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Friday, May 29, 2009

North American Native/Celtic Depiction of Me The Hound Dog
Since I have been studying various types of art work from around the World, I have discovered that there is a similar resemblance between North American Native Indian art and the art of my ancestry, early Celtic style art from Scotland. Any way, the other day I was watching the Native channel on cable TV here in Montreal, and got an art lesson from a Native Art Instructor. From the lesson I learned, that the original Native style of art consisted of line formations consisting of "U", "L" , and "S" type shapes. So after the art lesson from the Native cable TV station, I put my chaulk pastel to work, and created a symbolic "Hound Dog" portrait of myself. I choose the colours carefully for the symbolic meaning for my own artistic purposes. In the neck, I put the two"S" shapes together to form a modern high speed type propeller found on controllable pitch propeller designs in ship construction. It is what drives me in my creative endeavors, to forge ahead and produce no matter how much I am suppressed due to circumstances. Ironically, a Petty Officer in Engineering on Canadian ships often wear a ship's propeller on their sleeve indicating his/her rank in uniform. With me being a petty Artist/Writer with limited resources other than the Internet, I choose the double "S" shape to form a ship's propeller on the neck of my "Hound Dog", as a depiction of my petty Artist/Writer rank as some sort of "Hound Dog" sniffing out different types of engineering problems in buildings, along with producing engineering designs as a Engineering Technician, like a high speed variable pitch propeller found on some modern ships. (Canadian Coast Guard College education kicking into gear here) What the heck, I produced a wonderful piece of art and learned something about my local Native community and their art work, which can closely resemble the Celtic art of my ancestry. ....Till later, the Doctor Schizo Nut working hard!
Image will be replaced soon

Sir Francis Merlin of The H.M.C.S. Answer

My dream ship, the H.M.C.S. Answer, the name really stands for, Holy Magic Canadian Ship Answer, stemming from magic art or religious art from early Church paintings as I was taught at the Museum of Fine Art here in Montreal. I wrote the words for the painting in my youth when I felt a spiritual presence influencing the pen in my hand, it was like the spirit of the old explorer Sir Francis Drake was with me when I wrote the words. I later did the painting from measuring the HMCS Bluenose off the Canadian dime with a magnifying glass, then drafted it onto a piece of wood and painted it. I added the deck housing as a modern day version of the Bluenose, one day to be built in a Newfoundland ship yard so that Canadians can go sailing and have a meal in the deck house dining room, while having a shot or two of Newfoundland screech, (Newfie rum). Prints are availible for $20 to help finance ship construction. Any way, it is early morning and grub time, kind of like, rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub.....Will write more later....Goober the Nut (If email does not work, try phoning at 514 366 0239, then you will get a real laugh)Note: The woman that I hold dear to my heart during different time periods in my life, is always my figurehead & Captain of my H.M.C.S. Answer, as I maintain the rigging and hull as a Philosophical/Theological Metaphysical Chief Engineer.

Some People Never Learn, Funny How Expensive It Can Get Trying To Sabotage Me
It has been a hell of a night going through some deception and crap, more or less people making my life difficult. Then again it is pay day today and I am going to make the best of it. The title of this image is "Confucius Confusion", like the stupid idiots making my life awkward and steeling from me. When looking for a piece of my memorabilia late this evening, and it seems to have disappeared from my apartment. I was looking at it a couple of months ago, some associates of mine are smoking due to the fact that I can not find it. Apparently it is in good hands, when idiot thieves stole it, they got busted, and a Court delegated care taker of my stolen property has it. Like a lot of my stuff over the years, things have disappeared, but always ended up in good hands for safe keeping while I did my "Hound Dogging" stuff for my Country and Flag, sniffing out the bull crap that was sabotaging my life and Government tax dollars that I tried to generate through my self employment or on the pay roll of a company. My Lawyer is handling a lot of law suits for me, some people never learn, then they lose everything in law suits due to messing with my life and company. Be it a lesson, it is going to cost you a lot of money trying to stop me from succeeding and getting out of a low income bracket, and doing what I want to do for my fellow Country men/women with art and engineering. Apparently the Troops in our Military want me to get a piece of art up on the Internet again, it was a piece of art they really appreciated. I will get to it, now that I got my computer fixed up and all. I do have my fan club that gets messages to me while my team tries to rectify the hacking into my email account and deleting of my messages. I know people that sent me messages, that I never got, so who is fooling who.......till later, the Doctor is now out to do a patrol as a Hound Dog.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some People Are Really Bent On Sabotage, Especially Where It Comes To My Internet Presence

