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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Love Being An Artist/Writer, Here Are Two Images, One A Studio Shot In My Apartment. My "Heineken Lilies Of The Valley" And "My Mega Cannon", An On Site Shot. The Cannon Is From WWI Or WWII, And Still In Place To Protect The Harbor Of Montreal! My "Heineken Lilies Of The Valley" Can Be Your "Valley Of Death" Through "My Mega Cannon", As I Protect My City Of Montreal, The Province Of Quebec, Along With My "Home And Native Land", With What? The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword, Or In New Millennium Days, The Key Board Is A Very Powerful Weapon! It Would Not Take Much To Design A Double Barrel Pump Action Howitzer To Place On The Old Gun Mount!

(Stand by while this post is being put together) I dealt with a businessman , his father/Grandfather's business was illegal, but then the business became legal, how does the son that inherited the business deal with a honest and righteous life like he promised himself and his children!!! We are both sick of it as I was last told!!! Try reading the "Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravist", by Mortical Richerlar. (A Montreal story, could be spelling mistakes in these last words, I am looking for correct spelling.) I know I have done a lot of American bashing, I will make it up to them one day, like my cousin from New Zealand said, rightious and honourable Americans do back me. Why was my Google money stolen and why were people promised to be me? It is even on the radio today Aug 31st! I think it is about time to bury the hatchet and give me my Google money. I have some very special memories camping as a child in the Aderondaik Mountains in New York State, like when a total stranger gave me an American dollar coin, and said, "You remind me of my son, he is over in Vietnam fighting right now". (I stand corrected, I was told it was a 50 cent piece) Now my spell check does not work, I never could spell very good, but I can do a lot of others things to very high standards. It would also be really nice to go back to Rollands Pond or Buck Pond to do some camping in New York State, and then go looking for that old total wonder of the World to me. There was a giant boulder in the woods that got split in two, by a young maple or poplar tree that grew up through the center of the boulder, and actually split it in two with the power of Mother Nature and a young growing tree. As a teenager that could manouver over any thing in the woods, I would have had a hard time climbing up on the giant boulder it was so big, but a young sapling could split it in two growing up through the center of the boulder. More and more people are getting a total kick out of my story, like I was more or less told today, we all knew but you. As the British band, The Beetles sang, "With a little help from my friend....", and I have a whole army of them that I did not know about. Yes my memory gets stimulated and I figure more and more out what has transpired around me and why. In my previous posts, I have mentioned about a number of women that I left love poetry with, indicating for them to be there for me later in life. As I have learned, they have always been there for me in a multitude of ways without me knowing it. Now here is some Scottish Soldiering history from World War I, the male Scottish Soldiers in their kilts were known as "The Ladies From Hell", they were capable of conquering the enemy at all due cost, hence they obtained their nick name! In memory of my Scottish heritage and Soldiering, I am dubbing my team of Ladies that fought so hard for me, "My Ladies From Hell", because of the hell they go through for justice around my story and life! "My, My My", as the Scottish phrase goes, I sketched a corn cob pipe out in "My Native Land", to honour the hell my Native Canadian Indian Pocahontas is/went and going through just to be at my side once again!!! Till later....Now PM Harper is messing around with the wrong people & their money, I just found out it was his brother that tried to rape my Pocahontas when I was in the Canadian Coast Guard College. According to what I was told, it was a long trial, the idiot Harper family had more money at the time, so a young Native Indian woman did in a Harper asshole fighting off a rape, how sweet revenge can be with an Internet presence. How is my Katie a cannibal PM Harper, when a woman bites and scratches fighting off a rape, then comes out of it still a virgin, who is fooling who, I am taking you down Harper, mega time!!!!!!! Then Harper makes his own laws to do me in as Prime Minister!!!!!!! It is called political interference and corruption, with a demented mobster cult family, just watch what becomes of this my fellow Canadians!!!!!!!!!!! I have this theme song of mine, "I ain't nothing but a Hound Dog, sniffing out bull shit for the RCMP" is a bit of a spoof song of mine, based on what was originally done by Elvis Presley Funny thing once again, I wrote a score sheet for a theme song for World peace, the first line goes," We the allied forces of Mothearth", with the appropiate musical notes. My score sheet has been tampered with, I have access to a photocopy of my original, plus the song the way I wrote it with assistance from my music lessons, has been copyrighted through Ottawa, Canada, Music Archeives. Too bad idiots messed with the copy in my music book, it is going to be fingerprinted as well. More proof of illegal enterance into my apartment and industrial sabotage, which is going to cost you 25 years in a Federal prison, that is what you usually get for industrial sabotage!!!!! Too fucken bad!!!!! The word Mothearth, comes from a Russian Pagan deity for the Planet, I used that word for certain reasons, like I have Pagan roots from Scotland, pre-Christian period, from whence my blood line came!!!!!! Where do people think "Stonehenge" came from, brilliant celestial minds, associated to Druids/Pagan ancestry!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Now Lets See Who Is Who,
Welcome To My "Pandora's Box"
Stand by while this posting is being put together, I mentioned in an earlier posting that certain individuals tried to burn me to the ground by committing arson in my apartment, I found it funny how the smoke alarm never went off at the time when the Montreal Fire Department changed the battery at Halloween, it worked then when tested, so who changed my battery for a dead one. Hope you wore gloves so as not to leave finger prints on the dud battery you put in my smoke alarm!!! Strange things happen with names, did I hear right during the late night movie "Ghost Busters" on CTV? That was the first time I saw the movie! The name Doctor Goober M..... is used, funny how when I was sailing the Eastern seaboard of the States, I bought a brick in a bar to raise money for cancer, that was pre-1984, the date of the movie. Actually my pen name goes back pre- 1982 when sailing the Eastern seaboard of the States...OK, the brick was signed Dr Goober and Matie with a Canadian Maple Leaf, a Navigation Officer and I drinking together, gave to cancer through buying a brick with a written message. So I only used 2/3 of my pen name! At what age do I go back when Americans actually started steeling from me? Now I know why I was chosen for population control, and money floats to try and have me murdered, or keep me in poverty, Americans even stole my first invention as a child. To shut me up, they always invested to have me done in or murdered, who all wants this American way of doing business, certainly not me!!!! Then according to certain sources, the Harper and Obama Governments, hand picked all these look a like replacements for me, that they can control like puppets because they all have false ID to replace me. Like certain women close to me say, "I am really sacred with what is going on around you", these replacement me(s), are already hitting on my women that have my love poetry from when I was younger!! Well well now, so I got around to do some vacuuming again, like in