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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Starting To Work Out A Bit Again, To Try And Put Some Meat Back On My Body, While I Try And Live A Healthier Life Style

Funny how for the second summer in a row, I have been in a depressed state and not taking very good care of myself. Getting a handle on going through Court with my Lawyer led me into a sense of depression. Having no real social life and spending most of my time in my demented prison of an apartment has been hard. Sure I am surrounded by my art on the walls, but I have no room for much more, I do not know where to put it, it is piling up with no sales. To ease the stress of Court, (see previous postings) I found myself sleeping a whole lot more to put it out of my mind. It took a bit to figure out how my Lawyer operates in Court and we are working on getting a second psychiatric evaluation to challenge the first. With that chance to prove my innocence and sanity, I felt better about myself and started to work out. I garbage picked the weight in the posting image a while back, and finally put it to work. I did already have some smaller lighter weights and the skipping rope, but I prefer the heavier weight to put on the pounds from working out. I work the upper body with various different exercises then go out to the building entrance and skip myself to exhaustion. I can even keep up my crossing of the rope with the hands like one sees boxers do. It makes for a really good work out, thus making my body feel a whole lot better. Like they used to say, health body, health mind. My mind has been sound for a long time now while struggling against the psychiatric practice I had to deal with at the hospital. They call me delusional for having some media attention as an Artist/Writer, from my blog writings and website where I sell art. I do interact with my radio station through emails and some of the DJ's are supportive of my plight, I have built a fan base here in Montreal between handing out bookmarks with my web addresses and through contact at the coffee shop I frequent near the University. Posting my blog address on the University class website back in the fall of 2007 got me some readers, and even one classmate from the winter semester of 2008 mentioned in my writing class, "You got to read Doctor Goober Micheal". It was comforting to know that at least one student enjoyed my writings. Another reason that I started trying getting into a routine for working out is that I am now pre-cancerous in my biopsies for my pallups. Yea I got to take better care of myself and have less stress inflicted on me by a Psychiatrist calling delusional and hallucinating radio and TV when I get mentioned along the way during certain broadcasts here in Montreal. It was on the News how better diets and exercise can assist in over coming cancer in colonoscopy, I have to start now to get a head of the game while still pre-cancerous. Today was another added bonus, I picked my third client for my company! I have my building cleaning contract which keeps my company going with a regular income and now I have two artists as clients that do not have access to computers. I work with both of them at different times, while getting paid for doing computer work out of my home and helping to build their websites with them. My company articles are worded in such a certain way that I can do a lot of different things for services while still being able to sell art or other products. With mid August being here, school will be starting up again soon and I got my second bursary from the Schizophrenia Society of Canada for my University classes. Not as much money as last time, but still I got something. My Social Worker has access to certain funds for schooling which I will be depending on for the winter semester of 2009, along with my fall and Christmas art sales and the last resort money from Mum and Dad. A money Christmas gift to help with my schooling always helped in the past. I also have some extra money in the fall coming in from doing some oil painting outside at my building where I clean, the cooler weather in the fall will make it easier working with the oil paint and scraping the wood and sanding it in preparation to paint it. Getting in shape with working out will also help me in doing the physical labour for the painting contract. I know what it is like scraping and sanding an outdoor ceiling to prepare for painting. It will be less strenuous being in a better physical conditioning. So I have several reasons for working out again, it would be nice to get up to the weight I had on me when I graduated from the Canadian Coast Guard College, I had a fair bit of solid meat on me back then from the physical training I went through, just got to get there again!