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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Envirosin, My Theological Aspect of Recycling To Ensure A Better Healthier Planet, Through Concepts Of A Deity Named, "Mothearth".

Back in 1992, I did a fund raiser for environmental concerns for our beloved Planet, I worked out of a boiler room in an Industrial Complex where I was self employed. I mailed myself a letter by registered mail with Canada Post, using the return address of my girl friend at the time, in effect registering the name "Envirosin". I still have the unopened letter for Court Room purposes if their is any dispute of me creating the name for my personal beliefs in recycling as an Engineering Technician. The whole concept grew and evolved, the image in this posting is a photo I took of a statuette here in Montreal, that symbolically portrays my Planetary Deity, "Mothearth", stemming from the name of the Russian Pagan Goddess of the Planet. She carries a heavy burden on her shoulder providing for man & woman kind alike, while we total abuse her as we damage the Planet and rape, pillage and blunder her for our selfish gain, while not respecting other life forms that we are destroying as we forge ahead into the new millennium. We have sinned against the Planet since before the industrial revolution in the late 1800's. I am doing more now to recycle, am developing another prototype invention to assist in maintaining more of a harmonic balance with regard to environmental concerns. At the same time, I put together an older concept in engineering to help further purify domestic water to more of a base natural water compared to the acid rain we have to deal with. We always dealt with the concept of hard or soft water in engineering, I am working on converting the water I process, into a more base product, to help deal with the excessive acidic soil we also have to deal with from a multitude of years of acid rain. It is getting late and I will finish the posting later due to fatigue setting a while!

Monday, June 01, 2009

After Studying About The History of The Church's Sacred Heart In Theology Class Last Semester, I Created One Artistically For My Own Pagan Eggs & Snail Beliefs, That I Have As A Theology Student At Concordia University Here In Montreal
I created this sacred heart sketch with oil pastels on paper designed for oil pastel drawings. The Celtic crown is symbolic of my roots from Scotland, and Ireland as my Mother has informed me. Mum's parents settled in Scotland after they departed from Ireland. The concept of the heart comes from the Church's sacred heart, with the eyes in the heart stemming from the all knowing God & Goddess of my Pagan Eggs and Snails beliefs. The Pagan Eggs & Snails concept comes from Pagan egg sacrifice at alters pre-Christian period in the ancient Celtic belief system. The ideologies behind the Snails, is the slow crawl to God and his Consort, (God of Thunder, Goddess- the fertile land of the planet that the rains of thunder storms impregnate) The Star of David is placed in my Sacred Heart, as I have strong attachment to believing in the descendants of Abraham, Judaism, populating the Planet while looking for fertile land to settle and breed on. The smiling face in the Star of David, is symbolic of the crescent moon from the Muslim faith. As I learned in my theology class last semester, the Muslim Prophet Mohamed, came after Jesus Christ, as there was great Prophets before Jesus Christ. Behind the crowned sacred heart, is the Canadian maple leaf as a symbolic token of our Dominion of Canada as we once call our Country. It is funny how our founding Fathers of Confederation chose July 1st as the day of the birth of our Nation, as we Canadians celebrate the holiday of July 1st, we are actually respecting a Law that God gave to Moses for the first day of the seventh month to be a holiday. Bit by bit I grow closer to my God and his Consort as I learn from the teaching through my theology lessons at University, some how a bit of a Canaanite from days of old that believes in God and his Consort, that strongly wants mutual respect and tolerance for all creeds and their own beliefs as long as they are honest and respectful to others and do not practice thievery and corruption to do in any individual or creed with their own faith and religion. On the other side, certain individuals and armies have demented beliefs that are ungodly to the point of being extremists/supremacist that have to be dealt with appropriately.