among the computer wiring at the back of my desk, then I find more evidence of illegal entrance into my apartment! What am I doing finding an "Intech, Titanium 1" golf ball? I do not even own golf clubs, never mind a golf ball!!! I guess the Police will be able to figure out somehow, who was trying to play mini putt in my apartment when I was not home!!! Ironically, I got a Muslim gentleman that is a business owner that said to me tonight, "What it cost me for serving you food, we always believed in you!" fortunately he had Iranian money helping him out taking on black & white supremacists that wanted to be me! It is like a got a dozen honest & righteous women, plus a whole Nation backing me against corruption, kind of like how I remember what the Kennedy Politicians and what they stood for, taking on corruption and the Mafia influencing politics!!! After all, the American Government did cop a deal with the Sicilian mob, to help the American Marines take down Hitler & Mussolini in Italy during WWII, then the Mafia started to control the American Government post WWII I think, especially when I started taking down the Mafia here in Canada as an internal mole! When one thinks about it, the money it would cost to do a back ground check on every Politician in Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Courts, just to make sure they are not tainted blood by the mobsters and time in prison and the related blackmail, never mind cross border shopping for Court records!!! I had a discussion with a fellow graduate from the Canadian Coast Guard College at our last reunion, it was about, "what mobsters will do to make a honest man/woman one of their soldiers, actually, Canadians prefer Men/Women Soldiers in the Canadian Armed forces, , CSIS, RCMP, Canadian Coast Guard or Provincial/Municipal Police Forces, then we can always bust corrupt Politicians!!!! Our Fire Fighters and Ambulance Technicians make for a very special type of soldier too, they are always putting their lives at risk doing the job they do, between driving at high speeds getting to the scene of an emergency, to what they have to deal with on the job, and like I once said to a Nurse, "you are a front line soldier with what you have to deal with, then Doctors follow up". After all, how do I account for all the Canadian front line Soldiers in Canada, that defend our water, oil & hydro, for example, I can not stomach what some News Reporters deal with to get the story out, and I was know in the Canadian Coast Guard for having a cast iron stomach for anything! At 49 years old, I have Court records, what, cigarette smoking violations and a knife too big which was a municipal by law which I did not know about at the time, the knife was a tool as a trades person,OH yea, then harassment charges against a media personality due to corruption and blackmail at the age of 47 or there about!!! Then recently a municipal fine for incinerating infected wood with rot and disease that used to be a stupid bird house in a maple tree. (It was a small back yard fire) There are too many bird feathers on the ground on my street, I figured the demented bird house had something to do with it, promoting a bird flue or disease! It is like we need a National Building Code now for bird houses, when we have pet birds, we do have to clean the cage and everything! I am still being dragged through the Courts over the harassment charge, I am starting to forget time and space, it is like I got to check paper work to get the facts straight!!! Then for late night thoughts,Vatican II, Chicago, Mob money being pumped into the Church as a way of God forgiving their Sins, and trying to control Vatican city in Rome,(This is mentioned in the book "The Pontiff") fuck you to Mobsters, I am going to do you in, I even got Mobsters on my side that totally hate crystal meth operations!!! Oh yea and never mind Mob Bosses that have daughters nailed by date rape drugs, kind of all depends what type of family you are born into, I was born into a family of a Canadian Military Researcher in Engineering. Really now, why do I hear comments on the street thrown at me, "We own you", by United Nations it is illegal to own another human being, so who is fooling who! Did I hear my radio right just now?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Piece Of Art I did Sometime Ago, Based On West African Adinkra Symbols, Through Learning About Their Culture, This Piece Of Art Evolved Into My Symbolism Of "Loyalty In Cooperation Can Be Snaky", Which I Know A Lot About With The Deceit Around The Industrial Sabotage Of My Company Due To Corruption And Illegal Entrance Into My Apartment
(Stand By While This post Is Being Put together, little note: Now my hand made guitar pick that I made is missing from my apartment, I know where I left it! People are really getting sick of this as I am told!!! Bonus note: Hey PM Harper, I hear you are now being sued by a "Native American Indian Female", for calling her a cannibal, I caught the media clip myself of you in the Canadian Arctic making the comment, and then another woman wants to compare a blood sample on her Police report to some of the splattered blood from my apartment, they say there could be a link, so ironic about rumours surrounding the Canadian Prime Minister, then it was just on the radio, perhaps it would take 12 women to protect me from the likes of you and your corruption!!! Oh yea, and the Canadian Government did not spend $100,000 educating me in the Canadian Coast Guard College for an election to be run over me getting a lobotomy, I already faced that down in a Court Room, the Crown Prosecutor said no way, he needs my research, then told the Judge she was contempt of Court for being in Court with me, because she has money tied up in the numbered company that is my Landlord.) What the hell is up, all these very special highly intelligent Ladies that have received certains writings of mine at an early age of our lives, why is it I am now hearing after trying to track them down through pumping the telephone, I now hear that they all fought off a certain serial rapist....huuuummmmm, the plot thickens even more!!! So here is a bit of a count, my Pocohantas, Sweet Pea, Lee Bear, Panda Bear, Lorie Bear, Mon Petite Chou, Mary of Scots, The Guardian, Star of David Gal, Fleur de Lis Gal, Hammer & Sickle Nadi Bear, then with memory serving me right...a Canadian Black Bear....all have certain writing from me or converstions to be there for me to breed, all warned to stay away from me when I gave them the writings/conversations or they would get done in like people were trying to do me in....then they all lived a nightmare like me over a span of 37 years. Then apparently, they all have things of mine that they can not explain how they got, starting from a young age! Other techo problems, with new hotmail software, I always know when someone is accessing my docgmcreations account at the same time as me, my Internet provider takes care of it, thanks to verbal comminications with them. With old agreements with a person through email from the Adinkra web site, here is a link to their web site if individuals are interested in looking into Adinkra symbols, due to myself studying their work and producing from it: As things turn out, are any of my blog postings totally ever finished due to what is transpiring around me! The truth hurts, but even my own family will give me the run around to assist thieves to steel Court evidance from my apartment or to have me murdered to line their own pockets with money, all I really got is Mum and Dad.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Environmental Concept and Fund Raiser in A Bar during The Early '90's, When An American Rebel Flag Skin Head Assaulted Me In The Bar While I Was Preparing for The Actual Fund Raising Event, And Called Me an Idiot, Later I Nailed The Same Asshole For Putting Up Gyprock Over Old Plaster. The Logo, "We Promote What You Want", Comes From My first Company, "Arts & Culture Enterprize Ltd", Which Was Sabotaged Along with My Life In St John's Nfld, Canada.
