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Monday, September 08, 2008

My Music Therapist Suggested That I Get A Metronome To Improve My Guitar Playing, So I Did
By the end of the spring session at the hospital music group, the Music Therapist that gives me my guitar lessons, suggested that I get a metronome to strengthen my playing with better timing while he was on vacation. I do not have a whole lot of budget, so I bought the Korg metronome MA-30 as seen in the image above. I purchased it at the Archambault music store located at 500 St Catherine east, Montreal for approximately $32.00. It has been really great playing with a metronome, it is like I am no longer playing alone. I am playing along side my metronome, keeping better timing and hitting the correct strings for each cord that I am playing. As I put up in my last posting, I am working out more often again and even this has improved my guitar playing by strenghtening my hand for making my cords, I do hit my bar cords a whole lot better with my stronger hand. We have had a replacement Music Therapist during the summer who is really special, she gets us to produce in the visual arts to express ourselves and share it with the group, and then we have to improvise music around the theme of each group members creative works. The replacement Music Therapist even recorded our improvisations for each members art, after we all signed a release form. The Montreal General Hospital here in Montreal has really dedicated Music Therapists that really go out of the wa for us out patients. We all go through a healing experience in group as we interrelate our art and music. We the out patients draw upon each other through the guidance of our Music Therapist in group, we all find ways to relate to each others art and music. Since we the out patients know each other so well, the Music Therapist gets us to pick what instrument the group members plays to express our own art, since we know each other skills so well. I am even playing guitar in group more often in the improvisations as I develop my skill at home while practicing from my guitar lessons. We have a very special music group for out patients at the hospital thanks to the expertise and skills of the Music Therapists that guide us through our weekly sessions, God bless us all as we find our healing ways with Music Therapists, they are something very special!