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Monday, April 23, 2007

University de Montreal Dental Clinic Gives Low Cost Dentistry, As Student Dentists Learn The Profession
Finally I got to the dentist to get some work done on my teeth, when it was long over due. With being a patient in the hands of a Student Dentist while a Doctor of Dentistry was over seeing the work, it proved to be a reliable way to get low cost dental work done here in Montreal. I always had a problem getting to the dentist due to my average income over the years and not having any dental coverage from my employers. It had actually been 17 years since I had a teeth cleaning, for a moderately heavy smoker, my teeth certainly needed the cleaning. For a nominal fee that I could afford by cutting back on a few luxuries during the month, I got booked for 9 hours of being in the dental chair at 3 , 3 hour sessions. I got teeth cleaning done by the Student Dentist assigned to me just at the end of March. After getting into the dentist chair the preliminary pre-teeth cleaning examination was done after a questionnaire was filled out by the Student Dentist asking me my dental and medical history. I was also given a booklet to fill out on my regular diet for 3 consecutive days of my choice before my following weeks dental appointment and given a teeth care package and shown how to properly brush and floss on model teeth. Before long I was having all the tarter and built up smoke stains being slowly scrapped off my teeth. The first session in the chair went well and I did not complain of the pain of the cleaning. I knew it was like no pain no gain to get the built up tar and nicotine off my teeth, I always had a high tolerance for physical pain so I just let the Student Dentist work away. Before I knew it, the first 3 hour session was up and I did find some parts of my teeth feeling cleaner. Bidding good bye to the Student Dentist, I headed home to return the following Wednesday to the dental clinic. The second 3 hour session did not according to plan by the Student Dentist, 2 hours in to the teething cleaning I started to get extra pyramidal side effects (epse). With my mouth going all squirrely with muscle contractions of the epse, the Student Dentist could no longer work on my mouth effectively, so I got out the chair 1 hour early. Bit by bit my teeth were feeling a whole lot cleaner and I felt like a better person with my mouth feeling cleaner on the whole. The following week when I got up to get ready to go to the dentist again, I was stricken with a bad bout of epse and tried calling the Clinic to cancel ahead of time in the morning. It was just my luck that the one day I would have the epse and had to cancel, the computers at the Clinic were down and it was next to impossible to trace my appointment and Student Dentist so that he could be informed of my necessary cancellation. The Clinic's operator assured me that my dentist would call me if I did not show up and there was nothing to worry about in lue of the circumstance. Sure enough the Student Dentist called me when I was not there for the 9 am appointment. Explaining the situation to him while in a state of contractions and finding it hard to talk, I was re booked for the following week. A week later I made it to my appointment without having my epse getting in the way, but it did not last for long, the epse kicked in after two hours in the dental chair again. So here I was ending my third session with being short two hours worth of work being done on my teeth. I was tentatively booked the following week to get the rest of the work done. Here I was having to go back for my 4th appointment, all for the same basic fee. As it turns out, I can not handle more than 2 hours in the dentist's chair without having my muscle contractions kick in from the most probable cause being duress from the work being done in my mouth. I only lasted 2 hours once again but the work got done to the approval of the Doctor in charge of Student Dentist. With great relief that work was all completed, I felt satisfied knowing my teeth are in excellent shape with only two cavities to be worked on next. I have had hardly any cavities in my mouth because I do not take white sugar in my morning cereal or tea and coffee, nor do I chew gum. Brown sugar is consumed occassionally with my oatmeal or herbal tea. It is just the cigarette smoking that is doing in my teeth and requiring me to have teeth cleanings more often than a non smoker. Now at the end of April I am trying to get through to the University de Montreal on the phone to get a booking for my cavities that need to be tended to. I am trying to get into a better routine of brushing my teeth and flossing because it is only going to cost me more money and time in the dentist chair if I do not, so take care of your teeth and do not spend to much time in the dentist's chair from high sugar diet and smoking cigarettes.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Prayers were Answered And I found A Reasonable Priced Apartment To Make An Art Studio And Home

Well here I am in my new apartment with the place to myself and still unpacking and getting organized. I was always one to pray for things to come to me that I required to run my life and the Lord speaks in strange ways. I got a really good priced 2 1/2 flat that is in good shape for the age of the building and I just love how I am fixing the place up, knowing the space is totally my own to decorated to my own taste with my art, collectibles and personal property. Everyone of my associates that I inform the cost and location of where in Montreal I found the apartment , everyone says that I could not have done better. I moved on April 1st 2007 with the help of my older brother, my now 82 year old father and one close friend that was available for the moving day. I will write more on the entry at a later date as I just got my computer hooked up again and have more than enough to do while trying to squeeze in my blog entry, I will complete this posting later as it is late and I am getting tried, so stand by to hear about my move and all! So here I am on April 15th 2007 finally getting around to writing my blog again. I got most of my new apartment fixed up the way I want it, I only had to store one piece of furniture, my coffee table. It has been with me since I worked on the ships and I would never let it go, Mom is storing it for me. My place is packed in pretty tight but it is still comfortable. Mom and Dad bought me a click click sofa that folds flat to sleep on so I no longer have to sleep on the floor. My brother kicked in a 19 inch TV and a few other items that I needed for starting out on my own again. It is good to be able to keep strange hours as an Artist and eat when ever one wants to. Hopefully I will gain a bit more weight as I improve on my eating habits as I only have to fend for myself in the kitchen instead of sharing some meals with a room mate. It cost us both a bit splitting up what we shared in the kitchen, my load was lightened up some with Mom & Dad along with my brother passing kitchen wares on to me, so I would not have to buy as much. The first month of any move is expensive but I am doing not bad covering costs with family help passing me used items. Tomorrow I get to dig in and organize my section of the apartment that is my art studio and houses my tools of the trade. I will be doing my art in an abundance of sunlight from the one window that is in the apartment, it measures about five foot by five foot and on sun days I get full radiating sun beams. With sunlight like this I plan to invest in a few plants and plant some seeds for some plants. I always had a bit of a green thumb for house plants and recycle some kitchen compost into some of my house plants. I intend to put a hanging spider plant in my studio window, a good friend of mine has an abundance of plants and cuttings are easily accessible to me, my last plant died in the cold of winter in my old room that I had in my apartment with a room mate and her daughter. This place is cosy warm with hot water heating so I do not pay electric heat in the winter, thus costs of running the apartment are kept down. I was always good at running a budget for myself, even although I allow myself a beer budget during the month. I have modest needs and I feel comfortable with my new environment that I have put together for creating in,
I have some things that I made in high school wood class and on my own doing wood carvings in my youth for inspiration. I only wish that I had this set up for pursuing the arts fifteen years ago, then again, the Hospital was not set up the same for out patients pursuing the arts back then like it is now. So now I have my chance with a have decent art studio in my home to create at one's will in various mediums that I have exposed myself to, while I build my fourth career as an Artist with an Engineering slant from my past jobs in that field of study.