Preparing for this blog posting, note: the Environmental Logo was done by a Canadian Silver Smith/Artist of British decent, named George Hobson, under my direction, when I was rebuilding my life after my excursions on the east coast of Canada and doing an evironmental fund raiser in Montreal. There is rented land to a American Military base outside of St.John's Nfld, where I got first got done in, funny thing!!!!! A "Demented Fuck Head" Rebel Flag wearing Skin Head, did yap about being an ex American Marine, when I yapped about being ex Canadian Coast Guard when facing him down over the Canadian National Building Code, it is like the flunky ex Marines go Neo Nazi/Klu Klux Klan CIA and come to Canada to sabotage us with financial backing or something!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most honest righteous ex American Marines, become American State Troopers etc!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I got this thing about American Jews that serve in the Israel Military, then go Israel Secrete Service, to try and take us Canadians down too, for the American CIA!!!!!!!!!!!! On the other side of the coin, I once met an ex Israel Military person, that claimed medical experiments on him while in Israelite uniform, around the same time the CIA was doing medical experiments in the Montreal Allan Hospital on Canadian psychiatric patients. This particular Jewish friend became a wonderful Artist afterwards, I really admired his art series he called, "Water, Earth,Wind, and Fire" , based on astrology elements.Then what do we do with all the Filipino immigrants to Canada that are descendants of employees on the American Military base in the Philippians? I think I have had some of them call me an "Animal" as to their tradition, and caught them doing over time in Canada on vacation visas!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting even more heavy shit, what do we do with all the Black Supremacist in my face on my street that have a hot line to the Prez of Organized Crime and terrorism from my street to take me down , verified with CSIS and Quebec Provincial Police surveillance equipment!!!!!!!!!!!!I remember when someone said to me, "You are taking Obama's best running shoes", yea I was taking a fire hazard out of the fire escape!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Montreal Fire Department knows how many times I stopped arson in my apartment with 911 phone calls!!!!!!!!!!!! With genetics and RCMP Labs, I can prove if they are Obama's running shoes or not with and sweat analysis!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ironically, my Aunt from New Zealand heard I was HIV positive, but what, I have two Hema Quebec pins that says my blood is good, and my ex girlfriend is certainly not HIV positive with her blood tests, and I have slept with no woman since, so who is slandering who for the American CIA? I have several papers from last semester's theology class, that deal with the subject of morals and ethic, the other dealing with religious tolerance. It is like the papers should be read and studied by more people, who were all the people making illegal entrances into my apartment using my Holy Alter when I was not home, and why. So I pissed off a few groups of people according the Sunday morning radio, I have been through enough, think I haven't been pissed off over all this!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently it is like smile, you were on hidden candid security camera while in my aprtment illegally!!! Rumour has it, that my "Holy Alter" is like a gold mine, so who all tried to lay a mining claim on it!!!! Really now, I got to deal with this crap that I stole stuff, what stuff, because I garbage picked a few things off my street, it is called recycling. There are Municipal/Provincial laws regarding garbage picking, you put things out on the curb, it is public property until picked up by the garbage truck. So, from now on, if there is a demented alter on my street and it is not garbage, kindly stick a sign on it that it is your Holy Alter and not to be touched you fucken idiots!!! Example, I garbage picked a pallet, modified it as part of my scaffolding to clean pigeon shit off my window ledge. Yes it sits outside close to my window, and it is marked, "Property of Doc GM Creations, with my address on it!! Stupid fucken stupid!!! Just great, now it is on the radio that PM Harper, and Prez Obama have money tied up together operating an illegal dumb site, let me guess, they are collecting garbage from my street. I saw something about that illegal dump site inquiry on the TV News. Note: Here I go tearing my place apart looking for certain things, well who stole my "Portfolio" from my "creative process course" at Concordia University, it is how I got a final grade for the course, now we have sabotage of University Studies as well!!! Funny, now rumours are floating like, "why isn't he dead yet", and who are all these people that were promised to be me when I was to be murdered, really now, how were you going to show up at my Mother's dining room table being me? Totally terrific life, nobody wants to handle the credit card receipt that is found in my company receipts, it is not my credit card receipt, this is like the Rat River Trapper story of the North West Mounted Police, before they became the RCMP. Everyone is saying we are fed up with this corruption. In the NWMP story, the Police finally had to gun down the Rat River Trapper that had a leather bag full of pulled teeth with gold fillings, because he fired a shot at the fore fathers of the RCMP in the Canadian "Bush" during the Klondike gold rush. Do not mess with my Ghost of Sam Steel, we are on to you. RCMP always get their man/woman!!!!!!!!!!!! So who has the shady credit card receipt now....only CSIS knows right now!!!!!!!!!!!! PS: With regard to the H1N1 virus, who are all these demented assholes with these miniature pigs & domestic chickens in the same household as pets, I am also known as the germ warfare kid from the Canadian Coast Guard College. PSS: Oh, what was that media clip some time ago, PM Harper said all my art had to be destroyed, I hear he had a personal viewing of my works of art while I was in hospital and left behind his credit card receipt during an illegal entrance into my apartment....that is the latest media gossip!!!!! Oh now it is someone else's credit card receipt, still, now I have discovered splattered blood on art prints and company paper work dated from 2003. Now I got to get Police to do an analysis of these blood splatters, and have my art prints finger printed to see who has been messing with my stuff and spilling blood over it!!!!!!!!!!!! I only cut myself badly once in this apartment, it will be for the Police to say if it is my blood or not!!! Note: I even got what looks like two bloody finger prints, those are definitly not mine! Ironically, my chicken wish bone is missing, had it a long time. Rumours are now floating around the apartment building, that the "Top Black & White Supremacist of the North American Continent" were in my apartment together, thumb pulling my chicken bone apart together, to see who would get to bop me off first! The one with the smaller piece of the chicken bone was to be the back up plan to bop me off! Hope you both wore gloves in my apartment all the time, I have not dusted certain things in a long time!!! It has become finger printing time with Quebec Provincial Police, and besides, you were both on hidden candid security camera, I hear you are both the laughing stock of the World with some of our videos on you two! I bet you two complete idiots did not know that the Quebec Provincial Police have a special detachment just to protect Quebec interests, I am a Quebecer!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Project I am Working On As A Theology/Religious Studies Student and Artist, The Easter Eggs are Not Yet Finished, The Russian Flag Is To Be Painted On The Lower Half Of The Old Flag Of The Soviet Union, And The Detail Enhanced On The Other Eggs. The Second Image Is An Inspired Sketch From a French Monument Here In Montreal.

I am in the process of studying the words on the Church of England's web site, to help me find the wording for this posting.

Note:For all the demented assholes that said I should have launched a law suit against the American Government and Google for my stolen Google monies, we Canadians are not so stupid. Here is the analogy, how is that American woman doing trying to sue her Government over her health problems and that of her child, from the contaminated soil, rivers and land etc from the tannery industry in the States, what did I hear? What, ten years or so in Court and still fighting for justice, waste of fucking time & money, better off making the American Government out to be absolute idiots on the Internet for my personal humour, I have Canadian Politicians, Police, Educators, Hospital Staff, Students, and everything backing me with a up and coming fall election in this Country, with people saying, "How stupid can certain people become, especially when they align themselves with the American Government to due in Wee Iain". Oh and by the way, while going nuts looking for some of my missing company paper work for my Quebec Government audit, I found my decline for Legal Aid in Quebec, to sue idiots that slandered me, along with messing with me and steeling my Google monies!! How many times did I phone the Quebec Bar Association trying to get a Lawyer as well, I was told to hold my head high and take it like a man, so the American Government can take my words like the big baby they are being, about law suits and warring of words over international industrial sabotage!!!! Little added note: due to all the industrial sabotage I have been faced with, I am preparing for another Quebec Government audit, my company is not exactly registered correctly right now due to a shortage of funds and all due to the industrial sabotage, but Revenue Quebec told me not to worried about it, I am still registered through my monthly Quebec TA7 form. Like idiots tried to take over my company name Doc GM Creations too, see you Court assholes!!!!! Funny thing, here I am preparing for my Quebec Government audit, I find a $327.33 