Well, here I am making a blog posting once again, a lot has gone on to destroy my life, along with making sure that I do not appear in Court for my June appearance. So here you have it, my "Fly" character is now back up on the Internet, along with my Canadian Flag over the globe/ball, it is incomplete art as of yet. I march to the beat of my own drum and I am fully backed by the Government of Quebec here in Canada. The present Federal Government wants to do me in, but the Opposition Parties seem to want to put an end to the stupidity of the Conservative Government and driving our Country into a 50 Billion dollar deficit. Everyone that backs me knows there is a great deal of money dealing with my Canadian story and my proto-type inventions for heat savings during the Canadian winter, along with other inventions developed with my engineering expertise. I had to shut down my web site with angelfire due to a virus complication and sabotage infecting my computer with a tracking cookie that contained a virus. Problem solved with the expertise of a Quebec company that vows to keep my computer in tip top shape no matter what. Try and email me, I will not get the email due to sabotage and hackers using tracking cookies to get my passwords etc. So to bad, I got a Quebec company monitoring all my computer activity, along with my email account so that I can succeed. People that attempt to sabotage, me "The Fly" or my Country and Flag will be prosecuted in Court. Funny thing, international industrial sabotage can lead to wars, as found in World history, so do not mess with me and my Internet presence, or my home/business computer, a God of War may get you and you could end up in the World Court in the Hague for your stupidity. Like it was on the home page of my web site with angelfire, do not print my material, or save to disk or hard drive, it was my interlectual property to earn a living with, I heard from an RCMP News broadcast that counterfeit copies of my art and illegal copies of my written material are floating around places, talk about prospective law suits. After all, some years back, another person with the same family and given name, my look alike, got blown away on the streets, and I got marked for dead on my taxes, then at a summer birthday party I said my name to someone. She responded with, "You are suppose to be dead." I immediately went to the RCMP on the next business day! .... till later Doctor Goober Mickeal!!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Due To Illegal Entrance Into My Apartment By Certain Intruders, My Computer Was Shut Down!!!

Sorry I do know what to say, I am using a computer terminal at a local computer store and do not have the budget as of yet to make a complete blog posting. At least I am making a posting with an image. The image is a black and white snap shot of an old building on Montreal's Mount Royal. Thanks to my fellow Country men, women and children, my apartment is now like a fortress as the image building was years ago, so that no one will mess with my stuff again. Till later, as I am restructuring with a lot of honest and righteous people to make debit ends to pay bills like the rest of us!!! Update: Friday, May 14th 2009.....well, after a lot of hard work I finally got my computer re-booted so I will soon get back to making an appropriate blog posting to fill in all the blanks and give a few details of what transpired around my apartment with industrial sabotage. It is a Canadian Federal crime that can get you 25 years in prison along with losing all your assets for what it cost me.....later! Now I have another little update note, not only did people come into my apartment and shut down my computer, they stole software and left bullshit discs for me to try and re-install after I got my computer going again. Art was also stolen that was done with my Scrapbook Factory software, my Iron Butterfly & Scarlett Letter notes........what corrupt assholes will do for money and try and impersonate me!!!!!! As the Beetles put it in one of their songs, "It Is A Joke, And The Whole World Is Laughing" Well, even my web site has been messed with along the the Hospital web site I am part of, hackers trying to discredit me, like my Lawyer said to me, so many people are being sued it is not even funny. It is clean up time, and idiots get to spend 25 years in a Federal prison for industrial sabotage!!!!