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Monday, July 28, 2008

A Lot Is Going Through My Mind During My Court Case, This Reproduced Art From The Mayan Culture, Is Symbolic Of My Own Ball Court Marker
I remember being out partying quite a few years ago now, and I came up with the phrase,"Life is like a ball game, it is just that the ball of life can be hard to grasp." I was told to write it down at the time, that is why I remember the phrase today! Any way, here I am going through the Court process for harassment charges from trying to get answers from a person in the Montreal media, weather I was in the media or not as an Internet Artist/Writer, to prove to Hospital staff I was totally sane. I remember when it was on the radio sometime ago, the announcer said, "We are not even allowed to interview the Artist/Writer that blew the whistle on gyprock over plaster", my Psychiatrist is bent on calling me delusional because she says I hallucinate radio and TV around the media attention I have received here in Montreal for my Internet presence as a Artist/Writer. Somewhere in my posts over the years I made the posting about gyprock over plaster and I have written about it on my website where I sell art at Web site no longer exsists . Government Ministers have made reference on how they wished or felt my balls should get done in. Rumour has it they will get their way with putting me in jail out of my Court case I am presently faced with. I told my Lawyer I want to got to trial to defend myself and if I lose I could spend time in jail, guess the present Canadian Government will get its way with having my balls done in!!! Funny how I once got the email about a book written on what happens to whistle blowers, they get done in, as with what is being done to me. Grant you I have a good Lawyer, going to jail is the worst case situation, if worst comes to worst and I lose my Court case, hopefully I will only get parole so I do not lose my apartment schooling, and part time job. (thinking some more) I am back, there is so much I can write about, at times I do not even know where to start. I know the streets of Montreal is totally a buzz with my story and the media, and once again my Psychiatrist says I am hallucinating conversations I hear on the streets. For example, one day I was in the my favorite coffee shop next to the University doing art, and I over heard two business persons discussing a fund raiser for sick children that they were planning. In the conversation it was mentioned, that the "Fly" character on my website, could be on the leash of the media personality that now has me in Court, as a mascot for the children at the fund raiser. When I mentioned this to my Psychiatrist, she said I was hallucinating the coffee shop! But I could order my coffee alright and hold a conversation with the waitress over my art with out hallucinating that conversation! It is a fucking joke how I am being done in for standing up for the Canadian National Building Code with regards to voicing my opinion against gypyrock over plaster and its detrimental health effects on the population.(Taking a break to think some more)Funny thing, it was just on the radio that I am in contempt of Court for writing about my Court case, it is my therapy , I have nothing else and the Judge made no publication ban on my case!!!!!! I phoned my Lawyer and left a message, so till later....Doctor Goober in Court!!! PS: I remember hearing Students arguing, outside my University coffee shop, Liberal against Conservatives students, Liberal students were saying to Conservative students, "you go live in gyprock over plaster then, we are not", now everyone knows what it is all about now!!!, I heard Conservative politicians are tainted by gyprock over plaster corruption on the street rumours!!!!!!!!!!!! PSS: Last time I was in Court, a person was being prosecuted for installing gyprock over old plaster and blackmail was involved, my Psychiatrist would say I was hallucinating the Court room lobby, but I did not hallucinate the Judge, Crown Prosecutor, or my Lawyer while in Court, why only the Court room lobby according to my Psychiatrist if I was to mention it to her!!!!!!PSSS: Note: Late Night News,So people want to lie about me and the media, at least a woman called into to the radio station and said she will remortgage her home to get rid of gyprock over plaster, politics and the media will put me in prison over it, at least I prove my point when I go to jail!!!!! Fucken Shit!!!!!(Update: July 29th 2008, with this mornings media I am in contempt of Court as a defendant writing about my Court case, but what....the media can say what ever they want about me and I have never consulted a media Lawyer to protect my interests!!!!!So I fought back on the Internet!!!!!)