credit card receipt, my credit card, at a fine clothing store. Now I remember something, I was going nuts looking for my wallet one day and could not find it, my door was cracked open some and a kid threw my wallet back into my apartment, I was dazed and confused with all the industrial sabotage I have been going through. Let me figure now, hey kid, I got your finger prints on a credit card receipt from my wallet, I never spent $327.33 on fine threads...your busted!!! Credit card fraud!!!! I am making arrangements with my bank asshole!!!!So with verifying with my bank, it is not my credit card receipt, but what is someone else's credit card receipt doing with my company receipts? Still you are busted for illegal entrance into my apartment with the finger prints on the receipt, I can clean you out in a law suit and put you in jail for industrial sabotage, and I intend to!!!! Like my Lawyer said, my identity has been stolen!! Here I spent my time down town today, preparing for my fall semester at University in Theology classes, rumours float down town Montreal, $4oo million dollars to get the credit card receipt off me because of who's finger prints are on them and who is associated with the credit card number according to the banks! Come get me yourselves assholes, instead of me dodging HIV infected assholes being manipulated into being a made man in prison for getting the credit card receipt off me and getting it back to the Prez of organized crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last note before I retire to to my TV and TMZ, my Lori Bear wants me to take the theology course on "women in theology" that's offered this semester!!!!! Any way here is the link to my art portfolio with Art &Design On Line:

Check out the portfolio at your leisure!!!! Will get back to the theology and art of this posting soon. Now crap that Harper did not want me to have my Google money because because I owned some pot plants. I had a one way discussion with CSIS long before that event, when the Liberals had the "Rock Garden", that was wasted tax dollars growing hydroponic poison pot in a cave. The "Rock Garden and to be destroyed until proper up to date marijuana technology became available, and I supplied it!!!!! Like I said to CSIS, "I will get you seeds somehow!!!" When I started my little harvest, I informed CSIS, and told them or asked them to watch over it, like they always watched over me!!! I first contacted the Liberal Health Minister about my little balcony crop of pot, regarding my gardening research, having succeeded in getting seeds from my crop, and somehow maintained the integrity of the marijuana plant due to mutation with mob plant grow ops and hydroponics. Then a Conservative Government came to power, and I emailed the Conservative Health Minister regarding the matter. How soon some Politicians can forget things conveniently!!!!! Besides the point, I needed my medication of that sort at the time, it was better than any medication from North Carolina/Virginia pharmaceutical belt I was getting from a Psychiatrist for stress, when standing up for the National Building code against gyprock over plaster installations giving Canadians cancer apparently. Then of course my Aunt in the States died of cancer popping marijuana pills to ease the stress and pain along with giving her the appetite as she slowly passed away, and I even discussed my pot operation with persons at the Montreal General Hospital when having to deal with the stress levels at the time, so who is fooling who once again!!! For my personal medical update, after a year in this apartment building that is at sub-standard levels for North American society, I became pre-cancerous with my yearly follow up in colonoscopy. When I was told I was pre-cancerous I took it really hard, and broke down in tears buying some beer at the corner store on my way home from the hospital to drink myself to sleep that evening. (Not that it was the right thing to do, but it was all I had to cope at the time) Then I applied some of my engineering skills with hot and cold water filtration processes along with a reverse osmosis process, developed my summer screen air filter system for car exhuast and other urban air impurities, watched more closely what I ate from my refrigerator due to tampered food, the really good news is, that with this year's follow up in colonoscopy at the hospital, I am no longer pre-cancerous. Like the doctor said, I heal rather well, yea because I am not stupid like some Conservative Politicians. I really, really feel for the decent lower rankin file of the Conservative Party of Canada, now they have to re-build their political careers because of idiot Harper politics. The street talk I hear, is that we have a choice, N.D.P. or Liberal in the coming fall Federal election that is being predicted, people are saying screw the Conservatives!!!! Funny how things turn out, I figure I will be taking a course in the Religious Studies program at Concordia University this semester, it is a way of broadening my horizons as a self professed "Pagan Egg & Snailer", with a God and his Consort guiding me, stemming somewhere from Canaanite beliefs of old, from my theological/religious studies. As I call myself a Metaphysical Engineering Technician that is out to breed with a woman/women, (like any one, if a relationship or two does not work out, one finds another person to mate with, or builds a heram of highly intellectual & educated women to protect and manipulate/operate/control his Empire, as I the Emporior of my Empire, creating products in art, music,writing, and engineering, got to give the women something to play around with for financial rewards/debit ends) I found a interesting course in the religious studies program that I intend to take at Concordia University this semester. My Pagan ideologies come from my pre-Christian roots in the British Isles, as a "Son" from Scottish roots. The Eggs priciples, comes from believing in Easter and painting Easter Eggs through the many Easter Services I attended in my youth in a Church under St. Andrews United Church of Canada denomiation, which I was baptised in. I believe the Easter Egg ritual came into Christianity out of the ancient Pagan chicken egg sacrifice at an Alter, symbolic of continual female fertility, as the Christmas tree evolved into Christianity from old pre-Christian Pagan ways as a jesture of conversion for Pagans into the ritual of the evolving Church stemming from memories of the figure "Jesus Christ". Snailer grew out of the slow crawl to God and his Consort, like a God of Thunder and his rains, impregnanting the fertile lands of Mothearth. Now apparently, some real "Demented Fuck Heads" made laws around me, like I caught the media clip with one of them saying, "Give him to me, I will water board him to death". Analogy, give these "Demented Fuck Heads" to me. My Father taught me how to work rail road tides as a teenager, I know the feel and weight of a iron spike from the Canadian rail road system. As I said in one of my theology classes, "I could nail someone to a cross with what I have been through!" I have rivoted wood together before with aluminium rivots, Quebec does have aluminium smelters, so I could get cost effect aluminium round stock to rivot rail road tides together to make my crosses. I do have a heavy maul that I can manipulate with one hand to pound iron spikes from the rail road system through hands and feet on my crusifing rail road tide crosses. A standard rail road tide did come in eight foot lengths, which two could be rivoted together to make a fourteen high cross, with a eight foot cross beam. Symbolically 6 rail road tides, if I crusify these "Demented Fuck Heads" two at a time, it would take 6 iron spikes from the Canadian rail road system scrap yard, symbolism of the "Devil Beast Rapist" that I read about in high school. A Police Officer actually got a blood sample from one of them by putting a bullet into one on a Carribbean Island, at the time the "Devil Beast Rapist" escaped into island forrest growth, yea but with a bullet in him. Huuummmm, what a work of art I could make, then I could smear my work of art with plastic varathain as a perservative. Just theological artistic humour for now!! After all, my comany has been raped, piliaged, and plundered by "Demented Fuck Heads", after another book I read, I would call the art show, "Vengence of the Lion". On the lighter side, a more humain way to deal with this capital punishment issue for treason etc, is the guilletine of stupidity I came up with in previous writings on the Internet by way of another Internet provider. This is how the guilletine of stupidity works. A fully automated guilletine system, where the head of the guilty party drops into a bucket of liquid nitrogen for instant freezing, when the head is sliced off guillitine style. A preventive blood splatter system could be easily designed. Liquid nitrogen is at such a low temperature, on the Kelvin scale if I recall right, it will instantly freeze any thing. With modern Pyschiatrists having a shortage of dead heads to examine, they get to effectively defrost the head from the bucket of liquid nitrogen because Psychiatrists need to have certain brains to put under their meat cutter style slicer, for cuts of brain meat/tissue at micro thin slices, so that the brains of the "Demented Fuck Heads" can be examined under a microscope in psychiatric research labs, where the research team looks for clues in brain tissue abnormalities in comparison studies with brain scans, for better brain treatment programs geared towards the living. We could nick name the button pusher of the automated guilletine system, Count Reaper, after the ancient Pagan symbol of death. It is also a more humain than capital punishment in Canada by hanging, we still do have this clause for treason against our Country for a Canadian citizen as far as I know. It was there when I graduated from the Canadian Coast Guard College, I guess it was a warning for us, not to turn against our Oath to Country, Flag, and Queen. Until later thoughts come to a while! I admit I have a lot of editing to do, thus correcting some of my first run errors in grammer and spelling found over my last few postings of written words .

