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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Added Government Money Helps Me Invest In My Art And Get Out And Around Montreal Doing Things

Here I am starting the New Year off having a grand old time with having a bit more money in my pocket, thanks to the Quebec Provincial laws regarding minimum financial level for Mental

Health Consumers with Government money. So with the added boost to my monthly financial income between Quebec Government benefits through Emploi et Solidarite sociale and my dis-ability pension, it is like a close friend said to me, "now you have more disposable income than me". That is thanks to sharing a dwelling with my ex girl friend and her child, I have no children of my own and sleep in my own room, so I am considered single and sharing with other low income persons for a cost effective living arrangements for our individual income, as the child is of age with her own financial resources. With always being good with money while trying to rise to higher income brackets, I now now find myself investing in my art in various ways. The painting that I am working "MILTA'S Accension" on got some money put into it, never mine dating a woman being expensive, it turned out being expensive painting women. When I was buying the paint for my painting I also bought a quality 9"x12" sketch pad with a creamy manila tone to it. It was a step up from a Dollar Store sketch pad of the same dimensions, the quality sketch pad cost me around $10.00 Cdn for 24 sheets. I usually carry my art bag wherever I go in and around Montreal, just in case I come across something I want to sketch or have the opportunity to sell a piece of art in my portfolio through having people look through it. Friday night past, I went to the hockey game at the University. It was a bit of a sentimental match for me, that I got invited to through a new friend I got to know by way of an art show I was part of. So there I was off to my first University hockey game trying to cheer for one of the two local Universities that are dear to my heart. I had studied Writing and Theology for a bit for something to do when I return to Montreal as a Mental Health Consumer 22 years ago, being part of Concordia University at this time really curbed my mind for my benefit all those years ago, while coping with being newly diagnosed with schizophrenia. At the game my psychiatric heart went with rooting for McGill University due to dealing with them for most medical issues such as my schizophrenia. It was my first time at the University Arena and I was lead to the pick and chose seats by those that invited me along. It made for an excellent evening of hockey and art! It was not long into the game and I broke out my sketch pad to tried my hand at drawing the live model of a hockey player in action while rooting for McGill whose home game it was. Where we sat in the arena, I was closer to the McGill goalie's end of the rink for the start of the game, so he became my first live hockey subject. I pretty well got the sketch of McGills back up goalie #29, Jean-Michel Filiatrault done during the first and third period. A lot more rooting was done by me during the second period! I really got involved in the action, in this game, McGill's extra hussling paid off with a 7 to 2 victory. I humoured myself that Concordia played as if they were hung over from the night before or something, they did not have the hussle of McGill. I know what it is like playing hockey hung over in College, Concordia gave that amusing feel. With the two Montreal Universities playing against each other, the house was packed, I caught my supper at the game which started at 7 o'clock, my supper consisted of cold hot dogs and warm Coke which brought back memories of my youth. Even when I got to the counter to be served in the concession stand, I had to wait due to letting the hot dog cook some because they were dishing up so many. I was even impressed how tips from food service and beer sales go to the environment which I feel deeply about supporting. After I sketched what ended up the winning goalie for a bit, I had bought myself a glass of beer and gave to the environmental cause again while quenching my thirst. I ending up feeling for myself with seeing a father and young son sitting beside me, with having no children at my age it hurts a bit with envy that I never fathered a child, you grow up in ways through being a parent, I still long for this experience. For now my art is my baby and I figured I would try and sell my poise of the McGill back up goalie to raise money for Canada's Olympic Team for the Vancouver's Winter Olympics as a Canadian Band is doing by giving proceeds to our Team through a 50 cent donation from each CD sale of their new album. We all can do more to help our Olympic Team bring home more medals to Canada, I know what it takes me in food to build my body to high muscular standards with endurance capabilities. If any one is interested in viewing my sketch with intent to purchase to cover my limited art expense and raise money for Canada's Olympic Team, you can e-mail me at So some art came out of the game along with excellent low cost live hockey entertainment, it was good to get out and do something again and I will be going back to see next Saturday's home game against the University of Ottawa with sketch bag in hand for more art in true Canadian hockey style.