment, it is my art nobody else's, you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for industrial sabotage, my Quebec Police camera watches over my property)
Today is a very special day for Canadians through out the Country, as we take time to remember our fallen soldiers of past Canadian war efforts, present war efforts, and also take time to reflect on the sacrifices that are made by men and women of the Canadain Armed Forces, along with their families and loved ones, to preserve our borders and its integrity, past peace keeping efforts through out the World over the years, and their commitment to duty on the war against terrorist/extremist with an arsonal of weaponry. I spent my time for the 11 hour in a moment of silence at my favorite war memorial, while standing at attention I went into a form of transcendal meditation going into my thoughts with my eyes closed, reflecting on what our Country has been through out its war history and how men and women have served our Country with such dedication over the years to maintain the democratic process bound by the laws of our constitution and the rights and freedom within that document, that make us the proud Canadians that we are.
While at the war memorial that I spent my 11 hour at today, I wrote down the words that are inscribed on the stone monument, then picked up a Maple leaf on my departure from the park, and stuck it in a precious book of mine, while thinking of creating something special as an Artist/Writer for Remembrance Day. I then went by the library at Concordia University here in Montreal, and looked up Canadian war history in certain books to find some chosen words, thus I put something very special together as a presentation to honour our Canadian Troops, past and present, which is as follows:

The War Memorial Commensurates Service Persons Starting From WWI
The War Memorial Was Erected After The Korean War

From the book "The Canadian Front In France and Flanders" by Ralf Frederic Lardy, published by A. and C. Black, Ltd. London,1920; I found the the words by Scott Marmion which are as follows:

"Sober he seemed, and sad of cheer
Yet deem not in his thoughtful eye
Did aught of do stand terror lie;
More dreadful far his ire
Than those who, scorning danger's name,
In eager mood to battle came,
Their valour, like light straw in flame,
A fierce but fading fire."

Furthermore in another text called, "The Great War As I Saw It" on Canadian war history wrtitten by Canon Frederick George Scott C.M.G., D.S.O., 1st Canadian Divison,C.E.F., published by F.D. Goodchild Co, Toronto, 1922., I found a section of the Canon's written words and took an excerpt from it while he was in attendance in the Cathedral at St Omer, "...restful to sit in it and meditate looking down the long sides and morning when the sun was flooding in the building and casting the colours of the windows in rich patterns on the Shelley's great elegy... remembered those wonderful last mind was carried far away, beyond the anxieties and sorrows of the present,...'To where the soul of Adonais like a star beacons from where the eternal bode are,'

In closing of quotes:
"Carry the word to my sisters,
To the Queens of the east and the south
I have proven faith in the heritage
By more than word of the mouth.
They that are wise may follow
Ere the world's was trumpet blows:
But I-I am first in the battle,
Said our Lady of the snows."
Rudyard Kipling

(stand by for the ending of this posting, I have worked all day and it is after midnight)
Little closing note: The art work for this posting is not finished yet, in special honour of Tim Hortons, that support our Troops with coffee at the front in Afghanistan, I made the brown water colour out of recycled Tim Hortons coffee grains, as our past Military Artists scraped to put together pigments to record WWI & II in art form. I used other simple organic materials today Nov 12th to make other shades of water colours as I carried on creating my special piece of art that I started on Canada's Remembrance Day 2009.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

It Is An Idiomy Of Ultimate Stupidity What Has Transpired Around Me, Even With Myself Studying Islam At University In One Course I Am Taking, My School Work On The Subject Has Been Slandered Along With The Muslim Faith, I Have Grown Religiously And Learned More Of The History Of Mankind Through This Educational Development!!!