(Stand By While This Post Is Being Put Together,note: with illegal entrance into my apartment, the Union Jack art work was tampered with through idiots messing with my art, I know I painted it right, now I got to touch up sabotage of my art. Ironically, part of soldiering can leave one gazing at the heavens at night, over what is left of a battle field after surviving, as the second image captures through inspiration from today's, {Sat. Aug 15th 2009} "Tour du Ville" here in Montreal with a fellow French Canadian Artist from Quebec.)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Art I Did For The Canadian Troops In Afghanistan, And For The Afghanistan People Who Want To Rebuild Their Country Under A Socialist/Capitalist Democratic System Like Canada. The Art Is Now Posted On The Internet Once Again For The Up & Coming Afghanistan Election.
Funny how warring comes about, during the Vietnam war, the Soviet Union was in Afghanistan and had their hands full as did the United States in Vietnam. Funny how old wars never end, and the Afghanistan people are still struggling with Politicians and warring fractions within their boundaries as a Country trying to find harmony with a cohesive Constitution. Part of the wonderful Canadian political system, is that we usually have three main political parties, one that is left of center, one that is right of center, and then there is the political party that fits somewhere in the middle, depending on the political mood of the country during an election year. With a strong and healthy economy, the effective capitalist enterprises along with individuals, generate a tax base for the Government, which funds a multitude of Government funded social economic programs for the people, along with footing the bill for running the Country and its Political Institutions. In my particular case, over the years I have received an abundance of money from social programs to help me try and succeed self employed with my capitalist ideologies of free enterprise, while working within the the rules and legislation put forth by Government Officials. My medicare bill with my picture ID medicare card for health services, is a social program that helps keep me healthy so that I can be an cost effective tax payer like I used to be. Provincial social programs such as my disability pension & last resort income allowance, provide for me as I struggle to succeed on the pay role of an established company, or as an cost effective self employed person. I choose to work at being self employed developing my proto type inventions as a real entrepreneur with capitalist dreams. We have Government sponsored programs that give courses on how how to write a business plan, so one can approach the bank for a small business load for start up capital, legal advise on running the business such as financial accounting and tax procedures for small business, along with a multitude of other specialists paid by socialist type tax dollars to fuel the development of independent capitalists with a business idea for a service or product. One hand feeds the other, as a small manufacturing business grows, it often has to tender out contracts for other services such as a Book Keeper and a Chartered Accountant. The image in this blog posting was inspired some time back, early into Canadian Troop involvement in the Afghanistan conflict when we were influenced by World affairs to bring our ideologies to the Afghanistan people. The building in the center of the raised arms with sword and axe, is a replica type picture of the Museum in Kabul that got destroyed by the Taliban terrorists, and I learned about the plight of the Museum through the Internet. Ironically, in Canada a lot of our Museums are funded by Government money, capitalist tax right offs for needy causes, and by independent lobbyist that thrive on the art world. I got many a fine art lesson that stimulated my artistic abilities thanks to a Montreal, Canada, Museum program that is sponsored by Government money, capitalist tax right offs, and independent fund raising by lobbyists for the Museum, the people that give money to the Museum are known as "Friends of The Museum". My strong educational back ground in the sciences and engineering is developed through a Government money backed public educational system in the early years, then in the years that strongly influenced my manhood, I was educated by Federal tax dollars through a contract system of education given for time of service for my Country and Flag through the Canadian Coast Guard College. Later in life while working for private enterprise, business people paid for speciality courses in engineering, for it was figured that it would enhance my skills as an electromechanic in their production factory. My own independent investment in my engineering back ground came later in life while working a full time job, and doing over time while going to school at night. Now while studying Theology at University level, capitalist monies given to a charitable organization allowed me access to a bursary program, and I have used money borrowed from the bank to further my education as well. In Canada, when the Federal Government fails, as the present Federal Government failed me, due to a not so balanced Leader in power, Provincial duradiction and their powers of legislation backed me up so that I could try and succeed as a small business man with Provincial monies through last resort income and my disability cheque. Provincial Police protection was also put in place through the Provincial Court system, to protect me against industrial sabotage of my company during home/office/art studio and engineering shop invasions, due to idiots that wanted what I worked and built with my own money, taking and robbing what they wanted through pillaging as free loaders.
Freedom of the press is another wonderful part of the Canadian system, then again radical movements manipulating the people through the press is usually scrutinized by publication Editors, and must be controlled for National Security reasons which is usually handled by our National Police, the RCMP, and our Canadian Security Intelligence Service in allegiance with the Canadian Military, it is a case of finding a balance for the needs of the people. I myself have been an independent press person doing political cartoons while developing my art career, did many a political cartoon on Canadian and foreign Politicians, but some took a person vendetta out on me, to do me in as to silence free speech! Further break down of the Canadian political and Government system is the Municipal Governing body that handles our urban centers and suburbs, for road work, sewage treatment, low cost housing, which can be a dual Government concern with the Provincial Rental Board and National Building Code for what is deemed as acceptable housing standards by Architechs and Civil Engineers, snow removal, urban transport systems, recycling and garbage collection, municipal Policing etc. Each of the three levels of Government has Policing in this Country, with the appropriate Federal, Provincial or Municipal Court system to handle the infraction of the law at hand, with Court appointed Lawyers through Legal Aid at Government expense for low income earners like myself, for fair and just defense against prosecution by Crown Prosecutors. For a person above a certain tax bracket, they have to pay for legal defense fees out of their own pocket. One handicap in the Legal Aid system is that one can not get a Legal Aid Lawyer for a law suit against another party or person, for law suits, one usually has to pay a Lawyer a retainer fee which a low income earner does not have! The judicial system is over seen by an appointed panel of Judges that work their up through the legal system, after starting out as Lawyers after Law School, they work in alliance with elected Political Officials at the various levels of the three Governments that run our Country effectively. We have an appointed Senate, who obtain the Senate position through the elected Government body at different periods of our Country's political history, their role is to review legislation that elected Officials try and pass at the Federal level, they will often bounce legislation back to the House of Commons, (Elected Politicians) if it does not meet the standards of the foundation of our "Fathers of Confederation" to present day Governing bodies. Our official Head of State, is the Governor General, who is the Queen of England's representative over seeing our Country, but her role is more in the lines of official duties with limited powers of office, the role of the Governor General is still in place due to tradition of our Country and heritage and her role is usually to promote the culture and heritage of the Country, along with opening and closing sessions of Parliament in lue of an election call with the fall of the Government. Each Province in Canada has a Lieutenant Governor who is appointed by Provincial jurisdiction, by the Premier's Office, the highest Office of each Province in Canada, the Lieutenant Governor is also the Queen of England's representative of each Province, and like the Governor General, has limited powers today, it is more or less a role of official duty to promote Provincial culture and heritage, the position also stems from our Country's tradition and heritage as well. .When elected Officials go corrupt and deceive the people, our laws allow for us to hold public inquiries into the malicious acts of the elected Official or Officials and prosecute the parties accordingly. The Health care system is over seen by the "College of Physicians" for moral and ethical issues dealing with the medical community and any malicious acts done by a practitioner of medicine is handled by the said College of the Medical Community, there is also the position of Surgeon General of Canada for the medical community and the people. The same principle applies to any Profession with an educational back ground, there is a governing body of Professionals to regulate moral and ethical issues that may arise when educated Professionals apply the skills at hand to earn a living. The main handicap we have around Professionals in this Country, is that dealing with faith and religion, we have no laws in place for what is a demented cult and what is an acceptable religion, like the laws France has put in place some years back. All we have for prosecuting demented cults that mislead the people in faith and religion, as may be the case, is the mental health act, where a person may be considered dangerous to himself or another person, which is regulated by Psychiatrists. My paper I did about my "Philosophy On Creative" at University in a creative process class, is a sound foundation for free speech in the arts and what should be censored as to being too demented or Demonic and unacceptable for the needs of society on the whole. The paper could be debated by Legislators, Professional Artists, Philosophers, Psychiatrists and Psychologists to create guide lines for acceptable artistic practice and I could go on to write a thesis about it one day. Like I put it to another person the other day, there is practically a law for everything in this Country, even if you fart and pass wind in public, it is like a law of the people that you say "excuse me", and our Country is only just over 142 years old by a month and a half since Confederation by our founding Fathers!!!!!!!!!!!! In closing, I would like to say, that I am aware that the Canadian Government is building a Human Rights Museum, I guess it is a way of portraying Human Rights as protected by the Canadian Constitution, from rights of children, the rights of women which has also lingered in handicap in our society, patient rights in the health care system, to the rights of individuals involved in research on moral and ethical grounds, what is demented research and to be abolished, to what is righteous and honourable Godly type research for the benefit of the planet and its people on the whole.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Here Is The Start Of My Next Blog Posting, A Sketch Of The Right Honourable Joe Clark From A Campaign Poster At A Progressive Conservative Party Of Canada Political Rally, I Put The Words In His Mouth For The Sketch, When I Was Testing Security Around High Ranking Party Officials, I Had My Contact From the Prime Ministers Office From The Kim Campbell Campaign To Do The Job Right.