Update: August 3rd 2008: I am a nervous wreck out of all this, lost weight, it is hard to get food into myself, now I am becoming more of a regular pill popper to control my nerves and get some sleep! To the point, I see visual appartions/hallucinations of a ghostly nature which is one of the rarer forms of schizophrenia, I do not hear voices like people want to claim, nor hallucinate radio or TV broadcasts!!! Funny how I caught the media clips to the effect of: "If we admit we were putting in plugs for him, we would be admitting we were in contempt of Court", and "I don't think Doctor Goober Mickeal should go to jail or hospital over it". Along with"...who is in contempt of Court more, I have lost count". Who are the sickos that put the gag order on the media regarding my story in the first place? The way it is looking, I will go to jail or I am put in Hospital as a lame excuse for justice, which makes Canada no more than a suppressing communist state!Update: Aug 7th 2008, The Hospital still wants to insist that I hallucinate radio and TV media attention, but like it was on the radio today, "money floats to do him in"! It just goes to show that a Hospital and Doctors will do someone in if the price is right!!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I am over due for a posting, it has been a while due to complications in my life. I am putting something together now from memories and sent emails. Stand by for more tales from my schizophrenic crypt! So here are some more crypt tales finally.
The metaphysical is very much alive, sometimes it comes to us in dreams at night, inspirational moments or in my case, apparitions/hallucinations with my schizophrenic issues. Any way, another interesting point on my schizophrenic issues, is how I hallucinate pages in books. Going back some time now, when I was living with Mum & Dad in their home before Dad retired, I looked up the word 'Metaphysician' in Dad's Britannia double volume dictionary. I related to word with my schizophrenic issues. Now at this time, I was pumped full of psychiatric drugs on intermuscular injections, I was happy with what I read where the dictionary listed British Metaphysicians over the ages, of which Robert Burns was one, thus giving me my Scottish pride. Years later in Mum & Dad's present home on the island of Montreal, I looked up the same dictionary to jog my memory, the text was not there as I remember it, there were no examples of deceased people such as Robert Burns. Then in my own Webster double volume dictionary, I had a similar experience with the word 'Museuf', another Muslim prophet, true spelling Youssef. I remember reading the text and was happy reading what was there. Then years later, I looked up the word again here in this apartment, there is no such word in my dictionary. 'Youssef' is what every Muslim Mother calls her baby. What I looked up was, Museuf, coming from the word muse or where muse comes from with the origin of words. I once said to a Muslem co-worker, "Stop musing to yourself like a fucking Museuf". The gentleman explained to me I could get killed for saying that to the wrong Muslem, far as I was concerned, I made up the word Museuf for the joke on him. He misunderstood me for saying Youssef! Then again, I got my explanation on the joke line without getting killed. I just looked up the word Youssef in my double volume American Websters dictionary, it not there, go figure, but once before, I did get my definition while hallucinating Museuf in my same dictionary.Then this spring while doing my research paper for University, I took out a book from the library. I went to my favorite coffee shop close to the University before coming home, glancing at the book over coffee, I was happier than a pig in shit with a photograph of a piece of Native Canadian art and text on the piece. It was what I wanted for my paper I was writing! Then when I got home and finally writing the section on Native Canadian art, I went looking for the page in the book. I went fucking nuts looking for the page, it was not in the book any more! Going back in my youth, I always remembered my Mom as a black haired woman, that slowly turned to a salt and pepper hair and now grey with her age. It was not until recently that I had a conversation with my Mom and she stated she was a blond when young. I said, "What, you were black haired!", anyway how could I argue with my Mother on the colour of her hair. I even asked a childhood friend, "What colour was my Mom's hair, he stated"Blond". I swear on my Grandfather's grave, I always saw my Mom as a black haired woman. Then to really mess with my Mother's head, she was showing me old photographs. Dad took a black and white photograph of Mom with her two children in the water with her at the beach, I said, "Ma, your hair is black in the photo, if you were blond, why does your hair not look like my brother's blond hair, I can show you a black and white photograph on the Internet of a blond woman, her hair sure does not look that black, it is more like my blond brother's." Spooky isn't it!!! I got more stories coming in later posts.