(Stand by while this post is being put together)
These two images of this post are very special, the first contains certain sacred symbols of Islam, the woman in the Hijab sketch from my course notes, I learned that Muslim women wear the Hijab as a symbol of modesty, it tickles me pink how I use the word "Modesty" in my pen name and how it was pinned on me by a female Nurse. The cresent moon and star of Islam, well I learned whence it came during my course, it is sacred. Then, I put up a image of my own, a symbolic fish from the concept of the real creature of the oceans, a "clown fish". The origin of this dual image concept of mine for putting these works of art together, stems from the words in my high school year book. Destintation: Canadian Coast Guard; Propable Destination: Fisherman. I succeeded in the Coast Guard training and now I am enriching myself religiously while fishing around different original traditional theological and religious foundations! It is funny how I got the nick name Goober in high school, I heard some rumours that my first fantasty gal that I wanted to get to know and have as a high school friend, who I dubbed "My Pocahantos" while defending her against bigotry in grade seven french class, had further dubbed me Doctor Goober M..... and did some writings around this concept as a Canadian Native Indian. Then I came up with the pen name Doctor Goober Mickeal on my own through nick names that were put on me, it is like "what goes around comes around", I remember the first business card I put together a long time ago, "Doctor Goober M....., Artist/writer/photographer,/revolutionary thinker"...HHhuuummmmmm....Many grooves to a Canadian dime, I looked into some American history, the Boston tea party, pre-rebellion to the British Throne. How many years back now, people learned to poise as other people, as in the Boston tea party rebels poising as Native American Indians to get off with things. Yea who all poised as me to get off with things? The Police and my Lawyer know individuals have tried to steal my identity and poise as me, it does not work, my movements are well watched over by the honest and righteous of traditional intellectual thought!!!
(OH, Obama, I will not even respond to your crap about me and hallucinating the media, my sources say I do not hallucinate the media and you and your political bed fellow Harper are wanted war criminals, I am totally forgetting about you and your delusions about me, we the decent folk know what is going on!!)
As to further thoughts with my theological/religious studies from a previous semester's paper, in a comparison of translation process from ancient Judaic to Christian texts of the Old and New Testament, I made a link that illustrated God's Devine plan is acted out over a long period of time and is intertwined with time and place. Here is my link between texts where the early Judaic Prophet Jacob buried his wife Rachel in Bethlehem, and when King Herod massacred infants in search of the baby Jesus, Rachel's tomb/grave comes to life from the grave in "a voice {that} was heard in Ramah wailing and loud lamentations, Rachel weeping for her children, she refused to be consoled, because they were no more." (Matthew 2:18) As to the prophcy that God spoke to Jeremiah as found in the Old Testament text referring to the joyful return of the exiles. The great Islamic Prophet Muhammad was the next individual to be recognized as speaking Devine ideologies with capabilities, and the modern day Judaic folk are still waiting for their Messiah Prophet to free them bigotry, corruption, and injustices against tolerance to all traditions faiths as all the great Prophets of history spoke of. Myself, I was baptized under St Andrews United Church of Canada and follow traditional beliefs through their teachings and that which I study at the University level to help grow with my personal aspect of believing in God etc! Here I am plugging away through one of my courses in religious studies, and I am learning something about Hinduism, the main traditional belief system of the far east as in India. It proves to be very interesting and complicated. Then you see the clip of Harper on stage in India with India's women of dance, and Harper and his wife have no moves to compete with India's dancing women!!! Our PM and his wife look rather blaw on stage with female Hindu's with a few good moves on what looks like a very danceable stage!! (I was always known to have a few good moves on a dance floor, I had a way of turning to a Hindu Goddess for the dance, an invisable/imaginary Devine partner when I had no one else to dance with)With studying hinduism in my cousre at Concordia, I learned that it was part of the Hindu way to make symbolic snakes, stemming from the history of their faith. Ironically I made a symbolic King Cobra, a snake well known to India's people, stemming from my own Godly beliefs through studying pre-Christian texts that were part of the Judaic way of thinking, it is presently in my apartment window art show as the top piece of my Native Canadian Indian Inukshuk of my own design. As a note of logic towards the Muslim woman wearing a Hijab, a sand storm can whip up in desert terrain quickly, a scraf over the the face and hair filters out sand to keep the hair clean and out of the lungs. Even myself I wear a form of a Hijab in a Canadian winter snow storm, to keep my hair dry from blowing snow and keep my mustash from freezing with ice formed by blowing became part of their religious tradition I suppose!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

With The Decision Of The Regie Du Logement Judge From The Court Proceeding Against My Landlord, My Lease Is Cancelled And I Can Move Out, Nobody Should Have Commandeered My Apartment For Their Own Personal Use!!!

(Stand by while this posting is being put together, the image is based on a sculpture which was my source of inspiration, like my people say, "Wee Iain Is Our Baby")(I am yet to get the English version of the Judge's decision, but the telephone conversation with the Regie du Logement today gave me a basic interpretation, where are these Ladies that are out there for me from my youth that always wanted to save me, like I recieved a phone call just earlier, my friend said, "I do not believe you are finally free from this demented cult, I am buying some art from you!")Then on the other side of things, American CIA Agents are being rounded up and arrested, like in Italy recently, they have become the ultimate terrorists with technology to steal for the American Government and their own protectionism!!!!! When I nailed crack cocaine idiots here in Montreal hooked up to the American CIA, and reported it to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, we knew we were on to something!!!!! As an Afro-Brit ex-paratrooper that became a MI5 Agent, said to me here in Montreal, "When you walked into a Obama bar in New York City about 25 years ago,(I do not have my dischrge book any more, it was reported stolen some time back) I was the one that kept you alive, and you even bought me a drink in the round you purchased!" (Kind of a paraphrased qoute over the years) Never mind the "True Russian Federation KGB Friends" of mine!!!!! Along with what ever we call the Chinese Secrete Service that have alliences with me, do we really want a Police State around Godly morals and ethics? Really now, I know there are a lot of innocent American citizens I got save too, as I emailed Hillary Clinton, "what the hell do I pray for, their were individuals on both sides of the boarder that wanted me done in, I had my own survival tactics!!!" Now it is on Canadian radio, it is illegal for American Politicians to own bars/swilling joints, for they are gathering places! Then why does Obama own bars or have money tied up in them? Appairently Americans are shocked!!! Hey Obama, too bad you mouthed off about me whea back when and I never knew it, like the streets do not talk; eventual Interpol will teach you not to mess with me!!!!!!! Like I do not already have an African General that apppeared in Court with me, who had tribal scars , he backs me , not fuck'en you!!!(He was learning proper Court Room procedure to take back home, using me as an example, he was my escort at the time) Once again oil and minerial rights, murder for money, on my streets Interpol says go to hell Obama!!!! You owe the Chineese how much, that is a gun for higher by my book keeping!! As a Theology Professor put it, "Wee Iain, you are the World economics to come by Devine Intervention, the Holy Pontiff backs you", or shall I say it in lesser words. Accordingly, by the word on the street with Interpol cops everywhere around me, you mess with me, you are dead!!! By the way you two Assholes,Obama and Harper, Swiss Guard, ever heard of them, they protect Vatican banks and me....all in alliengence with Interpol....never mind Muslim money with protype- invnetions we figured out together....(Like I got the media clip, Harper and Obama are pissed off I figured out what is going on and has been going on, thanks to News you can trust and good media reporting, along with Hospital Staff and University students and Staff, too bad Hea!!!) Like the Dr Phil clip from his show, "we got to stop masterbating into a test tube for money when we are young, now that we know what they are doing with it, and blaming you know who to be the father...."