Funny, after watching CBC late night programing on the attempts on the Cuban Leader's life, Castro had his job cut out for him. To think, the money Castro spent fending off the United States Government and the CIA, CIA working with mobsters etc, Castro could have provided for his people better instead off spending the money on security to protect his own life. Then the idiot Bush comment to the effect of, Bush thinks his Government can do what ever they want to secure water, oil, hydro and raw materials for American industry , like every other country is saying this morning with my favorite radio station broadcast, " Then we can do what ever we want to protect our interests against American International terrorism with their CIA and mobsters". It gave me a lot to think about before continuing on with this blog posting. Never mind what was being said on CBC programing about Sudan, and CIA manipulating politics and warring, while Canada sends in the Doctors and Nurses along with educational supplies for the adbanned children. Will follow up in a while as I reflect and prepare this posting. Hey and yea George W. Bush, what was that comment on CBC broadcasting about Castro's problems with you, that you have a problem with your balls? Funny thing, my balls are still in pretty good shape!!! After all, Canada is a socialist based democracy for survival tactics against American CIA International espionage tactics. Oh and all this crap that I hallucinate everything on TV, like my Psychiatrists put it to me, "The title, schizophrenia, is just a for paper work for my health insurance card, how I work with Canadian Doctors when on psychiatric wards taking on mobsters in cocaine and crystal meth rehab while dealing with my own stress from the streets and being rebuilt from sabotage, is the business of the Premier of Quebec and the Police. Then we have the issue of my Land Lord complications that I face trying to get them and their numbered company to maintain some sort of National building Code Standard in the building where I now reside. Like the last Building Manager more or less put it to me before taking off to the desert in Israel due to being fed up with this street, "Perhaps you will work for me protecting Jewish money that is caught up in this bullshit" I talked to my Lawyer this evening, and the courts are alright with what I wrote in past postings, he did say though, be very careful what you write. Will update more later, the hospital got word to me and said it is time I worked with a certain blond Nurse again, I was always charming her like in my youth, she always had to back off when I started charming her, for the time was not right. How do I find the words? I remember a bit more now, it is like I said to CSIS in a conversation once, let me know everything you want me to know through the media, on the other side of the coin, I was told I was always in the media and did not know it due to who I was from my youth and always inventing things as a son of a Canadian Military Researcher. It is the wee hours of the morning right now, and more has come to me about my girls. I remember my "Grey Ham" giving me a french kiss in high school,(Sorry, it was more of a Adam's family, hard thinking back 30 something years and getting everything right the first time around) her father coached me well on how to kick around the ball of life a bit to survive. She even had to change her name as I have been told, she became my Easter girl Engineer in the Canadian Space Agency by rumour, if I recall right, I called her "Mon Petite Chou" when she gave me that wonderful good bye kiss when I was hitting on her at a farewell party, her Father was a French Canadian. The girls knew to stay away from me when I was young, it is like a close friend said to me, "With all the money floating around you to have you done in when we were young, nobody knew what to do until you got a uniform on your back.", imagine, the American CIA paying off other kids to do me in when I was a has been a Canadian head fuck too, protecting me.... in a bit, I got something to do! Update: Aug 12th 2009, Well here I am, approxiamitly 24 hours away from my 49 birthday, and I keep plugging away. I am also working on developing one of my earlier proto type inventions, that has been continually sabotaged while under development. No one is going to stop me now!!! This particular invention is continued work from teaching under my Father's guiding hand, based on work he did building the foundation of the Canadian Armed Forces Health And Monitoring Techniques For Rotating Machinary. I simplied a few things thanks to having the automation of the computer and sound technology, step by step on my stairway to heaven on some sort of heavenly budget plan, I am determined to get this particular proto type invention to the front lines of our Troopers in Afghanistan, to ensure that our rotating machinary does not fail in action due to not having pre-determined down time for repairs!!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Us Real Canadian Men Know How to Fight On, For Our Peace Tower, Scepteur Of Parliament, Flag and Poppy Tradition Of Past Wars, To Be There For Our Foundation Of Canadian Women That Know What Breeding Real Troopers Is All About With Kick Ass Boobie Milk!!!
