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Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Scare With A Sist In My Breast Made Me really Look At My Life
It was early November last year when I was playing guitar, as the guitar body rubbed up against my right breast I would feel a pain. So I took to examining my right breast, then it was "Oh God, a lump". At first it was only the Internet, what were the chances of me haven fallen to breast cancer. Could not find a whole lot on lumps in a male breast on the Internet, other that there were a small percentage of males that get breast cancer. I knew that when I signed the protocol for the research on schizophrenia there was a chance that I could get sists, I had never thought that much about it. With talking to the staff at the Hospital I proceed to call my GP clinic and get an appointment to see a specialist. There was not much of a time lapse and I was in seeing the specialist that would tend to my new medical problem. So when I was in the specialist Doctor's office, one of his first questions was, "Do you smoke pot or hash?" I had to confess to the Doctor that I did smoke pot as a stronger cigarette to help me cope with the difficulties in my life, it had the way of blocking things out I was powerless to resolve. The doctor informed me that smoking recreational drugs can be the cause of my sist. I thought to myself, lovely life, no matter what I do, I get done in. I was also informed that the medication I take could also be the cause.

After an physical examination of my breast the Doctor admitted that I had quite the sizable lump. I was referred for a mammogram and told to stay off marijuana and eat more fruit. Now I had to try and restructure my life and get for a mammogram, I did get taken for a mammogram within reasonable amount of time due to being part of medical research. The mammogram machine is not exactly designed for a male breast. There was a lot pulling and sqeezing to get my tit in the claps for the x-ray. Then it was back to the Doctor when he got the results of the test. Through out this time period I had given up smoking marijuana for stress relief, but did seem to consume a bit more alcohol at times to help me sleep. I felt comfortable going back to the Doctor after the mammogram for the sist had reduced in size over the couple of months of get clinic appointments. The day came that I was to see the Doctor for the mammogram results and I was proud to inform him that I had not smoked any pot since I saw him last and that the sist was starting to dissolve. If it was not once again with something going wrong, with discussion between my Doctor and myself, it was discovered that the test results were written for my left breast when the mammogram was done on my right, and the physical examination was for my right breast. The Doctor admitted it was stupid what happened with the test results, for he was forced to listen to them instead of his own physical examination, but he admitted the lump was getting smaller which was a good, along with it not being cancerous. He then referred me to an ultra sound on both breasts to straighten out the mess.
When I started fishing around for the ultra sound of my breasts I discovered that I would have to pay, yea really with what money. I took the situation to the Research staff that I deal with for the schizophrenia. The Research Assistant then ended up phoning around the hospitals to try and get me an appointment for a breast ultra sound. Finally I got a call from one of the Hospitals and their breast cancer clinic. So in time it was off to the breast cancer clinic for another examination with an ultra sound. As of today it is like what lump in my breast, it seems to have dissolved and I am waiting to get called back to the specialist office for the results of the further testing.
I have hardly smoked marijuana since the scare with the sist and my Psychiatrist wants me to lay off the beer a bit. In the solitude of my isolation I can abuse my body a bit with alcohol to help me sleep. I am now drinking fruit juice instead of carbonated drinks, I do not always eat the best and I am trying to work on that as well. My life consists of being home a lone too much, listening to the radio or getting the evening News. The Hospital programs, my University class and work once a week get me interacting with people, other than that I have nothing for interacting with people most of the time. "C'est la vie" as they say in French and I cope and deal the best way I can in my semi isolation and limited income.