(Stand By While This Post Is Being Put Together, I Am Working Triple Time Developing Some Heavy Medical Equipment for Our Canadian Military Hospital Tents, We Can Always Bring it Home for Our Women And Children And Their Beloved Labourers That Fuel Our Heavy Intellectual Equipment)Note: It is afternoon on Aug 3rd now, still working on composing this entry while getting some feed back & moral support. It is now Aug 7th, 2009, and I am left thinking about about four very special women and what they have been through for me due to my story from way back in my youth and into my manhood. First, my Pocahontas from high school and the story of how nobody was going to scalp her as idiots tried in grade 7 French class. Then there is my Star of David Gal from my youth, I dictated a letter/story/prophecy to her as she wrote it down in short hand, she was a long haired red head, same as a customer's daughter on my Gazette route as a kid. I had a lot of Police officers on my Gazette route apparently, I once said to the long haired red head daughter of the Police Officer, "Funny how I sometimes come for my money at the wrong time, like when you are doing your boy friend, then he pays me."Recalling now, the boy firend once said, her parents aren't" I responded with, "So what, their daughter always pays me when her parents are not home!", then he would go off and get some money to pay me. Now that I know more, I wonder how they kept the attack German Sheppard quite when I came to collect, that is when the pup always let off her mouth, me and the pup even had it out, after she bit me in the ass once, when walking out of the drive way. I gave her shit and she went for my throat, her open attack mouth got my fist and she went whimpering off back to her Master. After all, it was self defense against an attack German Sheppard. How did I know any thing, I saw them together at his house when knocking around with his younger brother. I think I know what became of her, the look a like daughter of my customer on my Gazette route, I do not know what became of the Police Officer's daughter with the long red hair and her plight for me, she always had a look for me on the school bus! We are about ages and I think she is the one that has a photograph of us together on her camera, taken by a stranger when I gave her the steno pad and prophecy dictation. Then in the early '90's, just with what I was up to, A look alike of my high school friend asked me if I was stalking her, I said no, with what is going on in the neighbourhood, certain people want you dead! They think you are a Cop watching their movements. I asked her if she was a Cop, she responded with no, a reporter. I told her not to worry, they want me to bop you off, but I wouldn't, and if you are an under cover Cop you wouldn't tell me any way. I told her I inform CSIS of my activities, thus CSIS got to know to move their RCMP Officer at the address along, or she was going to get bopped off, they actually want me to do the job! I still have an address written down of where she was living or going in. I ended up living in the same building ironically, got to know the family that owned the building rather well. At one point I started charming a black haired Great Russian Teddy Bear here in Canada, I gave her a hand written note indicating to her to dig into my North Atlantic story of nearly a quarter century ago now, from the Russian perspective and one of their submarines in Canadian Territorial waters, I signed it Doctor Goober Modesty in a bar during some swilling excursion around 1996, I have heard some rumours or something about her recently. With regard to the rendez-vous in my youth with her, I gave her some of my poetic love writings, when her Father was a Russian diplomat in Canada.(I remember something about that foot marching note now that it was brought to my attention, I think I said in the note that I would be her Doctor Zhivago )Last but not least, what is this connection with my "Petite Chou" from Quebec, that specialized in Engineering for the Canadian Space Agency. I always thoroughly enjoyed and loved working with a more than competent Engineer, it was rare that I got a chance to, while taking on demented fuck heads sabotaging my company & Country, to take over our water, oil and hydro, along with my proto type inventions here in Quebec. Any way, I need a bit of a nappy poo as I call it, hope my waking moments and the usual dreams I get, will influence my prayer writing as a bit of a Metaphysical Engineer type Theologian protecting my Canadian alliance!!!! Update: Aug 8th 2009: To my Ladies that I approached through out my life to have a girl friend, I get my thought stimulated every now and again, the very special ones that got a piece of my love poetry, and I told them to build there careers as I am doing, but stay away from me or you will get done in as I was always getting done in, I told them we will hook up one day if we say our prayers right. So far I have mentioned four of these women in this posting, like the four main points of the compass, ironically though, it was like subliminally building a Church dome of 360 degrees, there are 6 main points to Church dome construction, each point 60 degrees apart to make the 360 degrees, yea with me being the center point point as in the steeple of the Church dome. There is my ex-girl friend with Native blood in her in,(I know people hack my writings, so does my Lawyer, so I am editing again) and then there is my Lee Bear from the Canadian Military or something to help Nursemaid me, apparently she was very close to my "Petite Chou" in the Canadian Military. I think I charmed this Lee Bear several times during my youth and a bit as an adult at the Hospital. I gave a blond gal as a young girl, a lock of my hair while she was playing by her self, at the time I told her to always be there for me, for I was like my Father, a Canadian Military Researcher. With this sweet heart being a RCMP Officer's daughter or something, I gave her the lock of my hair when my Father was still cutting my hair. (like my Lawyer more or less stated in Court, "He fell in love with the wrong Lori Bear", as the Hospital got wind to me, "He needs our Lori Bear") I dictated a tape recording to a young child in the City of Montreal one day, signing off as Goober, this could be part of the American demented fuck head twin factory to take down my Country. There was and is a lot of disinformation/information about me to solve this American bullshit around me. My ? Bear is buried deep as my Lawyer put it, she had to change her name, but we are about ages. I used to try and charm a gal in a particular class in high school. Now I remember writing a love poem to this gal which was based on eloquent geometry calculations, for her to be there for me, I wrote the poem for her after asking her out on a date, she responded with, "I do not think my Father would let me go......", it was to be a bit of a river rat excursion. I have heard of this gal recently, I call her my LeeBear. I am still very close to my recent ex- girl friend and I told her I would come back and find her one day, while departing from her in my youth, I accomplished that and stood up for the Canadian National Building Code with her at my side. She also got her nose broken with me ducking a sucker punch from an adult when I was a minor when we first hooked up. Till later...Update:August 9th 2009: Funny how I learned from the Native American Indian community, that there are also six points to the Native T-Pee, the Native Chief was allowed a maximum of six women as wives, thus to help him put up his T-Pee first, then be there for his fellow Tribes men and women and children. From my theological teachings under Jesuit based instruction at University, ancient prophets of the descendants of Abraham, were allowed several wives to carry on his Godly blood line, then you have the Muslim Hiram tradition of wives found in their own religious prospective. It is just what you do with the concept of many wives in modern day tradition for the benefit of society on the whole, to save the majority of righteous and honourable people in an environment disaster of engineering & medical fu-paws on this planet. I have been a exceptional thorn in demented idiot mobster foot soldiers side, that we righteous and honourable people always took on. I got a real Fu-Man-Chew story of Confucius Confusion, that gave my H.M.C.S Answer an army of passengers in Canada, a lot to chew on over the years, with my cock & bull story stemming from my "Lion's Den"....I am a Leo, and Rat in astrological demented idiots that mess with me got to face my jaws of life or death to save our children of tomorrow. (I recently dug up some of my old notes from my youth, that could be deemed as prophecy)Added note: I have my seven colours of creations which I wrote about in earlier blog postings, I based a lot of my engineering calculations on seven, due to strengh properties in math and engineering when dealing with the lucky 7 number. Ironically I heard one missing year book from the Library collection from my graduation year at the Canadian Coast Guard College I was part of, ended up in Tibet with a Gal quite some time ago. I was told that I became her Doctor Bethune to her and she came to Canada to build a career for herself. 7 divided into 360 degrees makes for a top ten digit in decimal point for precision in math calculations,(I need a calculator with more decimal points) as my Lori Bear mentioned to me a one point, "you have seven of us to deal with"...... yea, with me the center point of my particular breeding circle of 7 boning "Henri the 8th point I am", hope idiots that wanted to be me now get the fucking point!!!! It became part of my theological St Henri concept!
Update:04:00 hrs, same day as previous note, funny how I just came back from night patrol in my "voisinage" and found my French Canadian Baker food supply lines, totally lovely finding 7 packaged cakes, they are going down nice with my cup of tea and my rolled recycled tobacco from the streets due to budgetary restraints!!!!!!! Rumours are floating, no body is going to tell what to do with my love life, if I want to have seven girl friends to have kids with, building my Empire and protecting it, I will, assuming the Ladies accept what has to be done because of what I have been through taking on with American CIA & mobster money doing me in. I heard women get their period back in my apartment with what I have done, filtering bad air etc. I am fit to breed at 49 years old and intend to!!!!!!
I have an array of art designs in various mediums, from acrylic on canvas, ink brush to caulk pastel, Quebec scenes in black & white photography, along with other art forms than I can offer to raise money for my research and development as an engineering technician. Being an Artist/Writer working under the name Doctor Goober Mickeal, I invite you to buy my art. The
beneficiary of my estate due to having no one else close at hand, is Concordia University of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, first and foremost the Theological Department & The Religious Studies Program in alliance with the Engineering Department and the John Molson School of Business which is part of said University. I hope the University will take care of the women that fought for me, but were not allowed to have any thing to due with me, with the prospective monies from my assets, if any thing happens to me before my time. (I could never succeed due to American money doing me in!!!) My Art Manager I tried to deal with, more or less got screwed over due to the international industrial sabotage of my company that I always dealt with!!! Thus I presently have a very special team of women making sure I succeed in developing my proto type inventions that are an alternative sources of urban building heat based on marine engineering principles. From a window air filter to keep out car exhaust and other atmospheric impurities from the home, to a solar thermal window for Northern & Southern hemisphere winters, to a three stage waste domestic water purification system producing sludge for a incinerator I am developing to produce hot water/steam for building heat and electrical production. The women's Tampax and Kotex for my incinerator principle is very much part of the process. Blood is medical waste and should not be put in dump sites to seep into our water table. Blood is also very high calorific fuel as it is carbon based, like I emailed the Mayor of Montreal, Maribel Airport could have an Hydro Quebec incinerator producing steam to turn over steam turbines to produce electricity. Being at the old airport is a functional part of the design to fly in natural medical waste from women across the country, such a developed incinerator could be strategically placed across the Country to produce electricity for urban centers. I heard Prime Minister Harper stopped the Mayor and I, just like he sabotaged a lot of my life before becoming Prime Minister. I got the media clip where he had to admit he sabotaged my art in Kindergarten class before I got to hand it in to the Teacher, the demented fuck head PM never stopped messing with my life ever since!!!!! Certain individuals have uncovered the evidence, like who is all part of the numbered company that is my Land Lord, that sabotaged my company assets, stole tools etc to build crystal myth labs up the street in the same building complex. Working with Police and other people who are fed up, I find out everything!!!!! Till later...Doc GM Note: Like the MUCTC Police said to me, "We had to use you to shut down this demented mob cult street, we knew you were the very best!" Oh yea, Stockwell Day, you and your stupid American duel Nationality, I got it too, but with her Majesty the Queen of England, you are going down for treason with Harper for industrial sabotage of my company and British interests in this Country with my dual Nationality, you fucken demented ass hole, you are suppose to promote Canadian companies, not destroy them for American interests!!!! You commented about my sex life remember, saying I was going to get my balls done in, well people worked at for filling your wishes, to bad so sad for you!!! I remember the Right Honourable Brain Mulroney's words about a quarter century ago, "I will put Mr Lamb in his place". When he got elected for the first time as Prime Minister after saying those words at the press conference, when the Right Honourable Pierre Elliot Trudeau resigned as Prime Minister, he created CSIS, I have communiques with both these parties over this subject matter!!!! Now, who is fooling who, and who protects Canadian interests and who undermines it for American interests!!!! Update: Aug 11th 2009, now rumours are floating that I have ten women to breed with due to Godly magic as a Metaphysical Engineer, funny thing, 10 divided by 7 gives a endless repeating decimal point, and my Tarot cards are based on calculations on 7, so is the calender I created based on the Tarot card system I developed for myself. There is this Mary of Scotland story I wrote about in previous blog postings, where do I go about figuring out the others, my Art Manager Court case for example. Who do I believe here?( I did make a tape recording based on prophecy with a young blond gal in a park in the City, and gave her two things, a piece of jewelery I made based on my Father's and my own engineering, and something I will refer to as a symbolic black stone) I have rumours about another gal now, which I wrote about earlier in a posting. The Granadier Guard story from Edinburgh Castle, so now you have it folks, the start of my special top ten women stories, after all, 360 degrees of a Church dome, divided by 10 boning points, is 36 degrees apart, funny how 36 degrees divided by a calculation of 7, still results in a 10 digit figure to the decimal point that I got to figure out how to de-bone somehow,(I need a calculator that goes past 10 decimal points,I came up with a math system that works to 37 decimal points for accuracy, with rounding off repeating endless decimal points when working with angles and degrees, thus I have the best of math calculations for time and space while designing my calender based on the Tarot cards)) like my Mother always used to say to me, I got a bone to pick with you!. It is kind of like Alice Cooper's song, "Welcome to my Nightmare", will I ever know a bed with one woman?So here are ten female initials to female names as I piece this together,L.K.T.M.C.N.S.L.K.L., from some eloquent poetic love calculation or something, these names are always being thrown at me between memory and the media.It is like I wrote my own Devinci code or something, one of the letters is based on a gal's last name for now. When I gave my LeeBear the love poetry based on eloquent geometry, I now remember giving her a sketch of the astrological woman which I created, based on the concept of the astrological man, with the 12 signs of the Western zodiac, but the signs of the zodiac were placed from head to toe on a female figure, now I have been influenced by my media associates, that I got women which I do not know about, thus having a total of twelve woman that fought for me. Seemingly I built something stemming around women as decendants from the 12 tribes of Israel, which I learned about from my theological teachings at Concordia University. They seem to be my twelve zodiac signs of women, making the one Deity of the planet, my "Mothearth" concept of mine, the consort of God as to certain theological teachings at Concordia University. As a Lori Bear informed me, with the star chart invention of mine which I further developed today, I will know which woman to bang bone with according to the cycle of her period and the cycle of the moon, still based on the calender I first developed around my Tarot cards. Now that my memories serves me well, I remember meeting a Lori Bear in the Fall of 1998,(Update: my my, a Lori Bear corrects my memory, it was 1993{but I was living in another neighbourhood than the CTV News Event} when I was working in my first car brake manufacturing plant and met her it at a CTV News fund raiser or something, I was taking down a Mafia Loan Shark system with CSIS and RCMP, that worked around Godly swill as I call it, a lot of people can borrow money when drinking beer, so now on the 20th of Aug, my Lori Bear said it was '98 {actually it was + or - a year as my work record comes to jive my memory again, then again I spent a lot of my life with fore arms and hands covered in greese and grim, could have been any year, I sure I would have dated the pick up love notes} we met when I wrote some notes to her at mentioned event, I also bought her my very special drink and one for myself that cost me $20 with tip, even although she was not to drink on the job, I told her save it for when she finished work , pounded back my drink and headed off into the night. I remember other things that transpired between us too!!! Funny how things corresponds to my Tarot card calender research I started around that time) during the fund raiser or event with the local News Team of CTV, she approached me and inquired about the state of my hands and forearms, yea covered in greese and grim that did not come off too easily from working as an electromechanic in the car brake industry, I wrote her a special poem or two, informing her to stay away from me till later in life or she will get done in like me, due to what I was on to with bullshit in my community at the time. Thanks to my media friends and the Police brother/sister-hood, memory is stimulated some more, because of what I was on to, I started the poem with referance to the nursary rhyme, "The Butcher, The Baker and The Candle Stick Maker, each being of a ethic type and Profession, I ended the note with something like "I could end up butchered and in your car brakes" or something! Funny how my memory works overtime, that is the Telethon of Stars connextion, I signed the note "The RCMP Hound Dog that's a bit of a bar Fly"...something like that, silly me!!!! To bad idiots that wanted to be me, and did not have a clue about eloguent geometry calculations and astromomy design, you all wanted to steal from me as idiots theives !!!! You are all shark meat or food for Ocean bottom feeders as far as I am concerned!!!!! It is kind of like the twelve leaves around the the maple leaf of the Canadian Security Intellegence Service emblem that the Right Honourable Brain Mulroney built, how do I put it, we know who you thieving idiots are thanks to CSIS!!!!!!!!!!!! I still depend on my Local CTV News and CHOM FM radio station to help me figure out what has all gone on around me this past bit, while working with my Lawyer, a lot of media personalities, among other individuals I have worked with, are really pissed off with what has transpired around the stepping stones of my success.